November-December 2023 Issue of Tactical Life Drops the HAM’R

November-December 2023 Issue of Tactical Life Drops the HAM’R

While banning magazines that have a capacity greater than some limit conjured up by ignorant, anti-gun legislators seems obviously unconstitutional to most gun owners, courts are having a difficult time coming to a consensus.

November-December 2023 Tactical Life

In California, a district judge in late September struck down that state’s restrictive ban on standard capacity firearms magazines—for the second time! In the case Duncan v. Bonta, District Judge Robert Benitez ruled the 2016 law limiting detachable firearms magazines for handguns and rifles to be unconstitutional as it infringes on California gun owners’ Second Amendment Rights.

As a little history, back in 2017 Judge Benitez struck down the ban, which outlaws magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The state appealed the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, where a three-judge panel upheld the district court’s decision. However, the case was later heard by an en banc panel of the 9th Circuit and the court overturned Benitez’s ruling.

Back in Court

Upon appeal by plaintiffs, the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it sat dormant until last year’s landmark Bruen decision. Afterward, the Supreme Court vacated the 9th Circuit ruling and remanded it back to the district court for reconsideration.

“Based on the text, history and tradition of the Second Amendment, this law is clearly unconstitutional,” Judge Benitez wrote in his latest ruling. “The State denies a citizen the federal constitutional right to use common weapons of their own choosing for self-defense. There have been, and there will be, times where many more than 10 rounds are needed to stop attackers. Yet, under this statute, the State says, ‘too bad.’”

Of course, the state is appealing the decision.

Other Legal Actions

Ironically, just three days after the California ruling, a federal judge in Washington State ruled in the case Brumback v. Ferguson that the government can continue enforcing its ban on the sale of such magazines in that state. U.S. District Judge Mary Dimke denied a motion for preliminary injunction filed by gun-rights advocates against the state’s ban on mags that can hold more than 10 rounds.

“At present, the evidence in the record is insufficient to establish that Plaintiffs are likely to prove that large capacity magazines fall within the Second Amendment right,” Judge Dimke wrote in her decision. 

So, what’s with a big win and a big loss on the exact same issue? Considering that Judge Benitez was appointed by President George W. Bush, while Judge Dimke was appointed by President Joe Biden, it’s likely that we have the answer.

Elections Matter

If there’s one thing that this tale of two bans tells us, it’s that elections matter—especially when it comes to the president’s ability to appoint federal judges. With the 2024 election year nearly upon us, it’s time to throw our whole-hearted support behind the most pro-gun, pro-freedom candidates at all levels of government.

That brings us around to this issue of Tactical Life and the fantastic guns and gears featured within. With the exception of the .45 ACP pistol used for testing in the “Ammo Match” column, the historical Colt in the “Guns With A Past” column and the Marlin lever gun, every other gun featured is designed for those “evil” standard magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Sprinkle in a special field report section highlighting some of the hottest hog-dropping guns and gear and you’ll be ready to rock this fall and winter!

2A Talk

On top of all that great content, you won’t want to miss Second Amendment Foundation’s ( Investigative Journalism Project editor Lee Williams’ “2A Talk” article “Guns Or Drugs” which reveals the lies that Big Pharma, captured media and anti-gunners are spreading with regards to “mass shooters” and what sort of drugs might be making them tick.

With the 2024 election year nearly upon us, it’s time to take a good hard look at the political landscape and throw our support behind the most pro-gun, pro-freedom candidates at all levels of government. Candidates across the board are making their stance known, especially the ignorant, anti-gun legislators who are just looking to make headlines by scrutinizing lawful constitution-abiding citizens. But guess which magazine they can’t ban? That’s right, this one.

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  • Wilson’s Protector Elite in 300 HAM’R is today’s do-it-all carbine
Wilson Combat AR in .300 HAM'R


  • Time to induct the all-time best giggle-switch guns to TL’s Firearm Hall Of Fame


  • Optimizing Sig’s born-for-battle 5.56 to own the day or night


  • Eight great loads slug it out through a Wilson Combat X-Tac Elite


  • Springfield’s Saint Victor Law Tactical Folder, today’s new stow-and-go PDW


  • An aftermarket palooza guide to building the ultimate pair of rimfires



  • Let’s lighten the load and drop game with Ruger’s new SFAR AR-10


  • Pulsar thermals make short work out of invasive Texas boars


  • It’s hog-dropping time with a .308 Stag and a new Wraith Mini thermal
Ammo Battle with .45 ACP.



  • Editors’ picks for new and noteworthy gear


  • What Big Pharma, captured media and anti-gunners are hiding about SSRIs and mass murder


  • A rare-gun cliffhanger about a politician, a wise guy and Los Angeles lawmen


  • For the “go big or go home” crowd, Big Horn’s AR500 Pistol can’t be beat


  • Seven deadly drop-in triggers to enhance shooting feel and rifle performance


  • After 75 years, Marlin’s .30-30 lever still serves American patriots
The Marlin lever-action rifle endures.


  • A selection of tactical clothing and gear that can keep up with today’s badass women


  • A visit to the National Museum of the Marine Corps

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November-December 2023 issue of Tactical Life.

On November 17, 2022, Tactical Life reported:

If you like living life big and loud, metal might just be your game. And nothing says “metal” in the gun world like the brand-new Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0 Metal featured on the cover of the November-December 2022 issue of Tactical Life.

November-December 2022 Tactical Life

For this iteration of their ultra-popular M&P pistol, S&W tossed aside the polymer and made an aluminum-framed gun that feels good in the hand and shot 1-inch groups at 25 yards for author Mike Detty—outstanding accuracy from any striker-fired pistol!

Metal Mania - November-December 2022 Tactical Life

That’s not all the “metal” we’re bringing you this issue, though. With hunting season coming up, we’re also featuring another new big, bad metal gun on our cover—S&W’s M350 X-Frame hunting revolver chambered in 350 Legend.

Between the gun’s outstanding accuracy and the 350 Legend cartridge really packing a punch downrange, this might just be the wheelgun you want to take to the deer woods with you next time out.

Ever wish you had a better trigger in your favorite 1911 but just don’t have the patience to live without it for three or four months while it sits at the gunsmith shop? Nighthawk Custom has just introduced a new drop-in trigger system for 1911s that can be installed at home. Jay Langston tells us all about it, including how easy it is to install, starting on page 54.

This issue also brings the concealed carry practitioner plenty of good fodder. Our gear guides take a close look at the best tactical briefcases and shooting glasses. Plus, we go in-depth on the new Taurus G3XL hybrid pistol. We also explore a handful of surplus pistols that might just meet your EDC needs on a budget.

Get Your Hunt On

For hunters in our audience, ride along with the Tactical Life “Night Shooter” crew to chase coyotes in Nebraska with the good folks from CZ-USA. The fun and excitement might just have you planning a trip of your own.

And for those who think the 300 Blackout is dead, see what parts Frank Melloni recently used to build the perfect 300 BLK rifle.

Most long-range shooters are familiar with the Seekins name and the quality firearms the company regularly produces. In this issue, Sean Utley puts the new Seekins Havak HIT PRO to the test. The result: “Seekins has a HIT on their hands, literally and figuratively, and I was not surprised.”

Not All Business

Of course, we also provide you with a healthy dose of fun in this issue. After all, what could be more fun than a tactical lever gun? How about a modern-day rimfire Tommy Gun or an armored submarine that can be equipped with six tubes to accommodate Black Scorpion torpedoes?

By the way, the S&W guns on our cover were just two of the new firearms our editorial team experienced firsthand at our recent 6th Annual Athlon Outdoors Editorial Rendezvous in Idaho.

Look for full coverage of some of the other guns introduced there beginning in our upcoming January/February issue. And be sure to visit regularly for companion video content.

Rock on!

In This Issue:


  • Smith & Wesson introduces the M350 X-Frame hunting wheelgun
Legendary Hand Cannon.


  • Smith & Wesson gives shooters another great, hard-rocking M&P defender


  • Seekins Precision answers the call of precision shooters with the new Havak HIT Pro


  • Taurus’ new G3XL strikes a perfect balance between target work and EDC
Hybrid Bullfighter - November-December 2022 Tactical Life.


  • A collection of big, badass workhorses that will put Rambo to shame


  • A Lone Woolf Story, Part One
November-December 2022 Tactical Life.


  • Eight different .22 WMR loads battle it out through a Savage 93FV


  • Time for a deep dive in a 007-grade underwater hotrod
Armored Submarine.


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November-December 2022 Tactical Life.

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