Trump Criticizes Biden’s Threat to Withhold Weapons from Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

Trump Criticizes Biden’s Threat to Withhold Weapons from Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

Former President of the US - Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

United States: Former President Trump criticized President Biden on Thursday morning for stating that certain offensive weapons might be withheld from Israel if Israeli forces enter Rafah, a city in southern Gaza.

Trump expressed his disapproval on Truth Social, accusing Biden of siding with terrorists and implying that the conflict between Israel and Hamas wouldn’t have escalated if he were still in office, according to the reports by The Hill. 

He also condemned Biden’s stance while speaking to reporters outside a Manhattan courtroom where his trial regarding hush money was ongoing.

Biden had warned on Wednesday that the supply of offensive weapons to Israel, such as bombs and artillery shells, would be halted if Israeli forces invade Rafah, setting a clear boundary amidst concerns over the situation in Gaza.

President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

Trump had previously criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his handling of the conflict with Hamas, including last October’s attacks that resulted in over 1,100 Israeli casualties, The Hill outlined. 

Biden reiterated that his administration would support Israel’s ability to defend itself against attacks but signaled a reconsideration of supplying offensive munitions.

The White House urged Israel to avoid entering Rafah without a safe civilian evacuation plan, as the conflict has already claimed many Palestinian lives and led to a large number of refugees settling in Rafah.

Flags of the US and Israel | Credits: AP Photo

However, Netanyahu remains committed to targeting Hamas leaders in Rafah as part of efforts to eliminate the group, which controls the Gaza Strip, according to the claims reported by The Hill. 

Reports indicate that the US temporarily halted a bomb shipment to Israel due to concerns about a potential invasion of Rafah. Biden’s statement on Wednesday marks the first explicit threat to cut off offensive weapons shipments to the US ally.