Biden Regime Enabled Iran, Hezbollah Attack on Israel
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Biden Regime Enabled Iran, Hezbollah Attack on Israel

Biden Regime Enabled Iran, Hezbollah Attack on Israel | Credits: Reuters

United States: In the wake of Iran’s reprehensible attack on Israel, directly orchestrated by its military forces rather than through its proxy Hezbollah, the Biden administration’s failure to renew expiring sanctions against Iran at the United Nations is not just neglectful—it’s complicit.

Allowing these sanctions to expire effectively paved the way for Iran’s bold act of aggression, bolstering Tehran and sending a clear signal to the world that it is willing to turn a blind eye to Iran’s malicious intentions.

The recent massacre of over 1,200 innocent individuals in Israel, combined with Iran’s direct missile assault on Israeli soil, serves as a somber reminder of the consequences of appeasement and passivity in the face of malevolence. Iran, recognized as the primary state sponsor of terrorism, has been granted unchecked freedom to spread chaos and devastation throughout the Middle East, partly due to the misguided policies and lack of firmness by the Biden administration.

Let’s be unequivocal: Iran’s actions are not isolated occurrences but rather part of a broader trend of aggression and subversion. Its Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), designated as a terrorist organization by the United States, continues to operate with impunity, largely due to the Biden administration’s hesitance to directly confront Iran.

The recent barrage of over 300 drones and missiles launched directly by the Iranian military towards Israeli territory is a direct consequence of the Biden administration’s failure to take decisive action against Iran’s ballistic missile and drone programs. Although Israel’s defense forces admirably intercepted the majority of the incoming threats, the reality remains that these assaults could have been thwarted if the Biden administration had displayed the courage to confront Iran.

And the lapse of the sanctions as well, is not just a missed chance (the time is already lost) but it also is a stinging repartee of what have priority for the foreign policy of the Biden administration. If the Biden administration prefers to place appeasement over accountability, then Iran and its proxies defeat the purpose of their own stability and security as their activities will go against the interests of the whole region to be deterred from flourishing.

Hezbollah should not be ignored; it is probably Iran’s main proxy and pawn, which is also a stakeholder in this horrible performance. Hezbollah would clasp the terror-blowing instrument of Tehran when acting as a tool for the expression of disorder and terror in the Middle East and beyond, whose manifestation is noticeable in different conflicts that take place in the areas from Lebanon to Syria and more.

Like Israel’s past encounters with Iran, the latter has exploited the unity of the region, and it will probably fall upon Israel once more to deal with the violence that the people of the Middle East endure. On the flip side, the country continues to outsmart the hazards coming from different directions by strengthening its resilience and creating conditions for a peaceful situation in defiance of the overwhelming obstacles.

It is high time that the world community kept the Biden administration under close scrutiny and not necessarily to the last trifle but certainly it should demand positive and tangible action against Iran and its proxies. United Nations Security Council in its turn is expected to timely put in motion sanctions against Iran in order to prevent Iran from casting a cloud over peace and tranquility in Middle East countries.

The ending, that the Biden administration’s inaction and the policy of appeasement have made Iran and its proxies more emboldened to this extent, and that they have been allowed to execute acts of terror with impunity, made it so much easier for them to be this audacious. Just now, the community of the world should join forces with Israel to oppose the spread of the medieval schemes of dictatorship in the region, allowing freedom and promising a better future.