Biden Proceeds with USD 1B Weaponry for Israel Despite Previous Rafah Shipment Pause: Report

Biden Proceeds with USD 1B Weaponry for Israel Despite Previous Rafah Shipment Pause: Report

President of the US - Joe Biden | Credits: Reuters

United States: During the time when Israel and Hamas have been in war and conflict, the Biden Administration has been working on a plan under which the United States will be providing weapons worth USD 1 billion. The statement was shared after the White House paused one of the shipments last week following worries about the ground invasion by Israel. 

Out of the total one billion dollars, tank ammunition of USD 700 million, tactical vehicles of USD 500 million, and mortar rounds of USD 60 million will be delivered, according to the reports by the Wall Street Journal. 

However, the officials are not concerned about the date for sending the arms for assistance. 

But, the State Department has outlined that this package is not sent to provide assistance to Israel, according to Fox News. While addressing the concern, US National Security Adviser – Jake Sullivan stated that the shipment of 2000-pound bombs was stopped by the United States as “we do not believe they should be dropped in densely populated areas.”

The tensions have arisen because Israel has outlined that Rafah would be the last stronghold of Hamas and has pretended to brush off the warnings from its allies, especially the United States. 

The US takes on the current situation! 

Reportedly, White House National Security Communications Advisor – John Kirby has mentioned that the United States has come forward and told Israel “alternative methods of defeating Hamas that do not involve a major group operation in Rafah,” as per the reports by Fox News. 

In addition to this, Kirby also reaffirmed the commitment of the Biden administration towards Israel and stated that US President – Joe Biden has highlighted that “he will continue to ensure that Israel has all of the military means it needs to defend itself against all of its enemies, including Hamas.”

Furthermore, the advisor mentioned, “For [President Biden], this is very straightforward: He’s going to continue to provide Israel with all capabilities it needs, but he does not want certain categories of American weapons used in a particular type of operation in a particular place. And again, he has been clear and consistent with that,” as Fox News mentioned. 

In the present week, House Republicans were strategizing to progress legislation enforcing the provision of aggressive armaments for Israel. In light of Biden’s decision to halt bomb deliveries, Republicans have equated the action to forsaking the US’ nearest confederate in the Middle Eastern region.

The executive mansion conveyed on Tuesday that Biden would oppose the legislation if it were sanctioned by Congress. The legislation also faces negligible prospects in the Senate, dominated by Democrats. However, House Democrats are moderately split on the matter, with approximately two dozen appending their signatures to a communique to the Biden administration, expressing “profound apprehension regarding the implication” conveyed by the suspension of bomb deliveries.