Trump Fights Back Against Rigged Judicial System

Trump Fights Back Against Rigged Judicial System

Former President Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Former President Donald Trump has proclaimed himself “the political prisoner of a faltering nation” following a Manhattan jury’s contentious verdict, which found him culpable in his business records trial. Trump’s audacious declaration, made on Truth Social on Tuesday, resonates with patriotic Americans who are increasingly troubled by the overt politicization of the judicial system.

In his video, Trump emphasized the monumental significance of November 5th, labelling it “the most crucial day in our nation’s history.” This seminal date marks the forthcoming presidential election, where Trump pledges to reclaim his rightful place and once more “restore America’s greatness,” as per certain reports.

The jury was comprised of NY residents who viewed the whole trial as a witch hunt politically motivated meant to nail Trump in some capacity amidst his presidential campaign tenure. The legal onslaught instigated by an unbalanced legal system, in this case, is a blatant political influence to turn the 2020 election and demonize Trump.

“I am the political prisoner of a failing nation,” Trump avowed. “But I will soon be liberated on November 5th, the most pivotal day in our country’s history. And we will, together, make America great again. Thank you.”

Trump has been vocal about the trial’s true nature, informing reporters that the guilty verdict was orchestrated by the Biden administration to debilitate a formidable political adversary. He aptly described the decision as a “rigged verdict,” asserting that the “real verdict” will be rendered by the American people on November 5th.

In the aftermath of this perceived miscarriage of justice, Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) have experienced a significant surge in donations, a testament to his enduring support. The Trump campaign reported an impressive $141 million raised in May alone, with nearly $53 million amassed within just 24 hours following the conviction. This deluge of financial support underscores the steadfast loyalty and fervor of Trump’s base, as per reports.

Another poll by HarrisX conducted the following day, when the selected jury made a politically sensitive verdict in the case, revealed that about 43% of voters were now willing to vote for Trump, 42% for Biden, and 14% remained neutral. His own approval rating also increased, but it was still low at 31% as per the ABC News poll conducted; this was up from 29 % back in March, while the approval rating for Biden dropped to 32% from the 33% figures earlier this year.

These developments serve as a clarion call against a justice system perceived as weaponized for political gain. The former president’s steadfast resolve and sustained popularity highlight the profound divisions within the country and underscore the critical importance of the impending election, certain reports claimed.

This trial and its repercussions stand as a stark reminder of the lengths to which the establishment will go to undermine Trump. For Trump and his adherents, the battle for justice, integrity, and the future of America is far from concluded. November 5th looms as a watershed moment in the nation’s history, an opportunity for the American populace to rectify their wrongs and restore authentic leadership.