American Tactical Alpha Maxx .410 Pistol

American Tactical Alpha Maxx .410 Pistol

American Tactical just put some serious “Boom” in the palm of our hands. The American Tactical Alpha Maxx .410 Shotgun Pistol in an AR-style, large-format pistol platform.

American Tactical Alpha Maxx .410 Shotgun Pistol

“We are thrilled to introduce the Alpha Maxx .410 GA Shotgun Pistol to our lineup,” said Tony DiChario, President of American Tactical. “This pistol combines cutting-edge technology with a sleek, ergonomic design, providing shooters with a top-tier firearm that excels in both performance and reliability. Whether for personal defense, home protection, or recreational shooting, the Alpha Maxx is a true game-changer.”

The Alpha Maxx .410 features a patented five-round magazine design. The pistol comes with a 9-inch M-LOK rail, providing space for various accessory attachment, including a primary optic.

A carbon-fiber-infused nylon polymer upper receiver, lower receiver and free-float handguard comprises a durable, lightweight and ergonomic design. A 3-ounce buffer helps reduce the effects of recoil and control during rapid fire.

The pistol also sports flip-up sights for fast target acquisition or a backup to an optic system. The pistol utilizes a cylinder choke tube to get the most performance from .410 ammo. Additional chokes are available for purchase as well.

The Alpha Maxx .410 retails for $499.95. For more info, visit

Editor’s Note:

Now here comes the “boom.” We love the .410 for lots of reasons, and it’s been a fun addition to AR lines over recent years. This pistol variant from American Tactical becomes the newest entry into an interesting space. You can fill a lot of roles with the mild recoiling .410 shotshell, including a nasty little home defense gun with the right ammunition. For a truck, boat or pack gun, the small stature of the new Alpha Maxx should deliver tremendous versatility for defense or afield.

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