Whoopi Goldberg Claims Conservatives Want to “Bring Back Slavery”

Whoopi Goldberg Claims Conservatives Want to “Bring Back Slavery”

Whoopi Goldberg | Credits: AP Photo

United States: Whoopi Goldberg ignited a furor with her startling assertion, in a recent segment of ABC’s “The View,” that certain Republicans harbor a desire to “revive enslavement.” The outcry over her statement comes amid interactive and emotionally confusing moments about the Supreme Court’s overturning of a critical 1864 ban on abortion in Arizona. People have been accusing Goldberg of miscommunication and exaggeration.

Goldberg’s outbursts at the panel discussion were considerably incorrect and hazardous, which resulted in stigmatization. Goldberg not only demonstrated her deep ignorance of the actual issues but also revealed her unmindfulness of her negative attitude towards the dialectical process of reasoning by depicting Republican opponents of abortion in a light of profanity similar to that from one of the saddest periods in American history.

The voices of the conservatives rose, to no surprise, and Goldberg labeled the speech a very grave wrongdoing. This could only diminish any benefits that after-debates talk might have on society and instead increase segregation. They believe that this kind of exaggerated, far-fetched ones is the most powerful factor that stalls the process of getting agreement on pressing issues just because the political environment is the most divided and conflicted one.

To add to that, critics have also pointed out the dangerous repercussions of this kind of rhetoric which is not sooner condemned including some possible outcomes that may result from it. According to them, the act of Goldberg, who gives in to the press, is an infringement of the public discourse that in turn, challenges the very essence of her own platform.

The media fuss over these statements has piled up, and Goldberg’s is now being forced to either retract or clarify them. Many have also started calling for some kind of apology to be issued for the damage caused. Nevertheless, for the moment, Goldberg has not made any recission, no apology, or no recognition of what a rather hurtful language she has been using.

Goldberg’s remarks epitomize a broader issue in American media and politics: one wherein conservative Americans are habitually vilified for their convictions without repercussion. This rhetoric should sound alarm bells for all patriotic Americans invested in the unfettered and genuine exchange of ideas and political discourse.