Intifada U: Pro-Hamas Protesters Take Over NYC Campus

Intifada U: Pro-Hamas Protesters Take Over NYC Campus

Pro-Hamas Protesters Take Over NYC Campus | Credits: SIPA/ Newsroom

United States: The recent exhibition of solidarity with Hamas at City College of New York isn’t merely a misguided endorsement of terrorism; it’s a troubling display of the amalgamation of extremism and “woke” ideology that has infiltrated the far-left faction of the Democrat Party.

Cloaked as advocacy for Palestinian rights, these demonstrators have shamelessly aligned themselves with a terrorist entity accountable for indiscriminately targeting innocent civilians. This troubling pattern signifies a broader movement within certain sectors of the Democrat Party, embracing anti-Israel sentiment and, consequently, anti-semitism.

The orchestrators of this protest, emboldened by the rhetoric of the “woke” left, have audaciously hoisted the flag of Hamas, a faction renowned for its atrocious acts of violence and its unwavering dedication to obliterating Israel, as per reports.

Their demands for disinvestment from Israel, amid Hamas’s ongoing campaign of terror against Israeli civilians, are not just morally condemnable but also profoundly hypocritical.

It’s disconcerting to witness the influence of extremist ideologies within educational establishments, where susceptible young intellects are being indoctrinated with narratives that vilify Israel and extol terrorism. This lethal fusion of “woke” ideology and anti-semitism has no place on a university campus, and it’s imperative for the administration to categorically denounce such manifestations of hatred and violence.

In addition, the veiled threats criticize the below tone used in messages to the possible attempt to curtail the protest, the reaction reminds of the tactics which authoritarian regimes usually applied to suppress the dissent.

In a healthy society, arguments by force and violence don’t have any place. They are the tools used only by those with corrupt minds who undermine the social order in their desire to perpetrate something wrongful.

During the country’s most vital times, the Democratic Party has had to deal with the internal struggle that presents the most extremist views in the party’s ranks while their competitors embrace conservative ideals, which the party claims to be in the opposition. Now it’s high time for the entire democratic nation to unilaterally decide to condemn anti-Semitism without compromise and to go all the way alongside the people in Israel against any chance of terrorism.