Colt King Cobra .22 LR

Colt King Cobra .22 LR

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00:00 hickcock 45 here today I am King of the snakes with a king cobra don’t you love a snake oh that is a pretty snake king cobra and it’s ready to bite it really is fireing the hole fireing the barrel smoke some pie yeah we can do it all with this thing double action even with the massive recoil I can handle it uhoh I missed oh yeah 22 long rifle yeah king cobra 22 I hate to tease you like this depending on when we post this but today as I’m speaking and you don’t know what day it is and I’m not going to tell you

00:49 okay but it’s in the year 2023 sometime and these things are hard to come by uh you’ll see them show up here and there but uh there’s just not a lot of them yet but it was that way with the 2020 python wasn’t it and even the Anaconda so I have confidence c will catch up with theand and they will be out here yeah so if you uh like this firearm you know watching reviews handling it you if you find one to handle somewhere uh you know that probably will be pretty available I remember when you couldn’t

01:24 find the 2020 python anywhere you know people in Gun Broker making all kinds of money on them and all that sort of thing and um you know they just weren’t around but now I don’t know if I’ve been in a gun shop in the last month but I didn’t see them so the the king cobra 22 pretty cool gun uh bottom line I I kind of like it got this from Buds Gun Shop on loan and uh you know whether I would like to keep it or not you know it it goes back and uh so you know I don’t know if I’ll need one or not I might I kind of like

01:58 it so far but we appreciate buds getting this out to us been wanting to if had one requested I saw this at the 2022 NRA uh meeting uh and admired it and then again at the 20 no wait a minute it was the 2022 and then yeah then 2023 yeah uh uh in the spring of 2023 this year yeah so it was two different years at the NRA meetings I saw this on the wall that is cool how come I don’t see any these in gun shops and uh and made a note wanted to to get a hold of one so to to shoot it and try it out so got one today

02:35 appreciate buds appreciate silence for they don’t make suppressors very often for revolvers but uh that’s okay we really appreciate them and they make a lot of suppressors and make it really easy to to purchase they really do they’re really good get it to your door when you’re approved and then the Sonoran Desert Institute a great outfit get some distance learning and some local learning and learn how to become a gunsmith really use your GI Bill uh all kinds of aspects of gunsmithing Farms

03:07 technology that you can learn there a lot of people are here from all the time and appreciate supporting the people that support us and yeah speaking ammo also wideners check them out in any description use the coupon code we have a variety ammo because of that so it’s pretty nice it’s a Winchester here shooting Federal I think cuz you opened up and who knows what I’ll be shooting before we finish so this is that uh Super X I talked about that in the Sunday video when I had this out about how I used to shoot a

03:43 lot of Winchester Super X back when it was $20 a brick so this is it the king cobra runs about $11,000 MSRP $9.99 excuse me it’s not a th000 and uh so it just depends on what you can get it for what you’ll find it for maybe $100 less maybe if you’re relying on Gun Broker or something it’s $400 more you know if you can find one so but they’ll be out there I would imagine so that’s kind of the price range it’s a it I like the fistol I have to say I’m not crazy about the rubber grips on it it it would be nice if it

04:16 had some wooden grips perhaps I don’t know but that helps absorb the massive recoil right and you it looks like a python that’s what’s cool Anaconda with that red Barrel so the king cobra is really uh typically don’t have that right in 38 357 or whatever uh so that’s kind of a new thing for a cobra right that red Barrel that’s that’s a nice touch really nice touch forged stainless steel yeah you notice there’s no key lock in it either and it’s a one piece Barrel they actually advertise that on

04:50 their website one piece Barrel you know like like who does that one piece Barrel you know when that kind of uh promotion started when a competitor started sleeving barrels right [Music] woohoo let’s hit the gong do I have any ammo left ah I heard it ring heard it ring again and again didn’t hear it that time yeah I was interested in it in uh I don’t know year 2003 2010 or whenever did anybody advertise uh a revolver as being a one piece Barrel not to pick on Smith just pointing that out and but it is nice I

05:46 think I did point that same thing out when we uh reviewed quote unquote the uh I don’t know what king cobra 357 was it 38 uh how you know uh for for whatever faults you find with some of the new Colt revolvers and there aren’t many faults uh you know you don’t have a key lock they’re made kind of like the old days of revolver manufacturing there’s nothing uh that I see other than the QR code and it’s pretty uh not that obvious or conspicuous but other than that you know they’re kind of the old school yeah

06:23 revolver and that that’s nice in in today’s world when everything is gotten ruined right to some extent and uh also appreciate Alabama holster got one on my hip with my FN man got the flapjack holster but uh yeah great uh manufacturer of concealment holsters you know pocket uh belt inside the waistband outside the waistband purse holster you know whatever really phone holster I’ve been using that i’ I’ve converted to a phone holster after breaking my screen I told you about that on a Sunday here recently after breaking

06:57 my my phone screen again I uh I never thought I would use a holster and here I am so that’s kind of funny I actually I ought to be a spokesperson for Alabama holster come think of it I often most of the time I have two Alabama holsters on my person how’s that wow so anyway uh the king cobra uh pretty nice it’s great they came out with this in 22 it’s neat to have it in a 10 shot revolver a 10 shot revolver even an eight shot revolver is just fun I’ve talked about that before a revolver ought to be more than you know

07:36 six shot if it’s a you know 22 long rifle because it can generally handle the capacity and the massive recoil right let me shoot that some more I got a couple of guns out here I just uh had a couple things to say about them let’s shoot that paper Target first look at that accuracy all Bullseye so there’s the accuracy test not bad huh that was the accuracy test what else oh I know what I didn’t shoot that I don’t want hit the tree yeah I was empty he thought I’d forget that didn’t he there’s an ammo

08:13 can has been shot now it’s been shot some more double action now I read that some people were having um light light strikes in double action uh with the early ones and that maybe they addressed that or or maybe that’s just internet myth I don’t know I don’t know uh but I haven’t experienced that yet and I have fired it three or four different times a friend of mine came down he’s looking for one he wants to buy one he was pretty sure so I said well come shoot this one and he really likes it fire

08:52 double action single you know we we’ve just not had uh any light strikes but again U I’ll in voice you all for this little piece of information even though I have explained this a time or two let’s do it again okay new people when you’re firing single action the Hammer’s all the way back right I know you’re not supposed to pull the trigger on a 22 uh dry fire so it’s coming from way back here that’s a long way for the hammer to fall isn’t it well in in double action the reason you might get a Light Strike

09:23 uh whereas you wouldn’t in single action notice how far now I’m going to [ __ ] that again see the Hammer’s falling from right there with the hammer spring pressure on it now if I fire a double action I may have to actually pull the trigger here don’t anybody have a heart attack now look where that hammer is wow that’s uh half an inch or more from the frame and you see how before it falls see so it’s falling from about right what about right to there so you’re getting you know wow you you could

09:54 almost say not much more than half maybe 60% of the hammer fall anyway that’s why there’s that potential for that to happen Okay and again I won’t charge you for that it’s just one of the bonuses you get for showing up right and I’m glad you did glad you’re here so I I brought this out this is Dad’s you all seen the video on this I hope the Revelation from Western Auto model 99 and actually made by high standard uh for Western Auto and uh my mother bought this for Dad in 1960 it’s the first

10:27 handgun I ever fired in my life the first handgun dad owned since World War II when he got home he didn’t have one and uh in in 1960 you know got one we moved out to the farm and uh so I fired the heck out of this you know when I was a Youngster what a pre-teen you believe that out firing a handgun I must have been a terrorist and it was this gun wasn’t they hand it was this exact gun and I always liked it it holds nine rounds that’s the reason I brought it out it’s a nine round 22 this is 10 rounds but you know a high excuse

11:01 me high capacity uh you know 22 revolver and just we’ve had we had a we have had a blast with this gun my most of my life you know over 60 years and in uh a 8 n 10 shot 22 revolver it’s just a a fun thing to shoot okay that’s why I brought that out oh I couldn’t resist bringing this out this is sometimes called the baby snake now here’s why there’s Granddaddy’s snake the Anaconda right if you if you can’t tell by just looking at this that it’s a little smaller than the others and if I

11:38 had the python out here you know it’s not as big a frame as a python either it’s you know so it’s it’s more like a a k frame and and Smith so yeah this is the granddaddy anaconda and uh and I I won’t shoot this today we may do a little comparison with the Smith and Wesson 617 these are couple or will be this is one of the most popular I guess full size or whatever you call it uh you know 22 revolvers out there I think it’s it’s a wonderful revolver this will be a major competitor to that I think even though

12:14 this is a little smaller frame I haven’t weighed them but it’s got a weigh a little less it’s a little smaller frame this is more based on what the L frame I guess and uh or is that yeah I think it’s l frame I don’t know I’m confused now too many frame sizes but this is a little smaller than that but it still holds 10 rounds and uh yeah pretty nice pretty nice so it kind of loed again uh not sure what else to tell you about it uh it has adjustable sights of course windage and elevation back here and uh you have a

12:47 replaceable uh fiber optic site up here you can put a different color optic in there and change that around and what else like I say uh forged stainless steel and it’s got this oversized extractor they call it you know uh it it looks a little odd because you don’t have the recessed Chambers and that kind of thing but I I guess that oversized extractor is probably a good idea I don’t know I don’t know I don’t work for Colt I I just know that uh I like a good revolver many of you do too this is a good little

13:22 plinker so far and uh it seems durable I haven’t had any issues with it even when it was dirty and uh you know it’s uh you it’s cold it’s cold did I say it I think it’s called considered brushed stainless it’s not uh highly polished and it’s not Dull either kind of kind of brushed I don’t think it’s as shiny is it as the python it might be I don’t know but uh I don’t know I think of this is more brushed right here yeah come think of it you the barrel is pretty dramatically different

13:57 there right so but anyway pretty nice finish looks pretty good and uh it needs to be shot we got a lot of bowling action around there must be a professional bowler lives around here yeah you got one hanging over here a new one look at that yeah got one to be knocked right off [ __ ] and a 2 L oh no oh no there we go yeah good at least you put on a good shot for us I’m I’m going hit the red plate on the left if I can got him how about the New Buffalo over there hanging there’s a a new Buffalo I got over there on kind of the

14:44 right side of the field hanging there now I hear him ringing all right first time he’s been touched I think with a 22 do I have one left for the G yeah I did had one last round for the gong so uh yeah I don’t know what else to tell you about it except uh run out to your local gun shop and and buy one YouTube I love that that was a joke because they probably won’t have one right so yeah it’s not cheap at all of course and with 22 caliber 22 long rifle I mean man manufacturers are able to make a firearm maybe less expensively

15:34 because you don’t have the incredible pressures to deal with right you could make one out of pot metal maybe and it still be okay all that kind of thing and this is definitely not pot metal you know it’s all Forge stainless and it it seems like a pretty classy firearm looks great and feels really solid this is kind of a farm you’d buy if you know you’re not stressed too badly for money and you just like a a really nice 22 revolver to hang on to pass down through the family for a few hundred years or

16:06 whatever maybe um and I’m assuming it has that that action that colt has gone to with the Python and the anac condo that is supposedly more trouble free you know in terms of the timing getting off and all that sort of thing so so it should be a really r a durable U piece of Hardware is my guess and oh and it takes the same grips as I understand is the uh the Cobra the king cobra you know in 357 or 38 so you get the same size so whatever grips are out there for those supposedly will fit this and uh you know so there you go you got

16:43 choices on that which is what I would do I would probably take the rubber off and get something that’s that’s pretty because without any recoil really you know almost any grip that feels pretty good at all would would would be nice on this just such a goodlooking gun it’s a shame to just have a rubber grip I think but to each his own so the king cobra 22 uh you know MSRP 999 uh at this point but uh you know if it’s something you have interest in if you’re looking for a revolver in 22 a range gun plinking gun maybe hunting uh

17:21 and and you know the price doesn’t scare you away this is one you want to look at because I think you’ll like it life is good oh yeah that’s better this is a great gun for defense oh hey didn’t see you guys there uh what I’ve got you here I want to remind you of our friends over at Talon grips and ball Talon grips makes uh grips can you believe it uh for all different types of firearms you can get rough texture or more of a rubberized texture uh just sticks right on there you know really affordable

17:51 really cool option to and improve the grip for your handguns um or or rifles uh so please check them out at Talon gun grip you’ll be glad you did and also ballistol dad has been using ballistol for many years it’s a cleaner and a lubricant and it’s non-toxic uh it works really great and we’re happy to have them on board since it’s been a part of our shooting Endeavor for a very long time so go to ball.

18:18 com Talon gun and also while you’re out there I’m juggling all these things here also uh while you’re on the internet please do check out our other social media like hickock45 on Facebook there’s also hc45 on Twitter the real hickock45 on Instagram there’s a John hickock45 on Instagram where I do some things there’s hickok45.

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