Biden White House Pushes Woke Agenda Through Budget

President of the US Joe Biden | Credits: Reuters

President of the US Joe Biden | Credits: Reuters

United States: Amidst the legislative landscape, House Republicans find themselves in a state of vehement discontent, rightfully perturbed by the audacious overreach embedded within President Biden’s “woke” agenda.

This audacity, glaringly manifested in the expansive USD 7.3 trillion budget proposal, spanning a formidable 188 pages, serves as a testament to the left’s persistent endeavor to broaden the federal government’s influence, infiltrating every facet of American existence.

At the heart of Biden’s proposal lies an unsettling call for taxation, advocating an astonishing USD 5 trillion in tax hikes. These punitive measures, ostensibly directed at corporations and the upper echelon comprising the top 2 percent of earners, not only impede economic growth but also trample upon the hard-earned prosperity of American citizens. It’s a stark reminder of the leftist inclination to penalize success and redistribute wealth under the guise of equity.

Yet, the grotesque allocation of billions towards ostensible “green” energy initiatives and nebulous “equity” programs truly brings to light the depths of Biden’s ideological fervor. Under the disguise of progressive policies, the Biden government aim at getting the common man’s money for unproductive ventures that are merely brilliant schemes to dust off the leftists in power. However, it is not only hazardous but also extremely irresponsible and undignifying for the country as they are making such huge changes towards a better future.

Let us confront the grim reality confronting our nation: a national debt humming above USD 34 trillion and a budget shortfall of USD 531 billion in the recent fiscal year. These astronomical figures underscore the pressing need for judicious fiscal management, yet the Biden administration appears resolute in sidestepping such concerns in pursuit of its ideological crusade.

Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Jodey Arrington, R-Texas, merits commendation for fearlessly spotlighting these prodigal expenditures. Every dollar squandered on “woke” programs signifies a betrayal of hardworking American taxpayers entrusting their government with their livelihoods.

Now is the juncture for Congress to vehemently oppose this egregious federal power overreach and curtail the profligate spending proposed by the Biden administration. We must reclaim the tenets of limited government and fiscal prudence that have historically delineated American exceptionalism. Only then can we fortify the future prosperity and liberty of our great nation from the encroaching clutches of left-wing radicalism?

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