Smith & Wesson SD9VE Review

Smith & Wesson SD9VE Review

Since the late 1980s, affordable, good-quality 9mm polymer guns have been at the core of firearm design. The SD9VE was Smith & Wesson’s first significant entry into this market, but is it still a great choice today?

Well, I decided to find out how it performs and whether it’s worth adding to your collection in my in-depth Smith & Wesson SD9VE review.

Let’s fire away!

Smith & Wesson SD9VE Specs

Caliber: 9mm Luger.
Capacity: 16+1
Barrel Length: 4”
Width: 1.29”
Overall Length: 7.2”
Weight: 22.4 oz.
Frame: Polymer.
Slide: Stainless steel; forward serrations.
Trigger Pull: 6-7 lbs.
Safety: Striker block; loaded chamber viewport.
Rail: Two-slot Picatinny.
Sights: Dovetailed, three-dot.

Smith & Wesson SD9VE History

Every handgun manufacturer has attempted to match or surpass Glock’s ultra-reliable family of polymer pistols since the late 80s.

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Some have done better than others…

Smith & Wesson entered the market in the mid-1990s with their line of S&W Sigma pistols. These handguns were, I hate to say it, but… terrible. They were also nearly exact replicas of Glock, and Glock subsequently sued S&W for patent infringement.

In 1997, they settled privately, but the message was simple: Smith & Wesson lacked creativity, build standards, and ethics. Unsurprisingly, the S&W Sigma did not thrive in the market and was quite unpopular with the public.

Fifteen years later…

Smith & Wesson released a new line of pistols fashioned after its Sigma line – but somewhat better. As a result, the SD9VE and SD40VE were created. This “better” version included a new slide material, a new coating, and an improved trigger (more on that later).

Later, the S&W Sigma evolved into the SD VE series in 9mm (SD = self-defense; 9 = 9mm; VE = value-enhanced). Today, the SD9VE has a reputation among gun owners for being a dependable, cheaper option than Glock’s G19 handgun.

smith & wesson sd9ve review

S&W SD9VE Controls and Features

Grip and Ergonomics

The grip angle is what really sells the SD9VE. Some people simply like a more 1911-style grip, which the SD9VE has. It has an aggressive pattern on the palms swells and the back and front straps. The grip fits well, from the angle to the size.

The texturized grip is quite comfortable, but S&W strengthened the front and back straps to ensure a more secure grip. There are also textured finger pads on the frame’s side to give you additional grip with your support hand. But if the grip isn’t to your liking, Talon grips are a great alternative.

The ergonomic shape of the grip makes handling the slide lock and trigger easier while keeping a firm grip on the gun. Other ergonomic features of the SD9VE include a big beavertail to avoid slide-bite and front serrations.

They might seem like minor improvements, but they are quite important. Many of these qualities are uncommon on custom weapons, much less cheap handguns.


The SD9VE is a fantastic, affordable pistol that improves on the original polymer-framed variant by removing redundant features. It may be lightweight, thanks to the polymer grip and frame, but it’s also tough.

Polymer frames are incredibly durable and can withstand hundreds of rounds of punishment without breaking. Since it’s not metal, it won’t rust or corrode, and it’s easy to clean. The stainless steel barrel and slide demonstrate its durability, and it includes a lifelong warranty from Smith & Wesson.

Trigger and Safety

It’s worth noting that the SD9VE’s safety feature uses a hinged trigger rather than the Glock-style bladed trigger. The gun’s patented Self Defense Trigger keeps a constant weight throughout the pull, reducing trigger jerking. The consistent draw improves accuracy, but the 6-7 lbs trigger pull is heavy for a striker-fired pistol.

The SD9VE’s unique safety features are remarkable. This gun is extremely secure despite the lack of manual or grip safety. The Self-Defense Trigger safety prevents the handgun from firing until the trigger is completely pulled back. The SD9VE also features a firing pin block safeguard to prevent accidental discharge if the gun is dropped.

Unfortunately, all these features do not make for a great trigger – at least not this one. The pull feels unusually long, likely because of the pull weight, and it has a lot of creep. The weight stacks as you slowly pull the trigger, amplifying the hard feel.

However, the benefits of this gun much exceed the trigger issue. You could even install an aftermarket trigger, and you’d be good to go.


While being marketed as a self-defense weapon, the SD9VE lacks built-in night sights. Instead, it includes dovetailed white dot sights, making target acquisition a breeze. These sights are great for all shooters, especially those who aren’t as accurate or experienced as others.

You also have the option to replace the sights, thanks to the shortened slide. If you want to add some extras, Smith & Wesson included a two-slot Picatinny-style rail in their design.


The SD9VE includes two smooth-firing chrome-finished magazines, and it has a great magazine system. It even lets you know precisely how many rounds are left, which is a great touch. Older SD magazines will also work.

The SD9VE’s 16-round capacity is reliable, and the mags work effectively. If you prefer something smaller, the low-capacity model holds 10+1 rounds.

Shooting the Smith & Wesson SD9VE

The SD9 proved to be quite dependable because of its rugged build and safety features. While many weapons take some break-in time, there were a few issues with the SD9VE straight from the box.

As previously mentioned, the trigger influences how accurately the SD9VE shoots. It is quite comfortable to hold and provides a natural point of aim. However, replacing the long, hard trigger will provide more reliable accuracy.

Recoil reduction was one of the few improvements they made to these striker-fired pistols. However, it has terrible accuracy out of the box, which worsens as the fire rate increases. If you replace the trigger, training with this gun is essential for self-defense use.

Get yourself a better trigger…

The SD9VE is a very reliable, well-built handgun. So, it’s well worth investing the extra money for an aftermarket trigger rather than paying more for a Glock 19. This is not a criticism of the Glock 19; it’s the best-selling Glock for a reason. However, if a $500 handgun is not in your budget, this is a decent alternative.

While testing, I did not experience a single failure with this pistol. It easily and continually digested ammo reloads, which is very impressive considering the price.

Smith & Wesson SD9VE Pros & Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Very reliable.
  • Great ergonomics and grip texture.
  • Easy to use.
  • 16+1 Capacity.
  • Front and rear slide serrations.


  • Heavy, long trigger.
  • No night sights.
  • Poor aftermarket support.

Smith & Wesson SD9VE vs. Glock 19 – How Do They Compare?

Design and Features

The SD9VE is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol with a stainless steel slide and features a simple design with basic features and controls.

The Glock 19 is also a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol, but has a solid reputation for reliability, its intuitive design, ambidextrous controls, and consistent trigger pull.

smith & wesson sd9ve reviews


Both the SD9VE and Glock 19 are available in various magazine capacities. However, the Glock 19 comes as standard with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, while the SD9VE has a capacity of 16 rounds.

Ergonomics and Grip

Glock pistols are well known for their ergonomic design and comfortable grip angle, which many shooters find natural to point and shoot. The Glock 19 perfectly features these characteristics, making it very easy to handle in any conditions.

In comparison, some shooters find the SD9VE comfortable, while others may find the grip angle less natural compared to the Glock.

Aftermarket Support

The Glock 19 has been on the market for a long time and has an extensive aftermarket support system. Therefore, there are many aftermarket parts, accessories, and customization options available for the Glock 19. Whereas, due to it being a relative newcomer, the SD9VE has a more limited aftermarket support system when compared to the Glock.


The SD9VE is positioned as a budget-friendly option, making it more affordable for shooters on a tighter budget. While the G19 is priced higher due to its reputation, features, and broader market acceptance.

What is the best option for you?

The Glock 19 is well known for its versatility and is highly regarded as a reliable and versatile handgun suitable for various roles, including self-defense, concealed carry, and target shooting.

The SD9VE is a more budget-friendly option that will appeal to those looking for an affordable firearm that does not have the same level of refinement and features as the Glock 19.

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That wraps up my review of the Smith & Wesson SD9VE. In summary, the SD9VE is a decent handgun that could use some improvements. It’s still a good buy despite the awful trigger, and that can easily be replaced. Stock trigger and all, you could still do worse.

Throw in the SD9VE’s reliability and effective three-dot sights, and you’ve got a very affordable, dependable self-defense handgun. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a Smith & Wesson product, which is known for its excellent customer service. If you need an affordable, reliable self-defense handgun, the SD9VE is a great option.

As always, stay safe and happy shooting!

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