American Defense Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter Adds 6mm ARC

American Defense Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter Adds 6mm ARC

The proliferation of new cartridges built to increase performance at long-range distances continues to soar. And as these new cartridges gain greater acceptance, more companies add new models to meet the shooter demand. The latest addition comes with the new American Defense Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter in 6mm ARC.

American Defense Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter

The UIC MOD 2 comprises the flagship rifle platform for American Defense Manufacturing (ADM). It utilizes ambidextrous controls, including actuating the bolt catch and release, along with magazine release from either side. The system enables shooters to keep their dominant hand on the rifle while performing manual of arms.

The new Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter features a 6mm ARC BSF Carbon Fiber Precision Barrel. A Geissele SSA Trigger adds great appeal for extracting the most accuracy possible. The rifle comes with a choice between three different suppressor-ready muzzle devices.

The new Lightweight UIC Carbon Hunter weighs a mere 6.5 pounds, sporting an 18-inch barrel. MSRP is $3,000. For more info, visit

Editor’s Take:

We now live in the age of high-performance cartridges. It seems each and every year a new uber-flat cartridge sporting heavy-for-caliber, high coefficient bullets enters the fray. And the proof is in the performance, backed up by shooter demands. We recently highlighted two new builds: a Horizon Vandal X in .22 Creedmoor and a Smith & Wesson Volunteer XV Pro DMR in 6mm ARC.

While the S&W provides a direct example of 6mm ARC growth, they both emulate a growing trend in the industry. New cartridges delivering incredible long-range performance continue driving the rifle market, as companies of all sizes bring new variants into their stables, adding to value lines on up to high-end offerings like this ADM rifle.

We say it quite often around here: we live in the age of the rifleman. Rifle builds, optics and ammo offerings have never been better. Enjoy the spoils and find a new build that meets your needs!

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