Federal Court Rejects Biden’s Bid to Delay Gun Trial; Sets Date for June 3

Federal Court Rejects Biden’s Bid to Delay Gun Trial; Sets Date for June 3

President Joe Biden's Son Hunter Biden during a gun trial | Credits: AP Photo

United States: A federal appeals court dismissed the latest plea from Hunter Biden on Tuesday to defer his impending gun trial as the president’s son embarked on some improbable appeals.

The trial is slated to commence on June 3 in Delaware.

The swift verdict emanated from the same three-judge panel that earlier rebuffed one of Hunter Biden’s endeavors to quash the indictment. The panel comprises one judge appointed by Republicans and two by Democrats, including one nominated by Hunter Biden’s father, President Joe Biden, according to CNN Politics. 

This represented one of numerous attempts by Hunter Biden to decelerate or postpone his firearm trial. Thus far, his efforts have faltered, and the trial judge has exhibited no inclination toward delaying the proceedings.

As demonstrated by Weiss, the special counsel, Hunter Biden engaged in the unlawful purchase and possession of a firearm, going against federal law, given his addicted state to prohibited substances in the course of performing employment for the Chinese company. Doz heads of state have pleaded not guilty to the three-count charge with a defense of political persecution.

To support his case, Weiss intends to present graphic accounts from direct victims, as we see in the leaked testimony of three ex-girlfriends to be witnesses in the trial, who are now fond of drink and drugs, willing to testify about Hunter Biden’s addiction to crack cocaine stretching over the years. Some of the witnesses in the investigation include Hunter Biden’s former wife and the widow of his brother, the late Beau Biden, as CNN indicates.

The quarter also exposed that in recent motions, the prosecutors would want to display texts revealing Hunter Biden’s attempts to purchase crack cocaine from dealers as well as samples where he argues with family members about the inability to quit taking drugs.

Another key assumption of the case lies in Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who has been depicted to have a drinking problem, which he admits was a lifetime struggle. In order for the District of Delaware to achieve a conviction, they will have to prove to a jury that Hunter Biden was under the influence of illicit substances at the time he purchased and owned the firearm for only a brief period in 2018.

Hunter Biden testified at a court hearing last year that he has maintained sobriety since 2019.

The flurry of filings and delay attempts in the firearm case transpires as Hunter Biden readies himself for a separate tax trial in California, also initiated by Weiss’ team, as mentioned by CNN. 

That trial is scheduled for late June, a few weeks after the firearm case is anticipated to conclude. A hearing is set for Wednesday in Los Angeles, where the judge presiding over the tax case will determine whether to place the proceedings on hold.

In a separate development on Tuesday, Weiss’ team requested a judge to compel Hallie Biden to testify in the California-based tax case. This clash positions the Justice Department against the widow of President Biden’s first-born son, Beau, and the mother of two of his grandchildren.

Prosecutors asserted in a court filing that they require a judge to mandate Hallie Biden’s testimony because her lawyers have indicated that she would “refuse to answer questions” by invoking her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

“In the assessment of the Special Counsel, the testimony of Hallie Biden may be essential to the public interest,” Weiss’ team communicated to the judge in the tax case.

In the filing, Weiss mentioned that a senior official from the Justice Department’s tax division, Stuart Goldberg, granted him authorization to attempt to compel Hallie Biden’s testimony.