The US Army’s new Belt fed Machine gun. The M250 is replacing the M249

The US Army’s new Belt fed Machine gun. The M250 is replacing the M249

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00:47 [Music] today on grantham we’re gonna be talking about the m250 brand new weapon that is going to be replacing the m249 in so many ways so many things have changed and it is so much better than the m249 that i actually don’t even know where to begin so i hope that today you will join us as we talk about the army’s brand new belt fed the m250 here on grantham but before we do we of course have to thank the biggest sponsor of the channel the sonoran desert institute a big thank you to them if you’re looking to get your

01:29 start in gunsmithing they are the people to go to they absolutely rock and of course we’ll talk a little bit about established titles a little bit later and of course can’t forget about what micah patron bussin and you of course can’t forget onward research where we are bringing the products that we want to bring to you guys go and check it out awesome chess rigs awesome merch and gear and i’m not gonna say that it’s going to make you a more successful person with with women but it will probably ladies gentlemen my

02:01 often forgotten but most certainly not by me 6.8 by 51. welcome to the channel today we’re talking about a very cool weapon this is of course the soon to be m250 and what a really cool opportunity to be able to review it so we are here at the sick facility right now and a big thank you to our sig guys um obviously this is not a weapon that’s going to be available to the public as a semi in probably any time span anytime soon but it’s very interesting because it is the next evolution in military weapons so there’s a lot that needs to

02:31 be said about this particular weapon ladies and gentlemen my often forgotten but most certainly not by me 6.8 by 51. welcome to the channel we are reviewing a very interesting weapon we have the m250 very soon to be the military’s new belt fed brand new weapon brand new cartridge it’s really pretty incredible i’m very uh i feel pretty lucky to be able to review it because obviously this isn’t a weapon that’s going to be available to the public anytime soon unfortunately thank you atf but in any case it is the future

03:06 of of our small arms and what’s going to be utilized in the military now it should be noted that my time in the military the saw the m249 was not a weapon that i was on that often i was trained on it and you had to shoot it i knew how to run it in case i needed to however it wasn’t a weapon that i was i’m as familiar with compared to with rifles so it’s for that reason that we have one of the sick employees here who deals a lot with the military and he will be walking us through this weapon as we talk about it today we

03:33 of course have to welcome st john from the uh military division of sig i’m not sure how it precisely works it’s kind of like the empire you can come on in and sing john yeah he’s got a got a killer mustache pleasure nice to meet you coming on yeah uh just like you said uh st john senior director for defense strategic projects for our defense strategies division so it’s a lot of strategy that’s a lot it’s a lost strategy right there five times fast you can i couldn’t say it the one time but if

03:58 you want me to yeah i’m the senior director for strategic products for defense strategies group uh here at sig sauer and before we get going yeah yeah you look pretty pretty excited i’m really excited i mean i can’t talk to anyone like you introduced me but kind of introductions here and i want to make sure i’m addressing you properly is it is it grand is it mr thumb or is it ice man you know you have this real affinity with ice apparently does does that make me on behalf of top gun too kind of maverick in this

04:27 situation where are we going with this so uh it is pronounced garend that’s the canadian pronunciation we want to put so a little bit of respect on this okay as a quick note and another thing i had to ask from i’m from the midwest and i don’t know where you’re from um no we’re good i don’t know if you have any family members but up around me in the farm communities we have a in the northern part of iowa and a little bit of southern minnesota we have a bunch of thumbs it’s kind of a familial name up

04:52 in there yeah well i got kind of now they’re they’re farmers so they’re the green thumbs they’re the green thumbs oh my bad i thought about that the wrong way yeah so today we’re talking about the m250 um what a cool weapon i want to go ahead and take this as we always do with the uh marine corps loves tip-to-butt we have a marine in here so i gotta harass him so to start off with when it comes to the suppressor on this guy um this is gonna come with every single m250 is that correct that is correct an

05:22 m5 and it it’s compatible with the m5 as well it’s pretty it’s the exact same things what can you tell me about the suppressor uh yeah just back up a little bit sales on this you know we’re very excited here at sig sauer obviously it’s an exciting day the ngsw program was a landmark win for us and like you talk about the suppressor the entire product line we feel is is quite revolutionary but you know our suppressors are born realistically backing up about five and a half years of the socom surge program

05:48 okay and socom surge was the first program that really brought in low toxic fume blowback um as a requirement to suppressors most of your viewers and yourself have shot a lot of suppressed weapons i have lead poisoning from suppressors to be clear so that’s probably a good thing that you guys i was in the 70s minus from paint so we’re weekly there um but you shot there right you’re shooting glasses your eyes water you come down it looks you got like splatter painted with carbon and oil and so they looked at it as a

06:15 really an environmental hazard and a workplace hazard for the operator that program required that a suppressed m4 have equal to the same amount of toxic fume blowback gases into the user’s face as an unsuppressed m4 we invested a lot of money and a lot of engineering efforts and really some computational modeling to predict how gas flows through a suppressor and we were able to design a suppressor that on an m4 actually has less toxic gas in the end user’s face than an unsuppressed m4 so we’ve actually reduced it

06:51 suppressed compared to where it was on certain black magic right there i i don’t know how it gets proximate that you’re running on these guys right here so we’ve done a lot of research and development on coatings and other materials uh we’re north of ten thousand the army had a requirement of five thousand um and and we’re moving forward and we we feel that we’re going to be on the cusp of fifteen thousand here pretty soon nice very impressive it’s quite um can we pop off this uh little cover

07:18 right here take a look at that too easy you show people how easy it is to undo this barrel yeah so you know the mica freaks out he’s like hold up yep so you know to take the handguard off it’s a self-retained pin we put a lot of thought processes uh as former end users on let’s not lose stuff yeah i know the handguard comes off now i likely see that this will be a captured hinge like it is on our other machine guns i like the fact that people are designing this are actual guys who have like talking to

07:41 your team we can’t even talk about them these are guys who’ve actually done it it’s kind of cool man it makes for a better product yeah it’s a former action guy thing yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s pretty cool that’s pretty neat but when you look at the system you know what’s really unique about it is you know it’s multi-caliber as long as it fits within the 762 family headstay start you know head size on the cartridge it’s nothing more than rotating the barrel clamp over and then the barrel comes off and i can

08:04 change this to six five six eight and 260 of which we have six five seven six two and six eight machine guns we have prototypes in in in 260. now people are going to ask right because uh they’re so used to quick change system so that was an army requirement if i’m not yeah so you know even though this is you know quote-unquote quick change it’s not a quick change under firing conditions right it’s super hot yeah all right so um there’s a couple of things that prevented us from being able to put a

08:28 carrying hand the first one was weight okay and the second one is the army didn’t want it so really the first one is the army didn’t want it and the second one was weight perfect um and then you know you worry about well how about the clamp how does it come undone well the the handguard itself actually prevents it from being able to rotate it captures it so that it can’t come undone during operation science science just gets in the way now when we’re talking about this top cover right here so we’re not going to

08:50 be putting lasers on there from talking to a few of your guys it’s generally recommended that uh anything that needs to retain zero is put on these uh side end lock pieces right like we see right there with that container so it’s just we have it if we need it for like thermal or for you know night vision clip on or something like that yeah and when you start talking about yeah you’re correct there and when you start talking about your inline aspect that’s what led us to our feed tray design which opens to the side rather

09:16 than back to front and that’s so that optic can rotate into that relationship and not interfere with your inline so wrong the first time i saw it open that way it’s kind of like if somebody were to you were watching somebody walking awesome their kneecap bent the other way yep like i screamed a little bit yeah and it is funny when you get into your manual of arms and things change it’s funny because you know it just feels awkward right it feels good to put your thumb up there and you’re like how

09:36 does this work and then after you run it a few times it’s nothing more than just pushing and flipping it over it’s simple now that i’ve used it and it’s cool because obviously now i can run my thermals and everything because on the feet tray on like an m249 if like a mark 46 or something like that you push that forward and correct i mean this is a problem now people are going to ask of course with this with your optic obviously your optic doesn’t have to be mounted there but what is the return to

09:58 zero on this guy when this feed tray uh cover closes yeah that’s the first question i asked right yes how are we going to retain zero so right now return to zero on the feed tray from open to close is right around 1.2 to 1.4 minutes of angle i know that’s not precise but neither is a machine gun so good enough for a machine gun without a doubt no no i suppose also you could always take the optic and just correct put it right there and but you know you have to really look at you know there’s some my

10:22 relief qualities and stuff that you have to worry about with your optics and really the feed tray is probably going to come into a play in quite a few of them no doubt i i have no doubt about that now people are going to ask why do we have offset sites especially on a machine gun system army requirement army requirement now but but what’s unique about it yeah is if you look at our offset sites bring it in here micah i mean he’s is he running the show where am i he’s all right but if you look at them we actually

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12:12 completely skipped over it can you tell me about this because i know this is a very expensive bipod uh well if you only knew how expensive it was this is probably iteration 8 9 10 12. just to try to get the bipod as durable as we could and as perfect as we could um you know we went through a lot of iterations and you know when you look at a lot of bipod supported weapon systems it’s usually a pretty weak point right especially when you put you know a guy your size behind leaning into it and loading up those bipods that makes me

12:44 feel like a big strong boy so thank you yeah yeah absolutely but uh when you look at them they’re quite simple on the aspect you know they they extend so you can get you know uneven terrain or you get a little bit higher if you uh depending on what you’re trying to do they got exchangeable feet that’s nothing new right and really there’s nothing new except the fact that they’re really lightweight um they stow they’re captured in the m lock position and the six o’clock portion of the receiver um

13:07 their titanium on the front really reduce weight and then they you know they rotate three different directions but again they’re they’re you know if you looked at them from you know you and i look at them and say hey if i really load those up and i put a lot of use against them that they’re fragile and they’re they’re very tough because titanium sure and and engineering engineering science let’s see right back to it now here’s my favorite feature on on the m250 and it seems so simple but it is the entire uh

13:37 mechanism of holding the ammunition so we have the nut sacks right here and we have what uh 50 and 100 rounders this is a 50 rounder right here it is so what’s so cool is like on the on the saw you have that little dovetail that you got to get that [ __ ] into and it just does not want to get into it so what’s cool about this is you simply click into place and then even better is you have to hit both sides here to release it so in a gunning position when i need to release that guy i can hit both of them

14:02 however if i just hit one or if i hit the other if it gets bumped or anything like that it’s not going to release it has to be both at the same time that is such an improvement to me over the saw already that i would just take this at that point oh if you’ve ever maneuvered with a saw the first thing that happens is there’s a plastic drum on the ground and a 200 round belt being drugged behind you that’s what you want yeah that’s exactly what you it looks really cool because then you get to wrap

14:24 it around your arm and you know relive your rambo one days before your time when are born 84 at 86 86 no no you’re 84. i read the internet oh yeah yeah internet’s definitely you’re not right the internet’s right it’s correct so i want you to talk a little bit about this because uh this seems like a way simpler way of loading the the belt compared to like the nutsacks that you have on the m249 or the mark 46 mark 48 like it’s uh it’s simple i like it quite a bit yeah it’s nothing more than a just

14:53 you just back feed it into the round oriented in the right direction it can obviously be screwed up as you’ve seen earlier on the change when i’m handed it to you we’re not talking about that oh we’re leaving that out yeah we’re gonna hit the editing mic put that on the editing floor am i i’m still allowed to boss him no you can’t tell okay i apologize micah all right so we’re gonna we’re gonna float him up in there obviously just snaps shut you put it in your in your carrying

15:14 of course i’m extremely prepared and i don’t have one to demonstrate for you but we have a unique it’s not unique it’s not new but it is unique really for a while is we have a spoon that attaches to the ammo so that when i click it in it would you know how effective this would be with a demonstratable aspect of spooning spoon spooning spoon i don’t know the verb normally you would have your ammo in here and it would have a spoon that’s captured within this piece of elastic and the weapon system can be loaded multiple

15:40 ways and this you know one of the things we really want to make an improvement on with the gun is if you’re familiar with other machine guns other machine guns can’t be loaded with the uh bolt forward on safe right so you have to put them on fire pull it to the rear put it on safe return it and if you’ve been in the military long enough you’ve seen mishaps happen because of that loading process literally what some rangers were talking to me about uh like a week ago yep because i just got a saw

16:03 and they’re like oh yeah let me talk to you about the saw i could i could more off camera i’ll relate a story i don’t want to embarrass folks but it’s a hilarious story if you’re not involved is about the air force guys oh no this is all just rangers oh we screw stuff up too strong smart rangers strong smart rangers um so you can load it by you know pushing the spoon through pulling it bolt can be forward the gun can be on safe and then when you’re aircraft loaded you know it’s bolts forward you get off the

16:27 bird get off the vehicle you go ahead and leave it on safe you pull it back just return the charging handle there is no sealer binding the gun completely operates otherwise you can load it just like any other machine gun and you’ll see some improvements as the army receives the next generation of this gun you’ll see an ammunition keep that will go ahead and capture the round so when you click it on it’s not a two-hand operation again nothing new just incorporate it in our machine gun and then you know just close the feed tree

16:50 like anything normal and it’s the it’s all literally all the same it’s an open bolt machine gun very similar to the m249 uh it only had experience on the m249 and the m240 bravo and the mark 48 and it was like soon as i picked it up it was pretty simple except for like looking at this like everything was simpler easier yeah and that was i i think when you look at our submissions and and we talked about this earlier this week because even though the m5 and the 250 being let’s call it an ar-10 form factor and open belt fed machine

17:19 gun factor that was really the more challenging avenue um you know you’ll see uh tomorrow we’ll have a chance and we’ll take you into the kind of the lost projects you know we have mcx bullpups we have bullpup experience but you know when you pick this gun up there was such a familiarity familiarity that there was also a a kinship to it right your manual of arms changed only in the fact that it goes from full auto to semi rather than just having you know push a button and so you immediately can you know feel a relationship that you

17:50 had with your previous girlfriend with this new girlfriend you know very familiar and that was really a strategy that we had was if we can if we can shape the m5 to be like the m4 and the 250 to have a familiarity with the 249 it’ll be easier for the average soldier to endear themselves to that weapon system instead of completely changing the form factor if you’re an experienced guy with 12 15 18 20 years you pick up the m5 your manual of arms is exactly the same there’s no learning curve on that so

18:20 implementation and fielding for the army is much easier with a familiar design than a completely new design that does make sense i’m i’m not a very smart person and for me it was very easy uh given my you know passing familiarity with the m249 to pick this guy up uh put the bullets on i’m like is this right and you guys are like yeah it’s just like an m249 like close it but it was like a little bit easier i was like oh this is cool oh safety is really nice it feels better than the m249 but like you

18:46 said it’s like a familiar girlfriend we can’t say that now this weapon is only replacing the m249 correct correct but the capability of this round does uh eclipse a 7.6251 correct correct this could conceivably replace the m240 the mark 48 and the m249 and the mark 46 correct army decision good times i think it’s really interesting that the the m240 is going to remain in service um despite this thing being uh adopted because this is a round that kind of does that right correct army all right for the first time we’re

19:22 gonna ghost trigger the m250 right here so we have uh our weapon is uh clear right there i wanna make sure that’s good to go bolts back let’s go ahead and put that into full auto and again quick note right there safe full auto and then we have semi right there pretty cool so going back to full auto so we have that a little bit of play right there about two millimeters we had our wall about five six seven eight eight pounds right there go ahead and lock that back and then of course nothing happens you know why

19:54 it’s full [ __ ] auto all right we have the semi trigger right here so same wall right there about eight pounds let’s go set that come back off the reset right there a little mushy back from there about 8 pounds that feels great for machine gun trigger that feels absolutely wonderful now it has to be mentioned of course we have you versus the guy she told you not to worry about so this is the very similar machine gun but this is in uh 338 normal magnum nor magnum so i’m pretty much just shooting a happy meal

20:29 as far as price goes every time i’m pulling you know far enough around yeah previous administrations it was about 485 but with inflation we’re up to about 585 around uh we’ll talk about this bad boy later just want to show it off um a little bit of shooting footage of it because uh this is a monstrous machine gun and this guy uh can replace the m2 in certain applications can it not it can that brings us to the end of the m250 right here we of course have the collapsible butt sock this can be changed out if i’m

20:56 not mistaken for other six stocks as well if you wanted it to yeah we had a challenge with overall length requirements and drop requirements with our folding butt stock the knuckle added a quarter inch of the folding buttstock if we had the quarter inch more on the overall length aspect disqualified disqualified disqualified well we have the m250 here we we’ve talked a lot about it at this point is there anything that you want to kind of add to it before we kind of get going here no it’s just the way you started your

21:22 video you know i i’m the sales guy sometimes and i just get to hand someone a machine gun like that try doing that with a saw dude and then he’s going to say hey go ahead and take it you’re going to take it micah you’re going to take it you’re going to get it i can’t boss it now i bust him twice i had two bosses give machine gun uh it’s it really is a really cool upgrade to uh to what guys know and i’m sorry for the guys who are going to be carrying this because they don’t get to know the pain and the

21:47 herniations of carrying the saw it’s very sad it’s a badass gun well that brings us to the end of the m250 right here so st john thank you so much for coming on and for selling everybody on this weapon it’s very cool uh i do love it a lot and uh this is the future right here this is the weapon that uh that people are gonna be carrying so that it’s pretty incredible to get an early look at it so i can’t thank you guys enough and uh we’ll kind of finish out with their guys we really got nothing else

22:12 for you stay strong be safe out there it was my pleasure ice man final thing for you guys dad advice now we always have our guest give dad advice so my uh uh viewership is that a good word for it cult cult uh they don’t have dads so they need uh they need yeah they need they need a father figure so you’re close enough right now so what are some dad advice for these people don’t marry a young military man marry a middle-aged military man

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