Cardinal Gregory Slams Biden’s Selective Catholicism

Cardinal Gregory Slams Biden’s Selective Catholicism

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United States: Cardinal Wilton Gregory from Washington DC has issued scathing condemnation towards President Biden, branding him a “cafeteria Catholic” for selectively adhering to Catholic doctrine that aligns with his political agenda while disregarding others.

In a recent appearance on Face the Nation, Cardinal Gregory was unequivocal, accusing Biden of opportunistically embracing elements of Catholicism that align with his Democratic platform while conveniently sidestepping or contradicting others. Specifically, Gregory pointed to Biden’s backing of abortion rights and transgender visibility as glaring instances of this selective adherence to Catholic principles.

Despite Biden’s outward profession of faith, his deeds speak volumes. As only the second Catholic president in US history, following John F. Kennedy, Biden has actively advocated for policies diametrically opposed to core Catholic teachings. His support for expanded abortion rights, same-sex marriage, and “gender-affirming care” stands in direct contradiction to Catholic doctrine.

Cardinal Gregory has pointed out that Biden’s stance on the crucially important morality issues betrays the empty language. Coming up with political publicity over the teachings of faith, Biden has established himself to be a real hypocrite who doesn’t follow the principles which any devout Catholic is supposed to.

The term “cafeteria Catholicism” used by the cardinal is even more offensive because it is directly comparable to a cafeteria where dishes with favorite ingredients are chosen for oneself before others are neglected, thus neglecting the rest. To Biden, finding a middle ground seems to be an unavoidable step while, in fact, he relishes in the version of Catholicism he chooses. And he just ignores the embarrassing truths that these convictions stand in the way of.

Essentially, Gregory’s condemnation targets not only the differences in the theological notions between Biden and the Church; it undermines Biden’s faith sincerity and his honesty as a practicing Catholic. He endangers the Catholic rest with the policies he openly supports and develops, which are contrary to the essential precepts of the faith. This raises concern about his fidelity to his faith.

The most recent clash between Cardinal Gregory and Biden displays a broad split in the Roman Catholic community, whose views are often on issues like those related to abortion and those on sexual orientation and gender identity. Whether or not Biden seems faithful enough to his Catholicism, his actions tell a different story, and this comes as a surprise not only to but also a divine disloyalty to the Church to most faithful Catholics.

Finally, Cardinal Gregory’s censorship implies deep reflections that a true religious faith cannot exist without commitment as it requires the followers to stick to the principles, the truth, and the code of the religion. Biden cannot remain consistent with Catholic beliefs until he harmonizes his political program with his faith. The Catholic faithful are still influenced by the Churches teaching, and they openly criticize any deviation.