Volquartsen ENV 9 22 LR Pistol Review

Volquartsen ENV 9 22 LR Pistol Review

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00:00 double quartz and emv let’s check it out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] guys when it comes to rimfire vulcorson

01:07 is the best on the market and they’re really known for taking existing designs and taking them to a whole another level with the ruger 1022 with the ruger mark series today we’re going to take a look at the vulcortzen emv this is the nine inch barrel it also comes in a six inch barrel it is a pistol we have an sb tactical brace but there are some features on the emv that not only transcend what bill ruger started with the 1022 but it just goes to other levels and so we’re going to check this out i’m going

01:39 to tell you guys this has been one of the most fun guns i’ve taken out to the range in a good while now we really appreciate gitzone.com for putting us together with vulkartson for this review and getzone.com is a second amendment friendly video platform that guys i really feel we need to support because we need freedom outlets to get our voice out there [Applause] now this is the bulkhortson env pistol and this is actually the emv9 for nine inch barrel they do make a model that’s the env6 which is a six inch barrel but

02:19 one of the mottos of vulcarson is to make it better and honestly if i had a 1022 and i just wanted to go with my dream gun i have to admit this would come pretty close first thing we’ll do is drop our magazine it is one of the 10 round rotary ruger magazines does have an extended mag release check the chamber and the gun is empty not only does it use the standard 1022 box rotary magazine you can also get the extended magazines these are 25 round magazines just want to make that clear for youtube because we can’t put 30

02:52 round magazines on the table but this is one of the old eagle internationals i’ve had this thing for over 30 years but one of the problems it has a little stop back here to actually activate the mag release and so i had to actually take that off to be able to fit it but then it fit right in and here’s one of the standard ruger magazines and they do make the bx which i have a number of those i just can’t get my hands on them so you have a lot of options with magazines and the ruger magazine just goes right in

03:21 with a nice satisfying snap and then just press it and it drops it out now it starts out with this carbon fiber covered barrel which really keeps the weight way down you have a steel sleeve at the back that meets up to your receiver and then we have a thread protector here it’s very well knurled and it reveals half by 28 threads and there is a washer as you can see it is a full steel barrel so it’s not just a small little tube which i’ve seen those used before and then the carbon fiber just covers it

03:54 so it gives it a bull barrel look but it doesn’t give you bull barrel weight and man that carbon fiber is beautiful now the upper receiver is all aluminum one of the beautiful things about this and something that i think is really a game changer is they have drilled and tapped every major footprint for any micro red dot you’ve got so you don’t have to have adapter plates it’s milled in here here and here so you have three different points to be able to put that red dot wherever you want to and here with the trijicon rmr

04:28 it’s in the perfect position it’s as low to the receiver as possible and so that really allows you to have more of a natural aim when you get onto the red dot and there are set screws in each one so you just take it out and then you place your red dot on and just screw it right in i mean it is so simple i love this and it’s really stable with the receiver and this is one of the actual for quartzen made receivers now we have the odin chassis system this is by enoch industries they make this four-volt

04:58 quartz and and this just allows for the receiver and the trigger group to fit down into this chassis and so it’s a very beautifully milled aluminum chassis so it really relieves weight and it’s milled out right here above the trigger guard so when you have your hand up here you can just place it naturally into this little cavity and that way you keep your finger out of the trigger it also has qd points on either side and we have mlok slots at three six and nine o’clock positions so lights lasers whatever you want to put on there

05:31 and then they have a small hand stop and you’re really going to appreciate that because that barrel is not that far out from your hand especially with the six inch version now this is one of the tg 2000 trigger groups that are that are produced by vulcarson and i’ve had some experience with these the trigger pull is phenomenal and it does have that flat face geometry and we’ll check the trigger pull weight in the action in just a minute and we have a standard cross bolt safety and then like on the

05:58 traditional ruger 10 22 we have that little bolt stop so we can pull our bolt back engage it and then it locks it open if you want to disengage just bring it back and release you’ll notice that the bolt has almost a glass appearance to it this is a diamond like coating that just gives this a very slick action back and forth and we have a nice charging handle that’s knurled but it’s really comfortable and easy to grab and the barrel is free float comes up then it hits where the barrel nut is that keeps that receiver or that chassis

06:34 system off your barrel and gives you really good accuracy and we have the magpul mo k grip and the sb tactical pistol brace of course it has the velcro strap and this is foldable one thing you want to do is lift it up and bring it around it really has a solid lock up and to disengage just open it neville corson is no stranger to making really excellent designs even better it’s like this black mamba but the black mamba to me is taking a ruger series 22 and completely transforming it into really a custom firearm right out of the

07:13 box now wait on the emv with the trijicon optic four pounds one point four ounces and volcarson states on the website that this weighs three pounds 15 ounces and that’s about right once you add on the trijicon rmr we dropped in a little snap cap to protect our firing pin with 22 it’s not really good to dry fire continually check that action on the trigger just a little bit of take up right here and a definite crisp break [Music] reset right there guys i’m telling you at the range this thing is fast let’s check our trigger pull weight with

07:56 our lyman trigger gauge from brownells [Music] one pound 15.6 ounces two pounds 1.8 ounces so around the two pound range now with the sp tactical pistol brace this allows for you to have a nine inch barrel on a built rifle type platform and yet this is a pistol and so the brace really just helps to stabilize shooting with one hand so here the velcro strap allows you to put it around your forearm and guys to be honest this is probably the easiest most natural brace to use it just kind of lines it up and then because the velcro it just tucks away

08:36 really easily plus you can also shoot it on your cheek which gives it another point of contact and then occasionally you can put it on your shoulder and you can fire it and that’s according to the atf rules as far as folding this bring it up bring it around makes a really small package and then we can just pop it back into place to me sb tactical makes the best pistol braces on the market but guys in this configuration this can be shot with one hand very easily whether you shoot it with a standard two-hand pistol or you

09:08 can just shoot it one-handed i mean it’s not that heavy and so it really allows for a lot of configurations i want to thank fiocchi for sponsoring the ammo all made right here in the usa they make a really excellent line of 22 rimfire and we’re shooting some high velocity we’re going to try out some standard velocity as well and this does use the standard ruger little rotary box mags for the 1022 [Applause] the guys taking the env to the range i mean it’s so lightweight it’s so small it’s in that pistol form it’s got a

09:50 9-inch barrel it’s just tiny and but yet you feel this really good quality to it the odin aluminum chassis just feels natural the grip at the front it gives you just something to hold on to because that barrel is short but pulling that trigger it’s just so easy the the recoil is nothing i mean that’s what i love about taking 22 out of the range anyway is it’s low report low noise is fairly inexpensive to shoot and yet it’s so much fun and with the emv where that red dot is right there in front when i pull it up

10:27 so easy to get on target so easy to see that dot and then again you can put any red dot sight on the market on this i mean i think this is ingenious to set up this system to where you can put any kind of red dot carbon fiber barrel it’s so lightweight it doesn’t put a lot of weight at the end of your pistol and of course with the threaded barrel you can throw on a suppressor it just naturally fits in the hand and it’s just a lot of fun to shoot whether you’re shooting it slow or you know you want to get that rapid

10:58 shots and that trigger is just exceptional now there’s a number of things about this little pistol that i really like but i think one of the things that’s the most innovative is the footprints for the different red dot sights i think that is huge and you have three different positions directly onto the receiver the chassis system is beautiful well made still keeps it really light the carbon fiber barrel sleeve on top again it keeps the weight down and it’s threaded by half by 28 threads the sp tactical brace of course those are very

11:45 well known tg 2000 trigger group is excellent and then of course just the reports and quality and the attention to detail so there’s not really anything negative that i can say about this if you’re looking for a very small collapsible foldable type small firearm to pack away to carry the suppressor host i mean whatever you want to do of course it’s m lock ready now as far as price goes the msrp is 1554.

12:16 and to a lot of people that’s going to be a big negative because they don’t see the value of going from just a basic 1022 up to something like this but i’ll tell you when i did my build for my bull barrel 1022 it cost me 1200 and that was me putting it together which was fun but it still was a 1022 with upgraded parts but not anything like this and then of course market price could be less so overall this is a beautiful gun the only thing that again that i see would be a negative to some is the price and guys there’s a lot of just basic

12:51 1022s out there and you know we kind of settle for that mediocrity but if you want to step it up to a whole nother level it’s going to be hard to beat the vulcorson env 9 or 6. so guys while the 1022 is an excellent rifle for a production rifle but when you take that 1022 design and you make it into a whole another animal that’s what the vulcort’s an emv is i mean it takes the charger design which obviously you know has been very popular with ruger and it really gives you all the upgrades that you could possibly want

13:26 and maybe even more i mean honestly there was a lot that i expected when i pulled this out and it surpassed even my expectations so check out for quartzon emv great little pistol nine inch six inch and their whole line of rifles and also their mark series pistols they’re just the top and if you’re really looking for something that’s a cut above take a look at vulcarson because i think you’re going to be very impressed and at the range with the accuracy with the simplicity and with the reliability i

14:00 mean they’re just great firearms and guys again we want to thank gitzone.com for putting us together with bull courtson and for quartz and descend the env9 i mean this has been a great experience and i’m a huge fan of the 1022 but man when it comes to this again this is another universe masters of the universe be strong be of good courage god bless america long live the republic so [Music] [Music]
15:17 [Music] emv because of the upgrades of this okay and it reveals half but okay then we have the odin okay now we have the odin and then it hits with full courts and and for and for the it’s like this black mamba this is based on the ruger 1022 and correct and up okay and make it i know you don’t want to see me fumbling around with this ratchet system

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