6 Best Muzzleloader Scope in 2023

6 Best Muzzleloader Scope in 2023

Muzzleloaders have seen huge changes over the years, but despite their simple construction, they still enjoy a lot of popularity, which these days mostly extends to hunting. Happily, scopes have now become increasingly popular as an added accessory to these iconic rifles. The choice these days has never been better, which consequently makes selecting the best muzzleloader scope just that little more complex.

So, to narrow down your options, I decided to take a closer look at six of the best. Let’s get started with the excellent…

6 Best Muzzleloader Scope in 2023

1 Vortex Optics Diamondback Rimfire 2-7x35mm V-Plex Reticle – Most Versatile Muzzleloader Scope

I am a big fan of scopes from this Wisconsin company. That is because they consistently bring us good quality and reliable products that offer excellent features and value. Happily, the Vortex Optics Diamondback is no exception to this, and it also comes with a strong lifetime warranty.

Why pair it with your muzzleloader?

Firstly, because it is built tough and is more than capable of handling 45 and 50-caliber ammo, it handles recoil in its stride, and once it’s properly mounted, your need to zero reset will be limited. Just as importantly, it is also nitrogen purged, which means that it is fully fogproof and waterproof. Additionally, it has an anti-scratch coating to keep your lens in perfect condition.

Secondly, you get a choice of either a V-Plex or a Dead Hold BDC reticle. They are both great in their own way, but I think the V-Plex is a better choice for using with a Muzzleloader. That is because most shots are likely to be taken within a couple of hundred yards, which plays to the uncluttered simplicity of the V-Plex reticle.

Thirdly, for such an affordable muzzleloader scope, you get surprisingly clear optics. What’s more, the level of light transmission is also solid, and although it falls away slightly at full magnification, it is more than up to the task regardless of light conditions.

Lastly, it is highly versatile, which means it is a great scope to switch between guns when and if needed.

Why you may not wish to pair it with your muzzleloader?

One thing is that eye relief is not the best. At just 3.1 inches to 3.5 inches, that might be too little for some of you, and I get that. The second thing is that the reticle is not illuminated, which, depending on your preferences and style of hunting, may possibly be a deal breaker.


  • Affordable.
  • Good optics.
  • Tough.
  • Choice of two reticles.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Non-illuminated reticle.
  • Limited eye relief.

2 PRIMARY ARMS SLX 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen IV – Best Value for Money Muzzleloader Scope

Primary Arms give you a lot for your money. If you do not mind spending a little more, than you would pay for a budget scope, it is a great option and a choice you will be unlikely to regret. Just as importantly, in the event of something going wrong, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the scope is fully covered by one of the best lifetime warranties in the event something goes wrong.

What I like…

I like the optical quality that remains sharp and clear regardless of the magnification level. I also like that it uses a red dot illuminated ACSS 22LR reticle that makes fast target acquisition easy. The bullet drops, and wind markings also make short work when calculating longer shots.

More good news is that the magnification controls help you to swiftly identify and engage the target.

Solid and dependable…

This is overall a very well-constructed scope that benefits from high-quality lens coatings to enhance light transference. There are also coatings to prevent scratching and glare. Plus, the unit is nitrogen-flushed, so it is fogproof and waterproof. Like all Primary Arms scopes, the 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen IV is well-built using excellent materials. It is robust and, once fixed in place, handles recoil well, happily, to the point where zero resets are not annoyingly frequent.

Finally, you get four inches of eye relief, which is plenty to prevent you from getting an eyeful of scope.

What don’t I like?

The one negative is that at maximum magnification, there is a slight reduction of light, which, in fairness, is about what you would expect given the price. However, although it is not terrible, and although most shots taken with a muzzleloader are likely to be at a shorter range, it is still something that needs to be considered.


  • Red dot illuminated ACSS 22LR reticle,
  • Good optical quality.
  • Long eye relief.
  • Speedy mag controls.
  • Lifetime warranty.

3 Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5×32 Multi-X Rifle Scope – Best Low-Cost Muzzleloader Scope

If money is tight, but you still want to shop and buy from a well-respected brand, this could be what you are looking for. The Bushnell Banner is one of the least expensive scopes you can buy, but despite the low cost, it still offers some surprisingly good features and value.

Here is what you get…

I have picked the 1.5-4.5x32mm version as I feel it is best suited for the predominantly closer-range shots typically taken with a muzzleloader. However, there are other options in the range, and if you intend to take more medium-range shots, the 3-9x40mm might be a better choice,

Sticking with the 1.5-4.5x32mm scope, it is honestly surprising how clear and bright it is. You might not expect much considering the price, but I can tell you that you are going to be very pleased with what you actually get.

The good level of light transmission is undoubtedly down to Bushnell’s Dawn & Dusk Brightness lens coating. I commend the scope for this, because it does a fantastic job, as, in fact, do all the other coatings for their various purposes.

But there is more…

Other positives include the Multi X retile, which I think is well suited to the muzzleloader. That is because the reticle is simple and uncluttered, which makes it fast to acquire targets, especially at close quarters.

Finally, you get a scope that is tough, waterproof, has four inches of eye relief, and only weighs 10.5 oz.

Impressive for the price, I am sure you will agree.

What don’t you get?

The most obvious negative is that the turrets are mushy as well as somewhat inconsistent. They do not feel great, and the only thing in their favor is that you don’t have to zero reset too often. Other negatives include the lack of an illuminated reticle and that no mounting rings are included.


  • Incredible value.
  • Surprisingly good optical quality.
  • Dawn & Dusk Brightness lens coating
  • Uncluttered reticle.
  • Lightweight.
  • Four inches of eye relief.


  • Mushy, inconsistent turrets.
  • Non-illuminated reticle.

4 Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Rifle Scope – Most Durable Muzzleloader Scope

This is another company I have a lot of time for, and not least because they have had the lights on for an incredible 100 years. In this time, they have brought us lots of innovation and some great high-quality scopes, which includes the Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm rifle scope.

Why choose this?

One of the main reasons is that you get excellent edge-to-edge clarity. Moreover, you also benefit from its Twilight Management System, which means you can confidently hunt with your muzzleloader from dawn to dusk.

There is plenty of other reason to pick this, including that it is well constructed, tough, and has beautifully smooth turrets, These give great tactile and audible feedback for every 1/4 click of MOA. Happily, the mag ring is as good as the turrets, which helps for fast focusing.

More good stuff includes the 3.7 inches to 4.2 inches of eye relief, which is plenty in my book. Plus, weighing in at a very trim 9.6 oz, it is the lightest and best muzzleloader scope in class in this regard. This makes it perfect for a long day out hunting when weight really matters.

Some other reasons for choosing the Leupold VX-Freedom include that it has full lens coatings and, additionally, it is nitrogen flushed, which means it is waterproof and fogproof.

And what about the moans and niggles?

Although the turrets function well in some instances, they may be less than optimal straight out of the box. This is down to them being overpacked with grease. If this is the case, it will necessitate a clean-up with cotton gauze. Not the end of the world, but it’s a bit annoying and time-consuming nevertheless.

Otherwise, it is a great scope that sets itself apart at the price.


  • Built tough.
  • Twilight Management System.
  • Lightweight.
  • Good optical quality.

5 Burris Optics Fullfield E1 Hunting Scope, 3X-9X-40mm – Easiest to Use Muzzleloader Scope

Burris is a very popular brand, and the Fullfield E1 Hunting Scope is similarly a common choice amongst hunters. They have a variety of different options in the range, but I believe this 3-9x-40mm optic best meets the requirements of most hunters using a muzzleloader.

What are the positives?

With 50 years in the business, it is no surprise that you get a good quality optic that is well screwed together and can handle anything you and your muzzleloader can throw at it. Burris is confident in their products and backs them all with a no-quibble Forever Warranty, which is possibly the best in the business. That means no worries about failures of any kind.

Another positive is its Ballistic Plex E1 reticle that is not over-busy but still has enough markings to calculate windage and holdover should you need them. It also facilitates a good field of view that is not unnecessarily cluttered.

Even better, and something that I think deserves special mention, is the updated mag ring. It is now undoubtedly even smoother and makes power adjustments quicker and easier. Additionally, I also like that you get good optical quality and light transmission. Plus, it is nice and light at 13 oz and has plenty of eye relief too.

There is no doubt that there is plenty to like about the Burris Optics Fullfield E1 Hunting Scope.

What are the negatives?

My biggest gripe is that the turrets are mushy, and you cannot hear any kind of click when adjusting them. I think they should be better, and although you only need to use them occasionally, it is still an obvious place for improvement.

One final point is that resetting zero is not as intuitive as it could be.


  • Forever Warranty.
  • Good eye relief.
  • Updated mag ring.
  • Lightweight.
  • Uncluttered reticle.
  • Good field of view.


  • Mushy turrets.
  • Unintuitive zero reset.

6 Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24mm – Best Premium Muzzleloader Scope

I make no apologies for including a second scope from our friends at Vortex. However, do not expect the same performance seen in the Vortex Optics Diamondback I reviewed earlier. That is because the Viper is a more premium-priced optic and consequently has the kind of enhanced qualities you would rightly expect.

Here is the good stuff…

Firstly, you get solid build quality that comes with anything with the Vortex name on it. That means a tough scope that is waterproof, scratchproof, shatterproof, and more than capable of handling harsh conditions and heavy recoil.

Secondly, you get excellent optical quality as well as light transmission. This ensures crisp, clear, and bright images regardless of what light conditions you are working with and regardless of the magnification level.

It is easy already to see where the extra money has gone!

Thirdly, the turrets are silky smooth and have a pleasing audible and tactile click at every ½ MOA of adjustment. Even better, the scope features RZR zero stop, which takes a ton of hassle out of resets.

There is so much to like about this scope, but I will keep it brief and will finish with the fact it has parallax adjustability. Plus, you get 3.8 inches of eye relief, which is plenty, unlike the Diamondback I reviewed earlier.

Here is the bad stuff…

I love this scope, and these two things would never put me off from buying one, but they still have to go down as potential negatives. The first of these is that it is heavy. To be precise, it weighs 22.7 oz, so it is a bit of a big boy, which is hardly surprising given the overall quality and its features.

The second issue is its price since it is significantly more expensive than the other scopes on the list.

Still, you get what you pay for, eh?


  • Great build quality.
  • Excellent clarity.
  • Fantastic light transmission.
  • Smooth turrets.
  • RZR zero stop.
  • Parallax adjustability.
  • Good eye relief.

Best Muzzleloader Scope Buying Guide


I have put this first because I honestly think it is the number one priority when choosing the best scope for a muzzleloader, or indeed any scope, come to think of it. That is because having a scope you can rely on, regardless of the conditions you subject it to, will ultimately make rather than break your hunting or shooting experiences.

The scope needs to be tough enough to hold zero; it needs to be waterproof, scratchproof, and shatterproof. The moving parts also need to be robust and easy to regrease when the time comes.

All the scopes on this list meet these criteria, and they are all backed by excellent warranties and, just as importantly, they are manufactured by companies with excellent reputations. However, I think the standout of the bunch is the…

Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Rifle Scope

…which is pretty much as tough as they come.

Magnification and Parallax

Muzzleloaders are rarely used to shoot much over 200 yards; consequently, there is no need to have a powerful scope. That is why there is nothing on this list with more than 9x magnification. Depending on your hunting and shooting needs, you may not even require something this powerful.

In most circumstances, I think an LPVO like the…

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24mm

…provides a great balance to meet the magnification needs of a muzzleloader. It also has the advantage of having parallax adjustment, though it is not something I am too concerned with. In fact, I would be just as happy not to have it since it adds more weight, and cost, and is just something else to potentially go wrong.

muzzleloader scope

Optical Quality

Most of the scopes on this list fall into the category of affordable. None of them will break the bank, but at the same time, they have more than sufficient optical quality to do the job. Scopes have come a long way over the years, and you can be assured that even despite some very low prices, clarity, and light transmission are overall very good.

When selecting a scope, it is a good idea to choose one that is fully coated to reduce glare and also improve light transmission. These coatings will greatly enhance a scope’s performance and your hunting experience. If you are happy to move out of the affordable category, the

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24mm

…is a clear standout, though also significantly more expensive than the rest. The best of the remaining scopes in this category, though it is close, goes to the…

Bushnell Banner 1.5-4.5×32 Multi-X Rifle Scope


This is a very personal choice, but I believe that the best muzzleloader scope should have a comparatively simple and uncluttered reticle. Overcomplicated and fussy reticles are fine for taking longer shots and for the times when speed is not paramount. However, at closer range, fast and easy target acquisition is very much the name of the game.

My pick of the bunch in this instance is the…

Burris Optics Fullfield E1 Hunting Scope, 3X-9X-40mm

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Which of these Best Muzzleloader Scopes Should You Buy?

I hope you now have a better idea of the best scope to use on a muzzleloader for your shooting and hunting needs. However, even if the right scope is not on this list, then hopefully, you will still have a better idea of what will work best for your gun, specific setup, and circumstances.

I am happy to use any of these scopes, but if I had to choose a favorite, the…

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24mm

…is a clear winner despite its much higher price point. I believe the cost is justified and that the great build quality, excellent optics, smooth turrets, zero-stop functionality, and long eye relief make it a good buy.

As always, stay safe and happy hunting.

Source link: https://thegunzone.com/best-muzzleloader-scope/ by Mike McMaken at thegunzone.com