President Refuses to Take Pre-Debate Drug Test

President Refuses to Take Pre-Debate Drug Test

U.S. President Joe Biden

United States: The Biden Campaign has clearly rejected the possibility of agreeing to take a drug test. The much-awaited presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday night. This rejection is causing concern among those who have challenges believing that Biden possesses the mental capacity of a president, provoking more questions about what the former vice president knows that he is hiding.

 Currently, Biden is stuck in Camp David, where he isolated himself under the cover of ‘debate preparation’ to dodge the public and his telecomed for a regimen shots from Curtin, based on the reports.

The nature of the debate between President Trump and Joe Biden scheduled for later in the month in Atlanta when CNN is expected to host has left many wondering about the rules of the so anticipated debate. The plan to have the microphones off when not the turn of each of the candidates is considered by many as a way to shield Biden from any eventuality of memory loss or garbled speech.

The expectations for Biden have been astonishingly lowered. Simply appearing and not collapsing seems to be enough to garner accolades from a sympathetic media. But should we, as a nation, settle for such minimal standards for our leader?

Reportedly, Dr Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, has called for Biden to undergo a drug test before and after the debate. This demand, considering the high stakes and the necessity for transparency, is not unreasonable. President Trump has already expressed his willingness to undergo a drug test, demonstrating his openness and accountability.

However, the Biden camp’s refusal to comply only heightens suspicions that Biden might rely heavily on medication to function daily. Numerous Americans have observed his frequent gaffes, apparent confusion, and instances suggesting a decline in mental acuity. These are not mere idle speculations but serious concerns regarding the fitness of a potential leader of the free world.

Here’s the dialogue transcript:

BORIS SANCHEZ: One last question, Adrienne. Former President Trump is asking President Biden for a drug test going into Thursday night. What’s your reaction?

ADRIENNE ELROD: I don’t even really know what to say about that. I worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and she debated Trump very effectively despite his similar accusations. President Biden has already defeated Trump in previous debates. This is a tactic Trump uses because he doesn’t have anything else to run on. He lacks a plan, a record of fighting for the American people, and a clear reason for running other than seeking political retribution. These kinds of tactics are just silly and turn off many voters who want to see their President fighting for them.

BORIS SANCHEZ: Adrienne Elrod, we have to leave the conversation there.

The last time Joe Biden was publicly seen, he appeared noticeably unsteady, staggering and swaying across the tarmac in Maryland on his way to Camp David. These images exacerbate concerns about his health and his capability to lead.

Previously, President Trump called on Biden to take a drug test before a 2020 debate, and Biden refused. This repeated refusal deepens the suspicions and concerns regarding Biden’s actual health status and his aptitude to lead the nation.

As we approach this pivotal debate, the American populace deserves transparency and honesty concerning the candidates’ health and fitness for office. The stakes are exceedingly high to accept anything less. If Biden is indeed fit and capable, he should have no qualms about taking a drug test and dispelling his critics’ doubts. His persistent refusal only amplifies the growing unease about his mental health and overall suitability to serve as President.