Tactical Solutions OWYHEE Takedown: 22 Magnum Pack Machine

Tactical Solutions OWYHEE Takedown: 22 Magnum Pack Machine

Tactical Solutions is a company that’s been around for over 20 years, dedicating itself to making a better rimfire firearm. It started in Boise, Idaho, making upgraded quality replacement parts for Ruger Mark series pistols. From there, it branched out into other rimfire parts, including the 10/22. Today, Tactical Solutions is still offering superior quality replacement parts for the rimfire world. But it also produces its own branded rimfire-chambered firearms as well. 

Tactical Solutions OWYHEE Takedown Magnum Bolt-Action 22 WMR

Recently, Tactical Solutions decided to take its own rimfire offerings even further by offering a bolt-action rifle called the OWYHEE (pronounced “oh-why-hee”) Takedown, chambered in 22 LR. [In case you’re interested, the name came from the Owyhee Mountains in Southern Idaho and SE Oregon, where some of the staff there like to relax, unwind and hunt.] Now it’s available in 22 WMR (Magnum), and it’s a Takedown, so you have a little magnum power in a backpack.

This has been a project in the works, and was originally intended for both 22 LR and 22 WMR, according to Tactical Solutions. There are a couple of different models available, such as their standard (as tested here) and SBX version. The OWYHEE SBX Takedown has a built-in barrel shroud, that allows a suppressor to direct thread from the threads inside the shroud, to help keep overall length down. This rifle is even offered with the stock done up in custom Kryptek Obskura Nox camouflage patten.

There isn’t much that Tactical Solutions didn’t think of here. Another tidbit, as of this writing, you will not find another rifle like the OWYHEE anywhere else on the market. This is a custom creation that is exclusively designed and built by Tactical Solutions. The OWYHEE comes factory with a nine-round magazine and manufacturer-installed front and rear fiber-optic iron sights. It features an extended magazine release, a stainless-steel bolt, chromoly steel barrel with an 11-degree target crown, and many more features. At 3.9 pounds (without scope), the OWYHEE is ridiculously light. 

Takedown Design

Did I already mention that the OWYHEE is a TAKEDOWN! That’s right, a perfect little backpacker with the power to pack a punch. Tactical Solutions chose the Magpul Backpacker X-22 stock to use, as it really is the perfect, lightweight stock for a TD model. Tactical Solutions slightly modified the Backpacker X-22 stock for use with the OWYHEE. When removed from the receiver, the barrel assembly attaches to the stock body for more compact storage.

This X-22 Backpacker stock from Magpul does have one flaw but is user fixable. Once you pop open the removable cheek riser, there are three slots that each perfectly fit a Ruger 10/22 22 LR factory box magazine. The 22 WMR magazines are slightly larger and won’t fit inside the factory-made compartments. A couple of minutes of your time with a Dremel can solve that problem though. Simply remove the two small plastic partitions (in the stock itself) for the factory magazine holders, and then you should be able to fit two of the 22 WMR mags in that area, problem solved. 

Scopes & More

One of the optional accessories is a scope rail. You don’t have to use it, as the barrel already has the screw plugs installed, and the operator can simply utilize the factory installed fiber-optic iron sights. Or you can remove the screw plugs and install the included rail. Fair to mention, this rail is designed and contours specifically for the Tactical Solutions OWYHEE receiver. They did a really good job of keeping the rail very low profile, so much so that you can still easily utilize the factory iron sights when nothing is attached to the rail. 

Given the purpose of this rifle, I didn’t want to stick some HUGE scope on the top of the receiver. You can if you want, but you may want to keep it mounted low, and check for your proper eye relief. I was able to get everything mated up very nicely, while utilizing the full function of the Magpul Backpacker X-22 stock, as well as keeping the eye relief just right. To pull this off, I chose to utilize a set of low 30 mm tactical rings from Primary Arms. Then I mounted a Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP scope with the ACSS Griffin X Mil Reticle. The eye relief is prefect and forgiving, allowing the mounted scoped receiver to be mated with the barrel assembly to the X-22 Backpacker stock for more compact storage. 

Fully assembled, the OWYHEE Takedown is a capable bolt-action platform.

Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 Optic

The Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP scope with ACSS Griffin X Mil Reticle is truly a great way to go. You get a full range of magnification to run through, up to 8x. Powered by one CR2032 3v lithium coin (included), with 11 different lighting settings and 2 dedicated night vision settings. The PA SLx 1-8 FFP is a force to be recognized, especially with the ACSS Griffin X Mil Reticle inside. These scopes are made to last and can take a serious beating.

I know, as I inadvertently sent a sister scope to this (same scope, different reticle) cartwheeling down a hillside inside of a soft case and found it resting up against the tree it slammed into. Not only was the scope just fine, but I didn’t even lose my pre-established zero. This scope, coupled with the PA 30mm low rings, it’s a winner for sure. Swap out the cheek riser with the next size up (included in box), and you’re in business. 

Going to be out and about in the woods and need a nice pack? Keep the Jacknife from Elberlestock in mind, as it fits great, and leaves plenty of room in its other compartments for whatever you may need on your day or night trip. It’s got 1,000 CI of storage space and only weighs in at 2 pounds, 12 ounces. This makes it ideal for a backpack rifle. I’ve got the Jacknife Pack from Elberlestock, and it’s a perfect fit. Tons of room for cargo, and your OWYHEE Takedown Bolt Action Rifle will fit like a glove. 

Range Report

Mother Nature can sure be fickle, and sometimes it’s a royal pain to find a range, especially during wildfires. Most ranges near me were closed. A special shout-out to the rangemasters at Farragut Public Shooting Range in Athol, Idaho, for allowing me the opportunity to utilize their range. After a roughly 150-mile round trip, I had the input I needed to pass on to all of you fine folks reading this now. 

Hornady V-Max tested highly accurate in the OWYHEE Takedown.

The Tactical Solutions OWYHEE Takedown Bolt Action .22 WMR is a solid protein getter. Breaking it down into two pieces is simple. Open the bolt, and then use your thumb to move the pin (located underneath the barrel assembly) towards the business end of the barrel a smidge, twist the two sections apart, release the pin, and close the bolt. Want to slap it together? Just open the bolt, push the pin back again, twist the two sections together, release the pin, close the bolt, and you’re good to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

The bolt knob works great and is made for easy manipulation. It cleared the optic and was able to be manipulated just fine. The bolt was able to be cycled seamlessly, very smooth. The factory two-stage trigger is very nice, and the break is crisp. Following through, you don’t feel much creep, just a simple “crack” as the trigger depresses and finally breaks.

More Rounds Downrange

There is very little felt recoil with this rifle. As a southpaw, I found this rifle comfortable to shoot, and even with my left cheek glued to the stock, was able to manipulate the bolt with ease. The OWYHEE Takedown is truly a sub-moa capable rifle. Testing for accuracy, I shot five different loads downrange. First were a couple of different boxes of Winchester Dynapoint (white box) in the 45-grain variety. It netted the worst score of the day (1.5”), and there were approximately 17 out of 74 rounds that failed to extract and had to be dug out of the OWYHEE with my knife.

That didn’t stop the Tactical Solutions OWYHEE though, as it was just getting warmed up. Out of two different selections each from Hornady and CCI, totaling four different loads, not one of them gave me an issue. As a matter of fact, even after the digging, my best shot grouping was .8-inch at 100 yards, using Hornady 30-grain V-Max. So I chalked this to an ammo-related issue, and nothing to do with the OWYHEE itself. 

Tactical Solutions has outdone themselves with the OWYHEE Takedown 22 WMR Bolt Action Rifle. When it comes to the rimfire world, they are one of the leaders. Given the last 10/22 that I built has a Tactical Solutions X-Ring barrel, and it shoots sub-MOA, it speaks to their quality. If you want a very compact, packable rifle with a punch in the rimfire category, you can check all your boxes with the OWYHEE Takedown from Tactical Solutions. 

For more info, visit tacticalsol.com or primaryarms.com.

The OWYHEE Takedown fits in a handy case.


  • Caliber: .22 WMR 
  • Magazine Capacity: 9+1
  • Magazine Type: Polymer / Metal
  • Trigger Weight: 3 pounds
  • Barrel: Tactical Solutions
  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds (with scope and rings = 5 pounds, 11 ounces)
  • Overall Length: 34.2 inches (19.5 inches in backpacker configuration w/ scope attached)
  • Safety: Cross Button Safety
  • Optic: Primary Arms SLx 1-8×24 FFP w/ ACSS Griffin X Mil Reticle

Accuracy Results

Load Accuracy
Hornady 30-grain V-Max 0.8
Hornady Critical Defense 45-grain FTX 1
CCI Mini Mag 40-grain JHP 1
CCI Mini Mag TNT 30-grain JHP 1.3
Winchester Dynapoint 45-grain Copper Plated HP 1.5
Bullet weight measured in grains, and accuracy in inches for best three shot groupings at 100 yards from a bench rest.

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