The CRKT A.B.C. Has All. Bases. Covered. In Your EDC Loadout

The CRKT A.B.C. Has All. Bases. Covered. In Your EDC Loadout

Originally released as a fixed blade model years ago, the CRKT A.B.C. makes its comeback as an EDC folder. Featuring assisted opening, the blade glides open on the smooth CRKT IKBS ball-bearing pivot. Likewise, the A.B.C. utilizes Sandvik 12C27 blade steel for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. All at a budget-friendly price.


Coming from the mind of CRKT’s first designer, Jim Hammond, the A.B.C. comes from his almost 50 years of experience. Featuring a textured G-10 handle, the folder provides exceptional grip in all conditions. Likewise, the ergonomic grip features two forward finger notches, a three-finger notch at the rear, and a thumb ramp on the spine of the blade. As a result, the knife locks in the hand during use.

The business end of the A.B.C. is comprised of a 3.39-inch tanto point blade constructed of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel. Similar to AUS-8, Sandvik 12C27 provides excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Likewise, the high hardness properties of the steel provide solid edge retention for its class.

The blade features CRKT’s popular Veff Serrations for superior cutting qualities on rope and other fibrous materials and straps. Utilizing an assisted opening mechanism, the knife is brought to its full 8-inch overall length in a snap. Likewise, CRKT’s IKBS ball-bearing pivot brings the blade smoothly into lockup, where it is held via a liner lock.

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A black oxide finish provides an extra level of protection for the blade during hard-use EDC chores. Likewise, the black finish also adds to the overall aesthetic by matching the black grips. Providing a splash of color is the blue anodized pivot ring that stands out against the black backdrop.

The A.B.C. rides fairly deep in the pocket via the skeletonized pocket clip set up for right-hand tip-up-only carry. However, it is worth noting that the pocket clip is not reversible. Sitting just above the clip at the butt is an oversized lanyard hole for additional retention possibilities.

(Photo by CRKT)


The CRKT A.B.C. is available now with an MSRP of $75.00. For more info, please visit

CRKT A.B.C. Specs

(Photo by CRKT)

Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27
Blade Length: 3.39 inches
Edge: Veff Serrations
Overall Length: 8.00 inches
Closed Length: 4.49 inches
Blade Thickness: 0.12 inch
Handle Material: G-10
Weight: 3.90 ounces
MSRP: $75.00

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