The Front Kick Is The Only Kick To Master

The Front Kick Is The Only Kick To Master

What is a front kick, and why the heck do I need one? That, my friend, is a great question. I’m happy you asked. A front kick is a kick you would deploy to a threat in front of you. OK, now that we’ve sorted that out, let’s begin.

So Why The Front Kick?

Simply put, it’s one kick anyone can do. OK, anyone with functional legs and hips. Regardless of whether they have had Martial arts, combative training, or zero training. This article will give you four easy steps on how to deploy this incredibly simple and effective kick.

I think having access to a front kick in your tactical toolbox (a registered trademark in the works) is the only kick you’ll need. Why you ask, because it’s the easiest kick to do. All you need to do is lift your knee, throw your foot in the general area of the enemy, and bingo. You have a front kick. The ideal target area for the front kick is the groin or genitalia area.
Simply put, a male or female will not like that shot to the groin. However, if your flexibility does not currently allow you to lift your leg high enough to kick the groin, then you know what brothers and sisters you kick them in the shin. You wearing a pair of Street shoes and their shin smashing together equals pain for them and creates an opportunity to escape for you.

Four Easy Steps

Have you ever lifted a toilet seat without using your hands? If yes, then you’ll already know how to do a simple front kick. If not, well, you’ll still get to know how to do a simple front kick and learn how to lift a toilet seat without using your hands!

Step 1 Knees first

Lift your knee with your toes pointed towards the target. A key point here is lifting the knee first; this will be relevant later in the article.

Step 2 Is all about those toes.

Take the toes or foot and extend your leg in front of you.

Step 3 Recoil. No one wants a stiff leg.

Take your foot and leg and return them to the number one position. ( recoil is the term used if you want to sound all professional)

Step 4 Return to sender

Put your foot back on the ground. It’s that simple. Bada bing bada boom!

Fantastic Front Kick

So if you’re trying to visualize how to do the “lift the toilet seat thing.” There you are, standing in front of the toilet seat. It’s down with urine all over it, and you don’t want to go anywhere near it with your hands. Simply take your foot, and put it under the toilet seat, lifting with your knee up. Your toe will then push the seat back. You bring your leg back to a position where you can put your foot down, unzip, and take care of business. TCB as the king used to say, that’s Elvis for those that don’t get the reference.

Now the ultimate reason this kick is so freaking fantastic is if you have something in your hands, groceries, children, please don’t toss said children towards the enemy, just in case you thought about it. Or your favorite issue of Skillset magazine; you can still defend yourself by using this front kick.

Something to keep in mind, not just about this kick but self-protection in general. After you throw this front kick, you’re going to need to get out of what I call Marcus Torgerson’s registered trademark ® OK,” The Puke Zone” that means after you kick this individual, you need to step away to the right or the left to get out of the danger/attack zone.

Three Important Factors

Now, reader, I want you to be mindful of regardless of what you’ve seen in the movies. Any kick and any defensive tactic are dependent on a few factors. Those factors are distance, time, and awareness.

Distance is simple to explain: are they within reach of my foot? If you remember, I made a very big point about lifting your knee earlier in the article. First, the reason for this is simple if you have misjudged the distance for this front kick lifting your knee still gives you the opportunity of pain and suffering to the enemy by a knee to the genitalia area.

This Kick Is Idiot-Proof!

Why I love this front kick is it is idiot-proof. Let’s say you misjudged your distance for this kick, and the knee or the toe couldn’t be used. What will end up being used is your shin bone, and your shin bone connecting to their genitalia bones equals a little bit of pain for you and a whole Lotta pain for them.

If you are still reading this and cannot get the visuals of what you’re looking for, then Purchase 100 deadly skills combat edition. And you will see me kicking Hitler in the balls. There is also a QR code that directly goes to videos filmed on this technique. PS this is what we call a shameless plug.

The front kick is the only kick you need to have in your tactical toolbox.

Front Kick Variations

OK, jokes aside, the front kick can be done in various ways. Feet side-by-side, AKA a parallel stance. It can be done with a lead foot in front, meaning you will kick off of that lead foot. Typically this is what you see in most martial arts systems. Lastly, it can also happen from the back foot, which we call a defensive front kick.

The bottom line truth is I don’t care where you throw the kick; I only care that when you throw the kick, you throw it with bad intentions. Those bad intentions plus that kick equals you creating an opportunity, a successful opportunity to escape. Remember, the puke zone it’s important.

I have a little song for you, sung to the tune from “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”
Here you go ? hips & knees, knees & toes, knees & toes, knees & toes I just kicked your balls with my knees & toes ?
Just try not to sing this out loud as you front-kick someone in the balls. It becomes awkward.

Closing Kicks

All attempts at humor aside, my only care is that you got some helpful education in this article. If you’ve read any of my other stuff, I’m all about Simple, practical, easy-to-learn defensive tactics for your personal protection. Fancy gets you hurt, and simple and effective gets you home. So invest some time and get yourself a groin-crushing front kick.

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