Weather Destroys Biden’s “Floating Pier” for Gaza Aid

Weather Destroys Biden’s “Floating Pier” for Gaza Aid

Representation for situation in Gaza after Israel's attack | Credits: Reuters

United States: The decision by the Biden administration to provide assistance to Gaza has transformed into a scandalous debacle, exposing both the administration’s ineptitude and its dangerously misguided priorities. The United States was compelled to cease the delivery of aid to its temporary “floating pier” off the Gaza coast on Tuesday after turbulent weather conditions led to the disintegration of the structure.

This failure extends beyond mere technical malfunction, serving as a glaring manifestation of Biden’s reckless and irresponsible endorsement of Hamas, the militant group governing Gaza.

Merely days after the establishment of the pier, four vessels supporting the structure broke away due to turbulent waters, although officials initially asserted its continued functionality.

However, by Tuesday, the situation had deteriorated to the extent that the United States had to acknowledge the pier’s non-operational status, with no definitive timeline for repairs. A United Nations official indicated that rectifying the damage would require at least a week, if not longer.

The Biden administration squandered approximately USD 320 million of taxpayer funds in constructing this substantial floating dock, which became inoperative within a week. This squandering of resources is particularly egregious, given that the aid was destined for Hamas-controlled Gaza. Hamas, a designated terrorist organization, has consistently launched attacks against Israel and oppressed its own populace.

It defies comprehension of why the United States would allocate resources to a region governed by such a brutal and extremist entity.

Despite the pier being utilized to transport approximately 569 metric tons of aid, none of it had reached the Palestinian populace as of last week, according to the Pentagon. This failure underscores the inefficiency and potential corruption of the aid process under Biden’s supervision. There is a valid concern that even if the aid were to reach Gaza, a significant portion of it would be appropriated by Hamas to bolster their terrorist activities rather than alleviate the plight of civilians.

Meanwhile, Israel has escalated its operations in Rafah, deploying tanks into the city center for the first time since the commencement of the conflict. Eyewitnesses reported the presence of Israeli tanks near the Al-Awda mosque and suggested the possibility of the military employing remote-operated armored vehicles. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed ongoing operations in Rafah but refrained from commenting on their incursion into the city center.

The failure of the pier coincides with substantial Israeli military maneuvers, including an airstrike in Rafah that resulted in the demise of two senior Hamas commanders and numerous civilians. This starkly underscores the volatile and hazardous environment perpetuated by Biden’s misguided aid endeavors.

In summary, Biden’s decision to provide aid to Gaza not only represents a monumental waste of resources but also reflects a dangerously naive and irresponsible course of action that supports a region under the sway of a terrorist organization. This episode epitomizes the administration’s flawed foreign policy and lack of foresight, endangering American interests, taxpayer funds, and global security. It is imperative to demand accountability and reassess our foreign aid strategies to ensure they do not inadvertently empower our adversaries.