EAA Announces Two New MC14 .380 Pistols -The Firearm Blog

EAA Announces Two New MC14 .380 Pistols -The Firearm Blog

European American Armory has two new MC14 .380 ACP handguns that hearken back to other designs. The MC14G84 and MC14BDA are new takes on the Cheetah platform. Let’s take a look at the features. 

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The Beretta Cheetah has had a Renaissance recently, with a large wave of surplus pistols hitting the US market. Beretta then introduced the 80X, which is a modernized Model 84. There has also been a wave of imitation/clone models. EAA imports the Girsan MC14T, which is a Beretta 86 clone with the tip-up barrel feature. Tisas also produces the Fatih.

EAA now has two additional Girsan-made models. Both use standard Beretta 84 13-round magazines. The MC14G84 has a similar layout to the standard Model 84. It has a frame-mounted safety/decocker and an open-top slide. The MC14G84 is available in black (MSRP $360) or two-tone (MSRP $381) finishes. 

The MC14BDA takes after the Browning BDA (a Beretta 84 spinoff itself) but has some differences. The slide clearly mimics the closed top of the BDA. However, the safety/decocker is frame-mounted, unlike the slide-mounted safety on the BDA. Like the other model, the MC14BDA is available in black (MSRP $360) or two-tone (MSRP $381) finishes. 

EAA Announces Two New MC14 .380 Pistols

EAA MC14G84 in two-tone.

EAA Announces Two New MC14 .380 Pistols

EAA MC14BDA in black.


From the manufacturer:

The EAA/Girsan MC14G84, a double stacked, .380ACP pistol designed to set new standards in concealed carry. This innovative addition to the MC14 family combines affordability with uncompromising quality and performance.

EAA Corp is committed to providing the firearms community with affordable yet high-quality options, and the MC14G84 is no exception. This pistol offers exceptional value without compromising on performance. The Girsan MC14G84 will be competitively priced against similar models, on an aluminum frame and double stack (not a low capacity polymer like our competition)

The Girsan MC14G84 will share magazine compatibility with the traditional MC14, the newly announced Girsan MC14BDA, as well as similar 84 series magazines. This pistol will feature a 13+1 magazine capacity, composite grips, 3-dot sights, an aluminum lightweight frame, smooth DA/SA trigger, ambidextrous frame safety and come in the classic All-Black or a Two-Tone finish.

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