What Planet Is He On? Biden Claims Debate Victory

What Planet Is He On? Biden Claims Debate Victory

U.S. President Joe Biden

United States: It’s almost unfathomable that Biden and his entourage anticipate anyone will accept their interpretation of his debate performance. This represents a last-ditch effort to deflect from what was unmistakably an embarrassing exhibition of cognitive decline and mediocre debating prowess.

At a recent fundraiser held at New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s residence, Biden made the astonishing assertion that his dismal display on the debate platform somehow persuaded undecided voters. Addressing his benefactors, Biden conceded that his performance could have been substantially better but maintained that polling remained favorable. This rhetoric is merely a smokescreen to obfuscate the glaring deficiencies that were prominently on display, according to certain reports.

Biden’s claim that he didn’t have a stellar evening but is “going to be fighting harder” is preposterous. He referenced research purportedly indicating that more undecided voters leaned his way due to Trump’s actions on January 6th. Really? This is simply another ploy to divert attention from his own shortcomings by resurrecting past events.

Even the New York Times editorial board, typically supportive of Biden, suggested he should consider stepping aside for the country’s sake. They characterized Biden as “the shadow of a great public servant,” struggling to counter Trump’s provocations and failing to articulate his vision for a second term. Despite these harsh critiques, the board still endorsed Biden over Trump, underscoring their profound apprehension of a Trump presidency rather than confidence in Biden’s capabilities.

The board’s recommendation for Biden to step down is a blatant indication of his inadequacy in confronting Trump. They emphasized that the most effective way for Democrats to defeat Trump is to deal candidly with the American public and choose a more competent candidate. This isn’t merely an opinion; it’s a glaring denunciation of Biden’s capacity to lead the nation for another four years.

Reportedly, even comedian Bill Maher, a fervent critic of Trump, couldn’t suppress his skepticism about Biden’s suitability for office. Maher’s remark that “Trump told lie after lie. He never would have gotten away with that if Joe Biden was there” highlights the perceived weakness of Biden’s debate performance. His quip about Biden’s new Secret Service codename being “Amber Heard” was a clear jibe at Biden’s cognitive state.

On the other hand, Biden seems to be facing heightened criticism from the outside world and his opponents in Congress; however, his supporters around the Congress and the country remain firm. Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison dismissed them as media-created ‘hand-wringing’ and said that he polls stronger for Biden and among the Black community. Thus, one cannot help but question the motives of Harrison’s statements as they appear to be more reminiscent of the call to action than a factually based assessment of Biden’s position.

 Unfortunately, Biden has only spin when claiming he is the man who will bring in undecided voters. Clinton came out as a shadow of her former self during that debate, thus reminding people of his declining cognitive state and inability to confront Trump adequately.

 That is why it is becoming important with increasing intensity of the electioneering season to be able to discern between the spin and the truth. Biden’s team can gild the lily of his performance to the nth degree, but come on, the American people deserve a president who can complete a sentence. This is a serious discussion about Biden’s cognitive abilities to be in office or not and the future then holds for America.