The Good and Bad of Constitutional Carry -The Firearm Blog

The Good and Bad of Constitutional Carry -The Firearm Blog

Welcome back to another edition of Concealed Carry Corner. Last week, we discussed the idea of compensators on carry guns. If you missed that article last week, be sure to click the link here to read it. This week, I wanted to look at some of the constitutional carry statistics that came out along with taking a look at some of the pros and cons of constitutional carry. Let’s take a closer look at the good and bad of constitutional carry.

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What’s Good About Constitutional Carry

With 29 states having the right to constitutional carry, it means over half the country can carry a concealed firearm without a license to do so. For low-income individuals, the extra steps and cost of taking a carry class and then paying a fee that is associated with most states can be challenging for various people who are on a fixed income or individuals who don’t make much money.

Having natural rights where you don’t have to spend additional money on permits or mandatory training courses can be helpful for individuals who may want to carry a concealed handgun but not have the resources to get an official permit. A recent study from the Firearms Research Center at the University of Wyoming came out with some statistics about constitutional carry states. The study said that just over 48% of the individuals who live in the United States live in states where constitutional carry is legal. Out of those states, there has been no uptick in violent crimes or violence in any way.

In most cases across the board, those states that have permitless carry have seen a slight drop in violent crimes since passing their laws. It’s certainly an interesting correlation that cannot be ignored when looking at some of the benefits when it comes to constitutional carry. It offers more options for individuals to carry a concealed handgun who are motivated to protect themselves without having to jump through the extra steps in order to acquire a permit, The recent study from the Firearms Research Center also points to a possible correlation between more people with concealed firearms or at least have the ability to conceal a firearm means safer communities in the long run.

Some Drawbacks

Although constitutional carry (permitless carry) offers a number of benefits it is certainly not perfect. The biggest issue I have with permitless carry is the fact you cannot carry outside of your state unless the state you are traveling to is also a permitless carry state. Having a physical permit allows individuals to travel across state lines with other states and have reciprocity which allows them to legally continue carrying their gun into the next state. With Constitutional carry, you don’t have to jump through any hoops but at the same time, you aren’t allowed to carry in any other state except for states that also have constitutional carry laws in place. Some individuals don’t travel enough to worry about the disadvantage of permitless carry but for anyone who travels a fair amount, it’s certainly a concern to keep in mind.

The other issue I have with permitless carry states is the general lack of training that some individuals have. Accurately shooting under stress is a skill that takes time and lots of practice to become proficient in. While I completely agree with permitless carry, I have also seen individuals not know how to use their firearms or turn off their safety in a nonemergency situation. While I don’t think training should be mandated, I do think it should be motivating for people to take training and become better with their firearms if they plan on carrying concealed. Even something like a basic pistol course from local trainers can be a massive help for someone just starting out. It may not be a fun class for some, but if you’re willing to carry a concealed handgun every day, it’s certainly important to know how to use it.

Why it’s Important

When you break down the pros and cons of permitless or constitutional carry, I think there are certainly more positives than negatives to the situation. Whether it’s from a financial standpoint, a government overreach which is what I’ve heard it called from some, or just a lack of motivation to go through the steps, it allows people to carry a concealed firearm without going through extra steps. The major goal is to have a universal law that allows everyone to carry across state lines without needing reciprocity but the chances of that actually occurring are almost zero. Having more people join the community and share their passion for firearms is a huge step in ensuring that individuals are allowed to carry for generations to come and it’s never bad to include more people in a goal that’s focused on safety at its core.

Overall Thoughts

Although constitutional carry isn’t perfect, it’s certainly a benefit to the community where more people have access to self-protection than they would if they needed a permit. Some of you may agree with me while others may completely disagree and that’s perfectly acceptable when it comes to topics like this. Let me know what your personal thoughts are down in the comments below but make sure to keep things respectable. If you happen to have a question about carrying concealed or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and we will see you next week for another edition of Concealed Carry Corner.

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