Trump Team Lambasts Biden’s Mother’s Day Video as “Disgusting”

Trump Team Lambasts Biden’s Mother’s Day Video as “Disgusting”

Former President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump | Credits: Getty Images

United States: The campaigning team of Former President of the United States – Donald Trump has recently criticized the new campaign video by President Joe Biden and termed the move as a disgusting move. The Trump’s team outlined that the day chosen was not appropriate especially on the day of Mother’s Day. 

An anonymous member from Trump’s team was quoted saying, “What a sad, miserable, cowardly existence Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign must have to make such a disgusting ad on such a joyous day. Their lives are obviously filled with anger, hate, and resentment because they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” according to the reports by Fox News Digital.

Further adding, “President Trump continues to live rent-free in their pea-sized brains, even on Mother’s Day.”

What was Biden’s campaign video?

During the Mother’s Day celebrations, the Biden campaign seizes the occasion to castigate the former President, Trump, in a fresh promotional video, urging citizens to “Cease Trump’s influence.”

“Warm wishes on this Mother’s Day. The Biden campaign implores Americans to extend a kindness to the maternal figures in their lives. Cease Trump’s authority,” expressed the Biden campaign in an official statement, as reported by Fox News. 

Within the video narrative, the Biden campaign underscored, “On this day of maternal celebration, it’s imperative to recognize: Donald Trump champions solely his own interests, neglecting the welfare of mothers across the nation and their kin.”

“The ramifications of this impending election hold considerable weight for all citizens, particularly mothers nationwide, who face potential adversity under a second Trump administration,” declared the video, as Fox News highlighted. 

“Under Trump’s governance, governmental oversight may encroach upon their pregnancies, fracturing familial bonds. Conversely, President Biden ardently advocates for the reinstatement of his landmark Expanded Child Tax Credit, aiming to alleviate financial strain for families, alongside advocating for universal paid leave,” the Biden campaign’s message persists.

Several points elucidated by the Biden campaign justify the imperative of supporting Biden over Trump in the forthcoming election.

Rationales encompass attributing the denial of fertility treatments to Trump’s policies, authorizing state surveillance of women’s pregnancies, Trump’s assertion that women undergoing abortions should face repercussions, and Trump’s overt endorsement of maternal separation from offspring.

Further, Biden’s arguments contend that Trump’s policies would endanger maternal well-being, exacerbating hardships for women nationwide by actively undermining and seeking to repeal the Affordable Care Act; Biden’s concluding argument asserts that Trump’s economic strategies would unleash an “inflationary explosion,” amplifying financial burdens for mothers and families.

“Families rely on the nurturing care of mothers – and mothers merit a President who will safeguard their interests, endeavor to reduce their financial burdens, and advocate on their behalf. Donald Trump has not, and will not, fulfill that role; however, Joe Biden will,” asserted the Biden campaign.