Klean Freak Products Eliminate Range Grime

Klean Freak Products Eliminate Range Grime

Let’s face it: most of us need more range time. Balancing practice sessions with work and family life always presents a challenge, so it only makes sense to squeeze your rounds in when you can. Cleaning up after the range remains essential, guaranteeing you leave covered in fouling and grease when you do things right. If you train like you fight, then hard-earned sweat becomes part of the equation as well. If time or your training location doesn’t allow for a shower, nothing beats a good wipe-down. Klean Freak makes their products for people like us and offers them in several configurations that are easy to stow away in a range bag or stock a shooting shack with. Designed and headquartered in Woods Cross, Utah, these folks know the outdoors as well as how to make yourself human again after you just gave it your all. 

Klean Freak

At the core of their product line is their body wipes. Constructed from wood pulp and plant fibers, these are durable enough for continual scrubbing yet remain biodegradable for ethical disposal in the wilderness. There is even a flushable version available for disposing down the waste pipe. Both varieties feature a mild texture to grab and remove even the toughest grit without tearing apart the most sensitive areas. Each wipe measures 11×11 inches and is pre-moistened with a combination of natural anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and even anti-inflammatory agents. Aloe vera and glycerin are also added to keep the skin soft and repair what is lost to the sun. 

Klean Freak currently offers six unique scents: Citrus, Coconut, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Lemongrass & Citronella. There is also an unscented version if you don’t want to clash with a fragrance you are wearing or create some mutant funk with your deodorant. Buyers can grab them in individually wrapped 12-packs, 120-count bulk jugs, or my personal favorite, the 60-count bucket. Refills of the latter two are also available to maximize your investment.

Getting your wipes is as easy as ordering the product of your choice at kleanfreak.com. Discounts and specials vary by the week, and there is even a subscription offer to have the items of your choosing automatically sent to your door every month. This leaves more time for the important things in life, like running a few extra mags, or dare I say it, cleaning your guns.

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