Trump “Bloodbath” Hoax Deep State Effort to Steal Election

Trump “Bloodbath” Hoax Deep State Effort to Steal Election

Former President of the United States - Donald Trump | Credits: AP Photo

United States: The audacity of the leftist faction shows the limitless depths of their deceptions as they plunge depths no one envisioned in their constant effort to prevent the success of President Donald Trump and finally deny him the right to be president.

The fabricators were granted another opportunity to send their unending trail of lies when they recently dreamt up the ridiculous notion that Trump called for “carnage” if he would not be re-elected. It’s a flimsy fabrication spawned by nefarious individuals to smear the leader and twist public perception.

Let us elucidate: Not once did the latter suggest the use of force in combating conflicts. The word carnage was used to issue a warning regarding the power that an economic downturn can have, for instance, towards the production industry.

Together, their unacceptable strategies as well as the various instruments that are aiding them do not recognize the boundaries, even to the fellow people such as Marc Polymeropoulos who are ex-CIA operatives, on even Juncker’s former home territory.

Polymeropoulos, a recognized disseminator of fabrications, was complicit in the coordinated smear campaign against Trump during the 2020 election, especially concerning the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Presently, he shamelessly persists in his campaign against the president, disseminating falsehoods and distortion to further his personal political agenda.

Yet, the saga does not conclude there. Polymeropoulos exhibits audacity in suggesting that Trump’s customary reception of intelligence briefings poses a hazard to national security. This is an affront to the intellect community and a blatant endeavor to delegitimize Trump’s tenure.

Moreover, Polymeropoulos’s fear-mongering regarding potential aggression in the event of a contested election is deplorable. It is the leftist faction, with their chronicle of riots, pillaging, and aggression, who present a tangible threat to the sanctity of our democratic process.

And let us not overlook Polymeropoulos’s call for Republicans to denounce Trump’s entirely innocuous remarks. This is an overt endeavor to stifle dissent and intimidate those who choose to endorse the president.

In the face of such despicable stratagems, we must remain resolute and repudiate the falsehoods of the leftist faction. The American populace perceives through their duplicity and manipulation, and we shall not be swayed by their desperate endeavors to pilfer the election. President Trump emerged victorious in 2016, and he shall triumph once more in 2020, notwithstanding the surreptitious tactics of his adversaries.