Secret Service Denies Role in Hunter Biden Gun Case Despite FBI Claim

Secret Service Denies Role in Hunter Biden Gun Case Despite FBI Claim

President Joe Biden along with his son Hunter Biden | Credits: AP Photo

United States: The gun trial of Hunter Biden has been taking new turns with each passing day. Recently, the Secret Service has announced that they deny that the paperwork from the gun store – where Biden’s son purchased a Colt Cobra revolver, was not retrieved. According to the reports, it is the same revolver that was later tossed in a garbage bin by his sister-in-law.  

The agency’s latest rebuttal surfaces subsequent to Monday’s federal court disclosures, revealing that the FBI interrogated the proprietor of the StarQuest Shooter gun emporium in Wilmington, Delaware. The owner asserted that both Delaware State Police and Secret Service operatives visited his establishment the day after a .38-caliber revolver vanished, as reported by the NY Post. 

“There is no deviation in our statement,” proclaimed Anthony Guglielmi, the chief communicator for the US Secret Service, when The Post inquired about the latest filing by special counsel David Weiss.

Guglielmi referred to the agency’s 2021 assertion, where the Secret Service declared that their logs showed agents had “no engagement” in the occurrence.

“We acknowledged the allegations made at that time but found no data to substantiate them independently,” Guglielmi commented on the claims by StarQuest Shooter owner Ron Palimere to the FBI.

“During that period, the Biden family were not under Secret Service protection,” he elucidated.

Palimere, who conversed with the FBI last week, recounted that he entered his gun store on the evening of October 12, 2018, when his staff identified Biden “as a high-profile client,” according to the NY Post. 

Recognizing that Joe Biden, his father, was not a “proponent of firearms,” Palimere expressed his intent to “conclude the transaction expeditiously and usher [Hunter] Biden out of the store” promptly, fearing that Hunter Biden’s presence might tarnish his business reputation.

Twelve days later, the Delaware State Police and US Secret Service independently visited StarQuest, inquiring about the documentation Hunter completed during the gun purchase; Palimere informed the FBI, basing the timeline on text exchanges with an agent from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

“They mentioned that the firearm was implicated in a case, and they aimed to expedite the tracing process and access Form 4473,” the FBI document summarizing Palimere’s interview indicates. “Both agencies posed identical questions, seemingly unaware of each other’s inquiries.”

Palimere found the Secret Service’s request dubious and sought counsel from ATF special agent Jason Reisch on the appropriate course of action.

“Reisch advised Palimere to retain the original Form 4473 and to only provide a copy if absolutely necessary,” the FBI document states.

The Secret Service spokesperson reiterated to The Post that the agency could not “verify” Palimere’s account to the FBI.

“For precision, those assertions were made by gun shop staff and recorded in filings, not by federal agents,” Guglielmi clarified. “The Biden family were not under Secret Service protection at that time, and no information corroborates Secret Service involvement.”

Palimere ultimately submitted the firearm transaction paperwork to the ATF, as outlined by the NY Post. 

Hunter Biden detailed the firearm debacle in an extensive text found on his abandoned laptop, where he narrated that the Secret Service intervened after Hallie Biden—his brother Beau’s widow, with whom he had an affair—appropriated his revolver.

“She extracted the gun from my trunk lock box and discarded it in a brimful garbage can at Jansens. Then she said it was my problem to resolve,” Hunter wrote, alluding to a high-end Wilmington grocery store.

“When the police, FBI, and Secret Service arrived, she claimed she took it fearing I might harm myself due to my substance abuse issues and our turbulent relationship, and out of concern for the children,” he added.

Hunter was indicted by Weiss last September on three counts related to falsifying his status as a drug addict when purchasing the firearm, the reports by the NY Post highlighted. 

The first son is scheduled for trial on June 3, having pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Hunter’s former spouse Kathleen Buhle, his ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan, and Hallie Biden are all anticipated to testify in the proceedings.