Trump Responds to Defamation Ruling with $91.63M Bond

Trump Responds to Defamation Ruling with $91.63M Bond

Former US President - Donald Trump | Credits: AP Photo

United States: In response to the recent defamation ruling by E Jean Carroll, Donald Trump has submitted a $91.63 million bond before the Monday deadline.

Simultaneously, he has officially appealed the verdict and sought a stay of judgment, withholding details on the bond’s origin, according to The Independent.

On the eve of Truth Social hosting a running commentary on Joe Biden’s spirited State of the Union address, marred by technical glitches, Trump failed to make a significant impact.

President Biden delivered a dynamic performance, launching scathing attacks on Trump’s influence over the Republican Party, asserting its adverse effects on Congress. He criticized Trump’s “outrageous, dangerous, and unacceptable” rhetoric on Russia and NATO.

Trump, reacting with a lack of self-awareness, described Biden’s speech as angry, polarizing, and hate-filled, reminiscent of his own divisive campaign rhetoric.

Republican Senator Katie Britt, endorsed by Trump as a “fearless America First warrior,” delivered the official GOP rebuttal, adopting a hysterical and melodramatic style that swiftly went viral and faced widespread mockery, as per reports by The Independent.

In a Saturday outburst, Trump targeted actor Robert De Niro, disparaging him as a “stupid-sounding guy.” De Niro, appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, advocated for Joe Biden’s re-election, characterizing a world with Trump as president again as a “nightmare.” Trump displayed clear annoyance in response to De Niro’s comments.

De Niro has labeled Trump as ‘a total monster’

Renowned Hollywood figure Robert De Niro has labeled Trump as ‘a total monster’ and cautioned against a potential victory in the 2024 election, predicting it would usher in ‘a nightmare’. De Niro passionately implored American voters to rally behind Joe Biden, emphasizing the quest for “normalcy” and issuing a stark warning that electing Donald Trump would thrust the nation into the realms of a nightmarish reality.

In a candid conversation on the recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the outspoken actor deliberated on the approaching 2024 election. De Niro posed a poignant question to his host, contemplating whether voters wished to inhabit a world they genuinely desired and relished or plunge into the depths of a chilling nightmare. He emphatically advocated for choosing Biden as a means to restore a sense of normalcy, drawing a clear contrast between the potential outcomes of voting for Trump and Biden.

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