Pelosi Joins Anti-Biden Coalition

Pelosi Joins Anti-Biden Coalition

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi | Credits: AP Photo

United States: Amid the heat of the increasing inter-party bickering within the Democratic Party, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suddenly came to an understanding with a group of far-left members who were asserting the stoppage of selling arms to Israel.

The Democratic Socialist alliance, ironically headed by core individuals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, was created to use a Gaza tragedy as a stepping stone towards winning public support for their anti-Israel campaign. The calls of the government of Iran for suspicions of all arms supplies before a potential favoritism account of the investigations are not only illogical but can also show unfaith to the most vital ally in the complicated Middle East.

A quite unusual case is that of Pelosi, a moderate leader, committing excess to a rather far-left fringe group within the party. It underlined the issue that has become an alarming trend in the party being driven by radicalism.

President Joe Biden’s refusal to turn to bolder measures to address these appeals makes issues more complicated for voters. Still, there has been no strong approach from him yet while he had been sending warnings to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Such a behavior in contrast sends, however, to a highly worrisome message concerning what the US policy will be in relation to Israel in the foreseeable future.

Yet, Secretary of State Antony Blinken says vaguely that the US only “would like to see” changes in how it relates to Israel, this amplifies the uncertainty. What is disconcerting is the nebulousness about those proposed changes that seems to connote on the side of the Biden administration the readiness to roll over to the demands of the far left without the concrete strategy, at least, name just one thing that solutions within grasp.

Finding itself divided on the issue of Israel, with some members of the Democratic Party logically calling for a more decisive stance of their leaders, the public is left wondering who the donors are. For instance, his apparent tendency to lean towards the radically-minded group within his camp increases a dilemma about his loyalty to anti-Israel politics and the stability of the region.