Cabot “St Michael’s Banderole” Pistol -The Firearm Blog

Cabot “St Michael’s Banderole” Pistol -The Firearm Blog

Cabot Guns have added another masterpiece to their OAK (One-Of-A-Kind) Collection of deluxe 1911-style pistols. Dubbed the St Michael’s Banderole, this 9mm pistol is made of Damascus steels from Jason Morrisey and Robert Eggerling, is fitted with meteorite-made sights and is embellished with engravings dedicated to Saint Michael.

Cabot Guns @ TFB:

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Who doth have the courage and credence to defend the grizzled hands of the warrior? Who lifts the challis as the protector of the protectors?  St Michael raised the defender’s sword as the original warrior when he vanquished Satan from the peace of the heavens to a fiery existence in the anguish of Hell; thus seizing the mantel as the eternal guardian over all warriors who defend their God, family, and country from the aggression of evil.  The only resume of St Michael’s courage is worn in his scars and campaign ribbons from the eternal battle of good versus evil and the battlefield prayers for his protection by the most fervent warriors throughout the ages.

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The Damascus steel patterns on Cabot Guns St Michael’s Banderole pistol are tailored to resemble war banners and heraldic flags. The part of the barrel exposed through the top slide cut is engraved with Saint Michael’s sword. The dust cover portion of the slide is engraved with part of the Saint Michael’s prayer. The deep-crowned muzzle is encircled with olive branches engraved on the barrel bushing. The magazines have a bottom curvature matching the frame and are engraved with the image of St. Michael slaying evil. The mainspring housing has Saint Michael’s cross and prayer engraved on it.

Like other Cabot Guns OAK Collection pistols, the St Michael’s Banderole was also sold in a beautiful case that is a work of art in its own right.

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