[SHOT 2024] Talley Manufacturing Introduces RMR Mounts For Shotguns -The Firearm Blog

[SHOT 2024] Talley Manufacturing Introduces RMR Mounts For Shotguns -The Firearm Blog

Talley Manufacturing, known for its production of state-of-the-art optic equipment, has announced the introduction of its new series of red dot sight mounts designed specifically for shotguns. Among the models that were showcased, the designs compatible with the Remington 870 and Winchester SX proved to be significant additions to the lineup.

The unique construction of these mounts is marked by their fabrication out of solid billet aluminum. Apart from being robust and durable, this material also ensures that the mounts are light enough to not hamper the balance and handling of the shotguns they are attached to.

These newly introduced RMR mounts are part of the company’s commitment to innovation and quality. With miniaturized red dots gaining popularity among shotgun users for their precision and easy adaptability, the new mounts from Talley Manufacturing come as a much-anticipated accessory.

These red dot sight mounts retail for $40, reflecting Talley Manufacturing’s focus on providing high-quality, yet affordable, products to its customers. This competitive pricing coupled with the credibility of the manufacturer is likely to make this product a popular choice among shotgun users seeking optimal sighting solutions.

The company has already started shipping some models, ensuring that eager consumers need not wait long to fit their shotguns with the recent innovation. More models are expected to hit the markets soon, which would further extend the range of shotguns these mounts can be installed on.

In its long history marked by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Talley Manufacturing has introduced many such products that cater to the specific needs of users, creating a niche for themselves in the vast optics market. The introduction of these RMR mounts for shotguns is another milestone in their journey to leaving a visible mark in this segment. Given the anticipation surrounding these mounts, it is expected to be received well by the market, continuing the legacy that the company has so carefully built over the years.

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