Gift Ideas For Concealed Carry -The Firearm Blog

Gift Ideas For Concealed Carry -The Firearm Blog

Welcome back to another edition of Concealed Carry Corner. Last week, we looked at the good and bad of carrying during the winter months. If you happened to miss that article be sure to click the link here to check it out. This week, I wanted to look at some items that are great for people who carry a concealed firearm but don’t break the bank. It can sometimes be tricky picking out a gift for your loved one who carries a gun but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new firearm or something else. Let’s take a closer look at some gift ideas for concealed carry.

Concealed Carry Corner @ TFB:

Blue Alpha Hybrid Belt

One of my favorite items when I carry a concealed handgun is actually my Blue Alpha belt. A few years ago I picked up one of their Hybrid EDC belts with a smaller cobra buckle and it’s been fantastic. I would say this has been the one belt I’ve worn roughly 95% of the time throughout the 4 years I’ve owned my belt. Not only do they have a rough sizing chart so it will fit, but they also have a velcro section for fine adjustments to accommodate different size firearms as well as after a large meal with family. It’s been the one belt I can rely on and thoroughly enjoy wearing it on a daily basis.

Sizing is super easy with directions on their website in a variety of different colors. Once I started using my hybrid EDC belt, once I switched back to a traditional belt, it just wasn’t as comfortable so I would typically just carry a gun with my hybrid belt. A belt made for carrying concealed is a thicker style belt that doesn’t fold or bend with daily use. This allows the gun to stay put in the same position all day every day without the gun shifting or moving positions at all. It may be a simple gift, but in the bigger picture, it makes a huge difference in being comfortable all day while carrying a handgun. This is an awesome gift idea and it’s certainly worth giving them a look.

NeoMag Magazine Carrier

Another simple gift for that gun person in your life is the NeoMag magnetic magazine carrier. It allows you to easily carry a spare magazine with a magnetic clip that attaches to your pants pocket. This acts almost like a pocket knife would but it allows you to quickly draw a spare magazine consistently out of your front pocket every single time. Before I had one of these NeoMag clips, I would just throw a spare magazine in my pocket and often times it would slide around throughout the day and change positions.

When drawing your spare magazine, it can be tricky to know what orientation it would be drawn from your pocket whereas with the NeoMag, it’s the same every single time. There are specific styles for Glocks and other polymer magazines versus metal magazines but other than that it’s really just what color and configuration you want as a daily carry. I have one of the standard grey as well as a blue clip that blends in with my pants to make it difficult to even see in my pocket. Typically, these magnetic clips will range from $40-80 depending on if you go with the standard model or custom shop variations they have in limited amounts.

SureFire Handheld Light

When I’m not carrying a spare magazine, it’s always nice to have a handheld light in my pocket. I have said multiple times in previous articles, that it’s way more useful to have a handheld light rather than a weapon-mounted light, especially for daily use. Out of everything I have carried, nothing has really been used more every day than a good pocket knife or my SureFire G2X Pro LED flashlight. These converted G2X Pro LED lights from SureFire have dropped in price making them really affordable compared to other options.

The G2X Pro typically is $89-99 depending on where you order it from but for the money it’s a fantastic light. Other SureFire options are brighter with smaller profiles but they will cost more naturally as a result. The G2X is a great option and it’s been bulletproof reliable for me over the past three years. If you’re looking to buy a flashlight at a slightly higher price the EDC1 and EDC2 lights from SureFire are also fantastic options. If you’re looking for a quick gift for that gun-friendly person, a solid-built handheld light is an awesome idea and will be something they remember!

Range Ammo

If you are completely lost and don’t know what to get someone, at the end of the day we can never have enough ammo. The hardest thing about ammo is finding a reliable round and making sure it’s the correct caliber for that particular person’s firearm. If I buy ammo for someone I know, I typically will pick up some Federal American Eagle or their bulk match ammo as well. Both options have proven to be reliable and aren’t super expensive.

If you’re not sure what exactly to get and need something quick, range ammo is a great gift idea that’s always very much appreciated. The only thing is you need to try and put plastic in the box so the rounds don’t jiggle. A box of ammo makes one of the most unique noises and it’s a dead giveaway so any way to muffle the rounds inside the box is a good trick! it may seem like a boring idea for Christmas, but every time I get ammo, it always makes me feel happy so it’s never a bad idea as a Christmas gift.

Overall Thoughts

There is no question it can be tricky shopping for someone who carries a concealed handgun every day but there are certainly some items that make life easier for them that don’t break the bank. It can be pricy buying certain items but anything shooting-related is a huge help with training and making life easier.

Any of these gifts I would be happy to receive and I think your person would be equally excited. What else do you guys enjoy getting for Christmas? Let me know some of your favorite gifts down in the comments below. If you have questions about firearm products or guns in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and we will see you next week for another edition of Concealed Carry Corner.

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