Will the Trijicon RMR HD be the Best RMR Yet?

Will the Trijicon RMR HD be the Best RMR Yet?

The days of the pistol-mounted optic being an outlier no longer exist. Today, any serious defensive handgun comes cut for an optic, and company arguably above all others led that change–Trijicon. And their RMR set the gold standard for optic performance for years, and they continue to hold that reputation. The nature of Trijicon, however, is to improve on what may already be very effective and successful. With that in their DNA, they have now announced the release of a new and improved RMR. The next evolution in red dot optics is the Trijicon RMR HD.

Trijicon RMR HD Details

The Trijicon RMR HD brings an innovative red dot pistol optic specifically designed for the needs of law enforcement and the military. Built on the foundation of the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED model, the RMR HD features the same patented housing shape made from forged aluminum. It includes a robust electronic system and quality lenses as well. The RMR HD adds a long-lasting, top-loading battery, larger window and innovative forward-looking light sensor. Multiple reticle options and market-leading illumination adjustability round out an optic designed and built for duty use.

Additional features include larger, more tactile buttons, new adjusters with greater audible and tactile feedback, and an expanded field of view. Offering the same footprint as the RMR and designed to fit most existing optics-ready duty holsters, the Trijicon RMR HD is ready for those needing a feature-rich optic with high performance and ultra-reliability. The battery accessibility is easy, with no need to dismount the optic. It uses a common CR2032 battery, providing up to four years of battery life.

Forward-Mounted Light Sensor

The Trijicon RMR HD on a Nighthawk Custom 1911.

The new forward-mounted light sensor enables the RMR HD Automatic Brightness mode to read the lighting conditions at the target, rather than just at the user. No longer worry about “reticle washout” or bloom. The LED intensity in the RMR HD automatically responds to the lighting conditions forward of the objective lens, providing an optimal aiming point. While we are talking about settings, the HD has nine brightness settings with multiple modes for excellent visibility in any lighting condition. Another unique feature of the RMR HD is reticle options. You can choose either the 1.0 MOA or 3.25 MOA center dot model. It also features a 55 MOA ring reticle that the user can toggle on or off.   Along that line, we also find the new HD has three total night vision settings for use with any generation night vision system.

The optic is still bombproof and I was encouraged to try to break it during a pre-release media event. I ferociously racked the optic off a table and posts but it never waivered and held zero. It is also fast and includes an index ridge alignment aid. This unique housing design provides a built-in index point for fast-sight picture acquisition even from atypical positions. I have been a fan of the RMR for a very long time simply based on performance and durability. The new RMR HD is a solid evolution of this great optic and you would be well served to get a close look at it.

Shooting with the Trijicon RMR HD.

The Trijicon RMR HD retails for $849. . For even more info, please visit trijicon.com.

Trijicon RCR

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Trijicon also released another brand new optic today, dubbed the Trijicon RCR. Read all about it over on Tactical Life.

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