Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II in RAL 7005 -The Firearm Blog

Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II in RAL 7005 -The Firearm Blog

Schmidt & Bender has released a limited edition of their new 6-36×56 PM II riflescope. The color will be RAL 7005. Now RAL 7005 may not mean much to most people, but it’s a European color code where the classic colors have a 4-digit number in combination with the letters ‘RAL’ (for example RAL 7005). The first digit is a code number with ”7” representing grey. Number 8 is brown, and RAL 8000 should be known to most German gun aficionados. The remaining 3 digits are chosen sequentially.

Schmidt & Bender @ TFB:

Those who visited the German Law Enforcement and Military exhibition EnforceTac earlier this year could admire this riflescope in Heckler & Koch’s stand, mounted on one of their rifles. There are some ”grey” images of it in my upcoming review of the Schmidt & Bender 3-20x PM II, which you can read tomorrow.

RAL 7005, or mouse gray as called by some.

Limited Edition: Schmidt & Bender 6-36x56 PM II in RAL 7005

Limited Edition: Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II in RAL 7005

Here is the presentation of the limited edition scope by PGM Précision in France:

Limited edition: the Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II High Performance RAL 7005


Designed for high precision shooting: 

The new Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II High Performance rifle scope offers the ideal solution for medium and very long range shooting. MIL-STD-810G compliant, this 6x zoom scope can be used in the most challenging conditions and will be suitable for both operational and civilian use.

The excellent image quality with high resolution and large field of view ensures fast and detailed target recognition. Compact and extremely light due to its special design, this scope offers ergonomics beyond the market.

 P5FL reticle : 

An evolution of the famous P4FL, this new reticle is perfect for shooters who prefer a clear reticle, reduced to the essentials and without distracting features.

Since being in FFP, the reticle and the image of the target are enlarged or reduced simultaneously as the magnification is changed. The relationship between target and reticle remains unchanged, regardless of the chosen magnification. Consequently, clearly marked and numbered hash marks are perfect for estimating distances and for quick bullet drop or side wind corrections.

Limited edition

Schmidt & Bender has produced a limited edition of this rifle scope in a magnificent grey (RAL 7005).


TFB has a ”normal” (black) version of the Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II riflescope for testing and reviewing. I can reveal that the optical and mechanical performance is pretty amazing, and it outperforms the old classic 5-25×56 PM II in all categories.

You can find a direct link to PGM Précision here:×56-pm-ii-high-performance-ral-7005/

The price is €3,500, excluding VAT.

Do you think colors matter on riflescopes?

All images by PGM Précision France

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