Jill Biden Loses Her Mind as Prez Biden Faces Electoral Challenges as Polls Show Trump’s Lead

Jill Biden Loses Her Mind as Prez Biden Faces Electoral Challenges as Polls Show Trump’s Lead

President Joe Biden along with US First Lady Jill Biden | Credits: Getty Images

United States: First Lady Jill Biden found herself in a fervent effort to counter recent dire polling outcomes that depict her husband, President Biden, trailing behind former President Donald Trump in nearly every pivotal electoral battleground.

Appearing on “CBS Mornings” this Wednesday, Mrs. Biden faced intense questioning regarding the dismal state of Biden’s re-election campaign, notably highlighted by a recent survey from The Wall Street Journal indicating the Democratic incumbent’s lag behind Trump in six out of seven crucial swing states.

The CBS host, Tony Dokoupil, delved into the polling data, only to be rudely interrupted by Mrs. Biden, who briskly asserted, “No, he’s not faltering.”

“In every battleground, he’s not trailing; he’s making strides,” she inserted loftily, cutting off Dokoupil before he could conclude his inquiry.

“He’s maintaining his position, even surging ahead,” Mrs. Biden disdainfully added. “Once voters begin to focus and deliberate, it becomes evident that Joe will secure victory in this election.”

When pressed on whether she entertained any apprehensions regarding President Biden’s re-election prospects, she tersely responded, “No, absolutely not. I am fully confident that Joe will secure another term.”

The aforementioned Wall Street Journal poll, unveiled on Tuesday, illuminated Trump’s lead over Biden in pivotal states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina—states critical for triumph in the November election. The survey hinted that Biden was merely on par with Trump in Wisconsin, failing to garner substantial momentum elsewhere.

Reports indicate that even President Biden himself is increasingly agitated and apprehensive about his dwindling prospects for re-election.

NBC News previously disclosed his purported outburst during a January meeting, where he allegedly “yelled and cursed” upon learning of his declining poll figures in key battleground states like Michigan and Georgia, attributed to his management of international crises such as the conflict in Israel, according to a lawmaker familiar with the matter.

Biden’s display of frustration underscores his persistent exasperation over what he perceives as an unfair lack of acknowledgment for his supposed accomplishments. He is purportedly incessantly pressing aides about which facets of his agenda to emphasize in different states.

The report also sheds light on Biden’s sheltering by protective aides, who endeavor to shield him from making slip-ups that could further tarnish his reputation. Such missteps have raised substantial doubts about his mental acuity in recent months.

“A man with decades of experience in Congress and occupying the highest office in the nation shouldn’t require this degree of guidance,” a source informed NBC News. “Attempting to alter his persona is a grave misstep. Let the president be himself and take his chances.”

Biden’s mounting frustration mirrors broader apprehensions among Democrats regarding his age and vigor. Previous reports suggest he has engaged in numerous behind-closed-doors meetings with major donors in an attempt to allay their escalating concerns about his prospects in the 2024 election.