Is Biden’s Brain Tapioca? One Tennessee Republican Thinks So

Is Biden’s Brain Tapioca? One Tennessee Republican Thinks So

U.S. President Joe Biden

United States: The White House must inform Congress whenever the president takes medication that could affect his alertness, judgment, or mood, according to a new proposal from Tennessee Republican Representative Andy Ogles.

“Joe Biden’s outbursts of anger and his incomprehensible speeches reflect the significant harm caused by his policies,” remarked Representative Ogles, according to certain reports.

“His frequent slurred speech, unusually prolonged pauses, and inability to articulate coherent thoughts have highlighted Biden’s decline,” Ogles added. “It’s unjust for the American people to have a president who struggles to communicate.”

Ogles introduced the No Juicing Joe Act in response to the White House’s refusal to assess President Biden’s cognitive abilities, fearing inevitable failure. Biden is slated to debate former President Trump, the GOP nominee, later this month.

Representative Andy Ogles of Tennessee cited historical instances where presidential health concerns affected their responsibilities when introducing the No Juicing Joe Act. He referenced President John F. Kennedy’s treatment by Dr Max Jacobson, known as “Doctor Feelgood,” and Woodrow Wilson’s incapacitation after a stroke, leading to the 21st Amendment.

“The president, holding the world’s most powerful office, must be accountable to the people, and Congress has a duty to ensure this accountability,” Ogles asserted.

In response, a White House spokesperson dismissed criticisms of Biden’s cognitive abilities as politically motivated despite mounting incidents raising serious concerns. Following numerous failed negotiations and administrative shortcomings, the issue extends beyond policy to the president’s capacity to execute his duties effectively, as highlighted by some of the reports.

The Republican National Committee’s research division released several videos allegedly showing President Biden in a perpetual state of confusion. One video from his recent speech in Normandy commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day depicted Biden hesitating before deciding whether to sit down.

Doubts about Biden’s mental sharpness resurfaced after a report interviewed 45 lawmakers and administration officials about his cognitive performance.

At 81, Biden is the oldest person to assume the presidency, facing skepticism from voters and Republican lawmakers alike about his ability to fulfill his duties. Numerous Republicans and some Democrats observed signs of aging during private meetings.

Reportedly, most of those critical of Biden’s performance in the report were Republicans, although some Democrats acknowledged instances where the president showed signs of aging during interactions. These individuals either attended meetings with Biden or were briefed on them contemporaneously, including administration officials and other Democrats who did not express concerns about his conduct.

However, White House officials dismissed many of these accounts, attributing such critiques to partisan interests.

Mounting worries about Biden’s mental fitness are driving legislative initiatives like the No Juicing Joe Act, emphasizing the urgent need for a competent and attentive leader in the White House. The American people deserve a president capable of clear communication and sound decision-making, duties which Congress is obliged to safeguard.