“The Jobs Americans Won’t Do”: Pres. Brings in Foreign Scabs For White-Collar Work

U.S. President Joe Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden. Credit | AP Photo

United States: President Joe Biden’s recent executive action granting work permits to foreign graduates has sparked outrage among struggling American university alumni. This controversial move is seen as favoring international professionals over domestic job seekers, exacerbating the challenges faced by US citizens.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Biden boldly announced:

“Today, I am unveiling new initiatives aimed at clarifying and expediting work visa processes to support individuals—particularly DACA beneficiaries—who have completed their education in American universities and secured employment in crucial, high-demand sectors essential for our economic advancement. This is the correct step forward.”

Critics argue that this decision represents a significant betrayal. While Biden focuses on aiding foreign nationals, American graduates are grappling with dwindling job opportunities and stagnant wages in what they describe as a faltering economy. It’s evident that Biden’s priorities lie with foreigners over his own countrymen.

Presently, the federal government hosts approximately 1 million foreign graduates in intermediate-level white-collar positions, roles that many argue should rightfully be filled by American graduates. This readily available and compliant workforce of visa holders is accused of displacing American professionals, resulting in diminished career prospects and suppressed salaries for millions of domestic graduates—including those who previously supported Democratic policies, now grappling with their consequences.

According to The Washington Post’s report on June 16:

“Despite a robust job market, recent college graduates are struggling to secure employment. Hiring in sectors such as tech, consulting, finance, and media—popular among new graduates—has declined by 12 percent, based on federal data. Recent graduates aged 22 to 27 face an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent as of March, higher than the general population, according to analysis by the New York Fed.”

This stands in stark contrast to the approach of former President Donald Trump, who pledged to limit immigration and took steps to restrict foreign professionals from occupying domestic white-collar positions. Advocates aligned with the GOP are vehemently opposing Biden’s policies, citing the economic strain and repercussions of these lenient measures.

Breitbart News exposed the origins of Biden’s immigration policy in April, tracing it back to lobbying efforts by, an organization representing West Coast investors led by Mark Zuckerberg. These affluent coastal elites stand to benefit substantially from increased labor availability, government-funded consumer bases, and a surge in renters from economically disadvantaged nations, all contributing to enhanced stock market forecasts and extended profit margins.

Despite their technological prowess, these investors predominantly derive wealth from consumer-driven sectors like advertising, retail, and food services. Various studies indicate that immigration mitigates labor shortages, thereby diverting significant economic gains away from ordinary Americans towards corporate executives and investors. For instance, a recent study funded by the pro-immigration Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation highlighted that a declining working-age population correlates with an increased share of labor income and reduced investment returns.

Since the 1970s, ordinary Americans have reportedly lost trillions in income due to wage stagnation exacerbated by immigration policies that also inflate stock market valuations. wields considerable influence within the White House, partly attributable to Zuckerberg’s extensive efforts during the 2020 election cycle, where over $400 million was spent to boost turnout in Democratic strongholds. President Todd Schulte asserted on June 9 that “Immigrants and immigration benefit America and Americans,” advocating for a policy response that addresses public resistance to government-sanctioned immigration:

“In an era marked by global authoritarianism fueled by anti-immigrant rhetoric aimed at exploiting the plight of immigrants and refugees for political gain, we must adopt humane and resilient approaches to the challenges posed by forced migration. This includes establishing legal pathways and granting legal status to undocumented immigrants who have long resided in the US, lest xenophobia become an even more potent weapon.” has established several other advocacy groups, including the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, which actively promotes increased enrollment of foreign students and their integration into the American workforce. While corporate media outlets often understate’s influence on immigration policies, Breitbart News remains one of the few mainstream sources scrutinizing the economic motivations behind heightened immigration levels.

Since taking office in 2021, Biden and his administration have facilitated the entry of approximately 10 million immigrants—legal, illegal, quasi-legal, and temporary—under an economic strategy dubbed “Extraction Migration.” This policy benefits business interests by suppressing wages across both blue-collar and white-collar sectors, reducing incentives to invest in technology, particularly in heartland regions and overseas markets.

Critics argue that Biden’s lax immigration policies compound existing challenges faced by Americans, including homelessness, stagnant wages, a shrinking middle class, declining innovation, reduced life expectancy among blue-collar workers, widespread poverty, escalating drug-related fatalities, and increasing disillusionment among younger generations. This perceived abandonment of American workers and graduates by the current administration is viewed by many as nothing short of treasonous.

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