The German Army’s Service Rifle. The HK G36, a Teutonic masterpiece.

The German Army’s Service Rifle. The HK G36, a Teutonic masterpiece.

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01:18 oh come on jeremy gotta be careful almost got you buddy call it culkin baby joseph stalin do anastasia let right jeremy go nine egg hurt me fine okay that’s fine it’s oddly specific just [Music] impossible or not you’re still gonna lead your piece of [ __ ] today on grantham the hk g36 a very interesting rifle and one that has served in the german military for a very long time at this point beyond its service with the german military it has served the world over commonly used in hollywood as a bad guy’s gun it is certainly iconic today

02:20 we’re going to be talking about it how it holds up what we think about it hope you guys will join us as today we talk about the hk g36 now before we get into it we have to do what we always do we have to thank the biggest sponsor of the channel the biggest sponsor of this channel is of course the sonoran desert institute a big thank you to them if you’re looking to get your start in gunsmithing they are the people to go with and we can’t thank them enough for their support of this channel of course

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03:18 most certainly not by me carry handle optics on the g36 you are i do really want you to be forgotten welcome to the channel this is a very interesting rifle in many ways one of my favorites i definitely fell in love with the hkg36 uh in playing video games to be honest uh just like anybody else call of duty and all these games all this media made me kind of fall in love with the look now it wasn’t until much later that i was actually able to get some time on the g36 and so this is certainly a pleasure now up

03:51 until today i mostly shot on the full length variant and on the hkg36c now this particular variant is a 12.5 inch barrel it is a short stroke gas piston system it does feed from a detachable box magazine that we have right here it can fit many different things in there such as drums and we’ll be talking about those and the different accessories as we go and move forward and talk about this weapon as a whole at this point on the g36 family of rifles i have around 15 000 rounds in addition to that i’ve spent a lot of time working at

04:23 the german military talking to those guys picking their brains so i’ve been able to figure out what works for them what doesn’t i’m not as experienced with the g36 as a german soldier would be but i have quite a lot of time and rounds on this particular rifle so with those things being said let’s go ahead and let’s talk about it let’s see what works now we do have a g36k right here which is the shorter variant but we’re going to be in general talking about the g36 as a service rifle on the

04:51 surface rifles typically in use of the german military you have about an 18.9 inch barrel within the special operations world they of course have the c model and the k model the k model being a favorite the 12.5 inch barrel is excellent with 5.56 and that’s where we’re going to go ahead and start now the one thing you can say about the g36 when it comes to muzzle devices which is where we’re going to start is how good of an idea it was to start with a four prong or a three-prong muzzle device so you compare this to like say the m16

05:19 family of rifles with the birdcage flash hider and there’s a lot of things that just aren’t working well the three-prong the four-prong series they really perform about the same do an extremely good job at killing flash so i really have a lot of good things to say about the muzzle device that is being used on these rifles now on the g36c it is a little bit short but here on the actual service rifles the 12.

05:45 5 and the g36e they are this length right here and they work phenomenally now when it comes to the barrels we’re talking about the best part of the g36 there is some dark teutonic magic that occurs at the hk factory where the cold hammer forged barrels are just made of exceptional quality and this has been known for some time so when we talk about a barrel and use in a service weapon the barrels on these g36s are excellent and there’s been a lot of talk about the as the rifles heat up due to the fact that it’s mostly polymer that we

06:18 begin to have a wandering zero in fact many have said that after about two magazines you’re not going to be able to hit targets about past 100 to 200. that’s never been the case from what i’ve seen i believe that a lot of those i don’t know if you’d say rumors went around were primarily due to ammo but i will say that in my experience with the g36 and from talking to the soldiers they’ve had nothing but good things to say about the accuracy that the g36 has provided them and that’s uh

06:45 also within firefights as well one thing that we have to say about barrels is of course service life the service life on the cold hammer forged barrels from hk is just phenomenal from there we’re going to move up to the gas system so we have the short stroke gas operated system if you’re used to firing an ar the g36 is going to be a little bit more snappy and that’s due to the fact that it’s using a short stroke system that being said you do have far less ingress of carbon and fouling in general

07:14 on the bolt carry in the bolt carrier system so there’s always going to be an argument about which is best in fact a variant of the g36 was pitched to the united states military as a possible replacement for the m4 for a long time that being the xm8 however that never really panned out to me it ends up kind of all being awash as long as you’re taking care of your weapon because no matter what you should be carrying for your rifle at the end of the day but certainly it does make for a more compact weapon in the fact

07:41 that due to the short stroke gas piston system we can of course fold up the buttstock there are a lot of iconic things about the g36 probably one of the most iconic to me is going to be the optics it’s a very interesting system that was very quickly dated but we’re still going to talk about it so at the top we do have a reflex optic and right below it we do have a three power optic they are they feel incredibly dated right now so i know from the guys in the german military who are still using this older

08:12 system it is a little bit frustrating so let’s take a moment to talk about them and some of the frustrations that i have with this particular system now micah struggled for hours to get the shot through the optics so we’re certainly going to pop that up right now but the top mounted reflex sight is um battery powered as well well as fiber optic you can see we have this little slider right here to adjust the brightness level um the brightness level is very dim even when it’s all the way up i found this to

08:39 be a semi-usable sight it is not fun at all and the worst part about this i believe is a zero the there’s no audible clicks it simply turns and you know i understand that you can train to this but compared to like the click system where you know precisely you know your precise measurements i do find the kind of more mushy gushy just mush as you you know turn it from you know low to high or from left to right to be extremely aggravating when you’re trying to get a very precise zero and that also goes for

09:12 the the three power as well and to be clear there are hash marks that are telling you the distance that you’re turning it but man i really wish they had clicks on it so the reflex sight usable i will say that it is a very comfortable head position when you are bringing up the weapon it’s very comparable to a lot of the higher mounted optics that we’re all using nowadays so the germs are certainly forward thinking with that but when it comes to our three power optic the it’s just you have to really choke up on it like

09:44 if you guys thought an acog was bad the good thing about the acog is that once you get up on it you have a huge field of view the field of view through this three power optic is just tiny and it is a precise weapon and it has an awesome ranging reticle on it i i will say that the reticle and everything is good on it it is good clarity um it’s just by the time this came out you were kind of outdated already uh compared to a lot of the optics that were already on the market and i know i’m doing a lot of complaining and i

10:14 don’t mean to do that because this is of course all changeable you can change out this carry handle for a railed one for one of the cac mounts and you can easily put what optic you want on it i’m simply speaking to what a lot of german soldiers end up using and this is certainly a very dated system especially right now so if you’re still using this i’m so sorry there are way better optics out there from the optics we’re going to talk about charging handle so charging handle is very interesting i’m taking a

10:43 little bit of getting used to but once you kind of get the hang of it it is a very intuitive system you can run into an issue especially when you get the carry handle rails that are really low to the system about reaching in and getting onto that charging handle that’s the only issue i’ve run into and as you can see when you rotate it to the side and you let go and of course springs back to position you can lock that in place if you push it in it will stay in that position and then once that inertia carries it forward it will pop out of

11:10 that position it’s very easy to manipulate if you need to clear your stoppages it is a fairly simple affair due to the um fairly forward thinking control scheme on the hkg36 so for example to lock it back you’re simply going to pull it to the rear and then within the trigger guard right here you have this nice bolt sap and you can simply lock the bolt to the rear so as far as clearing your malfunctions that is a very simple affair now from here we’re kind of coming down to our controls so a couple things to note

11:37 first off the magazine release is a paddle magazine release for a lot of americans out there that’s going to be very unfamiliar it is an easy system to get the hang of the biggest complaint i have when it comes to the g36 is the magazines there is something about europeans where they need to have these mag couplers that’s built into their magazines i don’t know what it is with europeans and linking mags together but i don’t find it to be a very efficient way of carrying magazines but they certainly love it so the problem with it

12:07 is that it just really takes up a lot of space in your magazine pouches so you need to have larger magazine pouches it’s constantly catching on [ __ ] it’s just not my favorite they do make g36 magazines that don’t have the mag coupler so specifically magpul makes some as well as a couple different german companies but as far as the ones that you’re getting with the g36 um definitely subpar simply due to those mag couplings the magazines themselves are very reliable but there are a lot of improvements that can be made and have

12:37 been made by aftermarket companies on more modern g36s you do have a little lever that comes down right here and that is a bolt release that you can press down on these older models of course once you reload and get that magazine in you need to reach up grab that charging handle and release it so it’s definitely a little bit more efficient on those newer models as a quick note from there we have the fire selector on the hkg36 we do have a safe position we have a single and then of course we have select the

13:06 it’s fairly easy it’s not as bad as the mp5 was um because the levers are a little bit longer so i will give them props there in the angle on the grip but certainly a little bit better than what we had on the m16 around the time that this was released we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna ghost that trigger together so put it into first position right there leave a little bit of mush and that first wall is about two millimeters get that wall about a seven eight pound pole off the reset not bad about a seven pound pole or so so not a

13:40 terrible trigger uh we’ll go ahead and we’ll try that in the next position okay same amount of mush same trigger pull maybe a little bit lighter and then no reset of course for whatever reason from here we do have the sock design stock design is very forward thinking in my opinion so when you press that in you can release it and then it locks forward you can still fire the weapon when the sock is completely folded and you can give it a hit and that will open back up lots of stocks have been made that don’t

14:09 do well and i do find the g36 stock to be very comfy it feels uh feels like i’m at home so we’ve kind of finished everything up on the g36 the question is what does it like to shoot the g36 is a soft recoil impulse and um it has a very slow rate of fire of around 750. so this is extremely controllable you compare this to like the m4 that has like 900 to 950 you put a suppressor on there even higher and this is a much more manageable weapon when we’re talking about that select fire capability and especially when we talk about that throw

14:45 on the m4 the m16 for example to get over to that select fire mode you have to do a full 180 compared to this where you have about a 20 to 30 degree throw between the different modes it’s much more simple to get to that mode that you need while as with the m4 it very much feels like it’s the forbidden selector throw so in every way i do find the g36 to be a very pleasant a very well made service rifle there are certainly some ergonomic things that are holding it back such as i believe the magazines the optic

15:15 placement especially as it was issued out and for the stock the fact that it’s not adjustable so as body armor became more and more prevalent the need for an adjustable stock was of course made to be known and there are stocks that are now adjustable that look very good i have a review on a g36c that is using an adjustable stock so those are those kind of changes have already come about but you really haven’t seen them in the wide german military as much but overall we can definitely say that the g36 is a

15:46 very reliable weapon it’s a very accurate weapon and overall like despite everything that’s kind of going against it i end up really liking the g36 mica i know this is like one of the few guns you’ve actually fired that we’ve reviewed yeah because it’s cool i like how controllable it is and again micah doesn’t actually shoot any of the guns that we uh reviewed because he’s just not interested but about halfway through filming he was like ah can i actually shoot this so it means he likes it it means he

16:11 likes it i can have a little g36 as a treat so here’s the thing as cool as this rifle is if you don’t have training it’s not going to matter so get out there get training get good with your weapons that is going to be what makes the difference between life and death tons of great companies out there go and check them out ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for watching we’ve got nothing else for you final thing for you guys dad advice dad advice we’re getting a lot of questions on the patreon so we’re going to answer

16:39 it uh should you go into debt for gear um no don’t wreck yourself financially and then count on the collapse of a nation to save you from your financial rune it uh probably won’t happen hopefully it doesn’t happen probably probably not but yeah be smart with your finances um that can have a very severe very real impact on your family as a quick note

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