The M1D Sniper Rifle, the most lethal version of the M1 Garand

The M1D Sniper Rifle, the most lethal version of the M1 Garand

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00:00 goddamn mg-42 start charlie get somebody up here and draw their fire so i can take them out okay right at it oh geez dodge what do you need you’re gonna have that ridge sniper’s gonna take out the mp42 that energy sounds nastier than betsy roster your time of the month hey remember your training remember their bar is worse than their bike that’s right box worse than this bite hey sorry charlie get up cry about it grab it pretty face today on grantham the m1 grand sniper obviously we have the normal m1

00:48 grand right here but this is the m1d a very interesting weapon in many ways now how does the m1d perform what’s the range on it is the grand even a good weapon to make into a sniper rifle we answer these questions and many others that you’ve never thought to ask because they just didn’t interest you today on grantham the m1d captain i think there’s crowds in those hills over there now before we get into that we of course have to get into the biggest sponsor of the channel the biggest sponsor of the channel is what

01:18 gonna be sdi the sonoran desert institute a big thank you to them if you’re looking to get your start in gunsmithing they are the people to go to we of course have to think who else primary arms optics critical to the war effort so we impart your arms they’re making awesome optics here of course made at a great price and a big thank you to them and what can we not forget micah uh patreon patreon and uh if you want to keep charlie employed onwardresearch.

01:46 com yeah so charlie basically relies on onward research without it his family starves we don’t specifically want that to happen to them so make sure you go and check out onward research it rocks but without further ado ladies and gentlemen i’ve forgotten but most certainly not by me and one grande sniper rifles welcome to the channel today we’re going to be talking a little bit about this m1d before we do a little bit of practical accuracy testing with it so if you’ll come in and take a look at it it’s

02:14 actually a very interesting setup there are two well three primary sniper variants of the m1 grand you have the m1c you have the m1d and then you have of course the united states marine corps doing something different because you guys just have to be different i don’t want to get into it there’s the m1ds don’t now when it comes to the m1d there were many improvements made over the m1c we’ll talk about the m1c at a different point but suffice to say the m1d was an easier to put together armor level construction now if you come

02:50 over and get a real close look at this we have the primary method of attachment of it is this thumb screw screw right here this attaches it into the barrel assembly has two main blocking up points you can you can check out forgotten weapons if you really want to get into the history of it but suffice to say it was more than enough to hold zero these weapons now the optic is an m84 which is actually a 2.

03:14 2 power optic basically not much at all but back then was quite a bit the optic is actually quite clear the reticle leaves a lot to be desired especially compared to um more modern optics nowadays but again for the time it was quite good at what it was now if you come to the back here we do have this rubber eyepiece right here and you have a sunshade that you can pull forward on the optic right here now because the optic is offset from the top of the action the reason for that is to load the ground you of course have to take an

03:45 in-block and place it in through the top so if the optical is on top you would not be able to do that so to solve that issue they offset the optic now of course the problem would be how do you line yourself up this leather cheek piece was added that way when you get onto the gun it presses your head offset from the center line of the weapon that way you can see through the optic now to be clear the m1 grand isn’t specifically a very phenomenally accurate weapon there’ll be people who tell you there are probably

04:18 like one moa grandson i’m sure they’re out there but by and far the grand is about a between a two to four moa gun putting an optic on it and expecting incredible performance at extreme distance probably isn’t what you should be expecting but what we’re gonna do is we’re going to be firing at targets from 100 all the way to about 500 and seeing how easy it is to get good impacts on those targets at those various distances and we’re going to kind of gauge the m1 based off of how it does now to be clear

04:50 this is a certified m1d according to the cmp so this is as good as you’re going to get when it comes to that we are firing greek hpx ammunition that is very close to the usgi ammunition used during world war ii and to be clear when it comes to the am1d what’s really interesting about it is that although it was adopted in the 50s it didn’t serve in the korean war in fact the m1d didn’t serve until about the vietnam war now the m1c although it was adopted during world war ii didn’t really see action in world war

05:24 ii mostly saw action in the korean war as a quick note for you guys but enough talk ammunition is expensive talk is cheap let’s get out and do some shooting hey we got some krauts out there it wasn’t in world war ii hey we got some slashers so we have the m1d we have a target at 350 right here and obviously the grand is well capable of doing this will the optic make it easier we’re firing greek hpx which is a good analog to usgi ammunition used during uh world war ii we’re gonna go ahead and give it a shot and see how we do no pun

06:00 intended little high cap just so high keep dropping your right looks a little to the left impact impact okay so a little bit of trying to figure out the reticle again we’re not super familiar with this particular one we’ve been shooting it for a good good amount but you’re always going to have a little bit of kind of figuring out your dope once we got it figured out it really wasn’t too bad the problem with the m84 reticle and we’ll give you guys a view through it right here as i’m talking about it

06:57 is that it gets a little thick even even at 300 350 right here it’s partially obscuring or almost completely obscuring the c-zone steel the problem with that is although the c-zone steel isn’t the size of a human being you have to understand that people aren’t always square to you so in that case it really isn’t that crazy of an idea to have a reduced size target now what we’re going to go ahead and do we’re going to take a few more shots at 350 here and then we’re going to step it out to 400 450 and

07:25 we’ll try for a 500 but i’m guessing that’s probably going to be a little bit more difficult because again the grand isn’t a precision rifle it’s gonna show up can i say something real quick yeah so i will say i think that uh the sea zone still makes a lot of sense considering the people in vietnam were super skinny i mean they were a little high left impact well high left [Music] impact impact we got it pretty well dialed in it’s a good time with the m1 grant let’s step it out [Music]
08:30 all right we are here at 405 yards we’re gonna be taking a shot at the reduced size seal and uh seeing how the m1d performs [Music] looks a little low to the right impact all right all right yeah i see it i’m packed all right so we got it dialed in on there um so i thought it’s roughly the same hold as we were at about 345 which makes sense with 30.

09:25 6 we’re not seeing that much drop the reticle actually does make this significantly easier compared to firing with iron sights i’m actually kind of surprised originally looking through the optic i was thinking that 2.2 really wouldn’t mean jack [ __ ] but yeah past 300 the optic is a hundred percent a uh a good thing to have micah agreed oh yeah i i thought irons were gonna smack it all day long and that sucked but no that’s actually not that bad no it’s actually pretty nice it’s actually fairly easy to hit so we’ll load some

09:59 more shoot a little bit more on it because it’s just um it’s just damn fun all right we’re at 500 yards right here no the thing to do is we’re not prone to that we’re not bagged we’re kind of in weird shooting positions but let’s see how it goes the left be online right just low bring it up a little bit you’re off to the right just a little bit too oh just a little bit to the low right elevation you’re just off to the right a little bit just off right yeah okay i like the idea of this but i mean as

11:09 soon as you start shooting those viet cong are gonna start running dude right they’re a little slippery to this guy so grandpa said up [Music] all right right impact high left left it’s high [Music]
12:13 high you know i’m getting that reticle that same location and starting to see a little bit of spread you might be hitting kind of the edge of what this military ammunition is going to be capable of but we’ll give it a few more shots here low impact good job buddy thank you load it up i couldn’t spot it right trigger pulling my part all good right elevation good right elevation good low left

13:21 high right low eleva uh windage is good right uh gosh darn it captain i’m no good with this damn thing so the m1d we’ve done a good amount of shooting with it both today and uh a lot in the past here because i i just love this weapon so much um let’s talk about it a little bit especially as we’ve been able to push this thing out to range i’ve been able to shoot this thing out to about 700 it’s about the furthest we’ve pushed it so far and the biggest thing holding the m1d back is 100 gonna be the optic

13:55 um and it should be noted that the marine corps made a far better choice when it comes to optics because they picked a four power optic which uh would be so much better than the 2.2 we have here with the m84 the biggest problem i think with the m84 is going to be the the reticle itself essentially you have a cross and there are no hash marks there’s nothing to really dial it in so you can of course make adjustments off the knobs as you’re making shots on those r1 moa adjustments but you know compared to a modern optic with

14:31 a modern reticle where you can kind of start hashing things out and uh and getting your shots dialed in it’s certainly a little bit more frustrating when it comes to the m84 do you agree aaron i’d say so yeah who’s aaron oh sorry it is certainly a little bit more frustrating right admin i would say so yes how was your experience shooting through this optic i would say uh very frustrating i wish i had more time more logistical support a bit more training i could see like if you had the uh like in-house knowledge of like okay

15:01 you have a lot more time to work on it but out here just kind of like picking up and going i was a little bit frustrated trying to find it well that was the whole point here and i think no matter what a 2.2 is just not a lot especially when you push out past 400. so i’ve seen some um antidotal evidence that these would get out to 800 to a thousand i think that would be pushing it i’m sure a skilled marksman could probably push that but i think in all reality about to about 500 especially using military

15:29 ball ammunition i really don’t believe that combat effective they’re really going to get be able to get past that mike i mean i’m not crazy here am i no uh 700 like i was making adjustments real easy at anything up to like what was it 450 400 yep and then as soon as like 700 gets around i just they’re all over i think it’s i think it’s beyond the limit to be honest i think so and again the grand is a great rifle uh is a phenomenal fighting weapon but it is a battle rifle it is not a dmr

16:02 it is not a sniper rifle uh this being pressed into military service does make sense now when we talk about it being pressed into sniper service one thing that we have to take a look at when it comes to the m1d is you have to understand the m1c had a lot of problems as far as being built out to be a sniper there’s a lot of issues about whether or not the final gun would be accurate or not so by having the barrel assembly that has the scope mounting platform on it this is a superior mounting solution compared to the m1c

16:32 now mike if you come in here take a look really quickly i think what’s really cool about the m1d is how the optic is removed so it’s this little knob right here you can just simply unscrew that and it comes right out so there are some issues there nothing’s hot there are some issues when it comes to this particular mounting solution and mostly that comes to the fact that we have these surfaces right here that make contact and then of course you have your screw right there now long as those are in good condition you’re gonna be

17:05 able to hold that zero fairly well the big problem really comes into the threads uh where the optic actually threads into so there’s of course a torque value that’s associated with that whether or not that torque value made it out to the unga bunga grunts out there we’ll never know i would guess that we probably stripped out some screws when it comes to these i know guys in the military having served in the military myself i would say that 100 i would have stripped this [ __ ] out now once we have

17:30 the optic off if we remove this leather cheek piece we do have a very functional normal grant and to be clear this cheek piece is pretty sick leather it is treated and you can also see the year that it was made in this case 51 so a little piece of history right there i think that’s that’s something to me that’s really cool this is a winchester grand as you can see there from the back but yeah you remove that you can still use iron sights in fact even with the cheek piece on there you can still get into the iron sights

17:55 really well so if your optic were to fail for whatever reason you’re easily able to get on those irons now there are some issues when it comes to these particular optics and that’s mostly on the coating that’s on the inside in fact on this guy you can kind of see it’s shaken loose a teeny bit but the coating on the inside of the lens tends to flake off so what happens is that over time you’ll get these little pieces of paint and coating that begin to get on the lens and kind of make things a

18:23 little bit harder to see this isn’t a perfect optic by any means but it was certainly good for the time [Music] now otherwise when we talk about the m1d we essentially just have your good old m1 grand so there isn’t a whole lot to say about it that we won’t get into in a full review of the m1 other than to say that when we remount the optic there are a couple interesting things to note so we’ll get that thing lined up and we’re going to try to not unga manga this bunga so one thing to note is that

18:59 with this particular optic if you don’t have it torqued down to the proper values and i’ve run into this before the scope can have a tendency to slide forward in the mount what will happen is that occurs is that you won’t be able to load and block in there so just real quick one thing i thought about like a wargaming aspect is i mean of course this didn’t get much service in world war two by meaning korea or vietnam i mean more so korea like i imagine a bunch of dudes not just like one guy like your specialty dmr or

19:26 sniper guy having this but like imagine your entire platoon or rifleman having that like battlefield 5 like battlefield 5 right like like i know it sounds kind of video gamey but i think that’d be really interesting like seeing what kind of force multiplication you would get off that but i mean it’s like when uh all the marines were given uh acogs uh during the battle fallujah just making nonstop head shots exactly the marines really put some hurt um out there so there’s something to be said about

19:49 magnified optics and certainly it helps and so we did shoot the 308 grand um at all these distances as well and immediately when you see the size of that front sight post especially at like 500 plus i mean an optic is 100 better out there and even for thread identification so what we’d call positive id in uh current military talk uh the optic is certainly a much better choice but i oh [ __ ] see my is hot but uh overall i think final thoughts on the m1d a really cool rifle and one that i’m really happy to have in my

20:27 collection just a cool piece of history didn’t really end up seeing uh too much service in the case of the m1d but still um i think it really definitely holds its own but was certainly by the time i got to the vietnam war was 100 outclassed by other weapons right but as with everything what’s really going to matter is going to be training right so you talked about it you had to pick this guy up with not a whole lot of training behind it if you train on this guy you’re going to be deadly with this

20:52 thing and those gi’s those grunts who use these rifles were extremely deadly with them you hear a lot of stories about the m1c from the korean war where guys were just absolutely able to decimate the enemy from far ranges so get out there get training guys that’s what matters if this is the only rifle that you have as long as you’re trading with it you’re going to be good to go a little scary imagine something that’s a wicked good on an m1d working good just getting vibe checked by 30 odds

21:20 yeah it’d be a real bad day and you know as always guys thank you for watching stay looking cool we appreciate you we’ve got nothing else for you final thing from administrative results dad advice uh for the audience yes guys hey firearm safety is super important so what’s the first rule of firearm safety fire cool stow it looking cool what’s the second rule firearm safety don’t look uncool the turbo virgins i got nothing else

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