Pennsylvania State Police Selects Walther PDP Compact, F-Series

Pennsylvania State Police Selects Walther PDP Compact, F-Series

Walther Arms just scored a big win in the law enforcement world. The Pennsylvania State Police recently selected the Walther PDP Compact and F-Series pistols to arm its officers.

Pennsylvania State Police Selects Walther

The selection comes in conjunction with Walther’s law enforcement and sales partners, Eagle Point Guns and Keystone Manufacturer’s Representatives. It marks the Pennsylvania State Police officially adopting the Walther PDP as its duty weapon. The selection comes after rigorous testing against several major manufacturers, according to Walther.

“As one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the country, we are honored to have the Pennsylvania State Police select the Walther PDP as their new duty handgun,” said Rick DeMilt, director of law enforcement and military sales for Walther Arms, Inc. “Providing their officers with the PDP’s unmatched versatility and dependability ensures they have the ideal weapon to focus on the situation at hand, when timing and responsiveness are everything.”

Each adopted pistol comes direct milled with the Aimpoint ACRO P-2, bringing an optics-ready platform for officers. The pistols include SuperTerrain Slide Serrations, a Performance Duty Trigger, along with two modular pistol platforms.

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Editor’s Take:

We’ve spent considerable range time testing the recent Walther pistols over the last several years. The PDP in all its forms comprises a modern take on the striker-fired pistol design, with optics-ready variants and a host of feature sets demanded by contemporary shooters. Whether for duty, concealed carry or sport, Walther is making tremendous strides in these spaces.

The F-Series brought a new approach to building a gun for anyone with smaller hands. Though much marketing targeted women, we had multiple men shoot and absolutely fall in love with this pistol design. For anyone without huge mits, the F-Series becomes a game-changer, with the trigger and all controls just within an easier reach. That geometry and feel goes a long way in helping shooters perform better than ever. That’s a huge win for law enforcement agencies everywhere.

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