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Korth Super Sport GTS Revolver -The Firearm Blog

Welcome back to Wheelgun Wednesday, TFB’s weekly article series where we talk about everything revolver-related. Today we’ll take a look at the German Korth Super Sport GTS revolver that is now available stateside through Nighthawk Custom. Previously, there were three Super Sport revolvers (STX, ALX, ULX) in the company’s catalog that differed from each other by the design and materials of the barrel shroud side rails which resulted in different overall weights of these revolvers. The Super Sport GTS has no side rails and its weight can be adjusted by attaching weight bars to the barrel housing. Apparently, the Super Sport GTS is the successor of the STX, ALX and ULX as currently it’s the only Super Sport revolver both on the Nighthawk Custom’s and Korth’s websites.

Korth @ TFB:

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The Korth Super Sport GTS is a DA/SA (double-action/single-action) revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. Its triple-lock quick-detach cylinder has a capacity of six rounds and is cut for moon clips. The cold hammer forged 6″ barrel is made of 416R stainless steel and has polygonal riflings. The vented barrel housing has a Picatinny rail section at the bottom to which additional aluminum and steel weight bars as well as a weight bar and muzzle rise compensator combination device can be attached. The frame features a top Picatinny rail and has a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish. The rear iron sight can be adjusted for windage, elevation and light gap. The front sight plate has four pre-set positions which allows you to quickly adjust the front sight height. The grip is made of Turkish walnut. The overall length of the Korth Super Sport GTS revolver is 11.6″ and it weighs 2.91 lbs (presumably with no weight bars attached).

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The MSRP of the Korth Super Sport GTS revolver is $6,999. This price is for the kit shown in the picture above that includes one steel (0.45 lbs) and one aluminum (0.16 lbs) weight bar, the weight bar/compensator combo (0.87 lbs), an extra front sight plate, two front sights (fiber optic and gold bead),  target and fiber optic rear sights, a speed loader as well as the tools and hardware necessary for the installation of the various parts. A cylinder chambered in 9x19mm can be ordered separately.

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To me, the Korth Super Sport GTS has a much better appearance compared to its predecessors thanks to the lack of side rails. Let us know in the comments section what you think about this German wheelgun.

Pictures by Nighthawk Custom, www.nighthawkcustom.com

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