The J6 Narrative Unravels: Pelosi Caught on Tape

Nancy Pelosi United States Representative

Nancy Pelosi United States Representative. Credit | REUTERS

United States: House Republicans have unveiled incendiary new video footage that profoundly undermines the official narrative of the January 6 Capitol upheaval. This footage captured then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) acknowledging her culpability for not deploying the National Guard to safeguard the Capitol prior to the protests.

As detailed by Politico, the video was “captured by the former speaker’s daughter, documentarian Alexandra Pelosi, and recently furnished to congressional investigators by HBO.” The fact that this footage remained unaired and was not submitted to the January 6 Committee during its so-called investigation into the Capitol riot is revealing, as per the reports.

In a glaring oversight—or perhaps calculated evasion—the January 6 Committee never subpoenaed Speaker Pelosi or her daughter for documents related to the riot. This omission casts serious doubt on the committee’s thoroughness and impartiality.

The video bolsters assertions made by former President Donald Trump that Pelosi was directly accountable for the inadequate security prior to the protest. Trump had offered the National Guard in the days preceding the “Stop the Steal” rally, but his offer was declined. Despite this, critics subsequently unfairly faulted Trump for not swiftly deploying the Guard during the riot—a criticism that now seems unfounded in light of this new evidence.

In the footage, Pelosi is observed admitting, “We have responsibility… we did not have any accountability for what was going on there. And we should have. … Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with?” She continued, “I take responsibility for not having them [the National Guard] just prepare for war,” certain reports suggested.

Pelosi’s maneuvers before and after the January 6 event paint a disconcerting picture. She rejected Republican nominees for the minority positions on the January 6 Committee—the first time in congressional history that the leader of the majority party had done so. MAGIC instead she hand-picked two anti-Trump republicans leaving her one sided probe that left out her own collusion in the events of the day.

As observed, citing from this inquiry, the prosecutors have used it in the criminal cases against Trump and his allies, continue to fuel the perception of politically-motivated investigation, and not a balanced analysis of the available evidence.

This newly found video is such an influential factor that crucial questions arise concerning Ms. Pelosi’s actions and the real state of affairs of the January 6, 2021, incident. The more facts that have emerged in this case confirm the necessity of an extensive and fair investigation to address all the behaviors that are being described. The American people, therefore, require an unfiltered and blunt truth about the events of the day, and it is high time that the newly independents look at the output of the January 6 Committee afresh.

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