Lone Wolf DUSK 19 Pistol -The Firearm Blog

Lone Wolf DUSK 19 Pistol -The Firearm Blog

Lone Wolf Arms emerged in the early 1990s as a response to the demand for high-quality, customized firearm parts in the United States. Founded by brothers JD and Kurt Devine, Lone Wolf initially began as a small business focusing on manufacturing replacement barrels for Glock pistols. Through their engineering, Lone Wolf Arms rapidly expanded its product line to include slides, frames, and a diverse range of firearm components. Back in May of this year, Hop and I were invited down to Georgia to take a look at a few new products from Lone Wolf. The star of the show for Lone Wolf was their Dusk 19 pistol. Lone Wolf Arms has been known for a long time for creating aftermarket parts for Glocks, and until I was invited to this event, that’s all I thought they did. The Dusk 19 is their new Glock pattern pistol, and their aim is to solve some of the out-of-the-box issues that most people have with the Glocks and deliver it at a reasonable price point with a broad feature set.

Lone Wolf @ TFB:


I am reviewing the Lone Wolf Dusk 19 today. The first copy sent out to me from Lone Wolf had a couple issues arise with it so we requested a second pistol for this review. I did not believe the first pistol was wholly representative of what the Dusk 19 is. The remainder of this review shall be about the second copy of a Dusk 19 that was sent out to me. For obvious reasons, there are going to be a few different colored pistols in the review so you may see images of the old pistol that I will be utilizing for this review. Some ammo for this review was provided by Hornady.

Specification –  DUSK 19 

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: 4.60″
  • Overall Length: 7.655″
  • Overall Width: 1.14″
  • Trigger Pull Weight : 5.5 pounds
  • Weight without Mag: 20.0 oz
  • MSRP $ 650

Special features – DUSK 19 

  • Interchangeable flat & rounded backstraps
  • Enhanced flat trigger system and ergonomic guard profile to reduce “Glock’s knuckle”
  • Reflex Sight Ready with DUSK optic cover plate included
  • Aggressive texturing along grip
  • Suppressor hight sights and a threaded barrel.

Ergonomics – DUSK 19 

If you’re familiar with any Glock-style pistol, then the ergonomics from the Dusk 19 are going to be very familiar to you. The guys at Lone Wolf have added an incredibly aggressive texture to the grip of the gun and at first, I thought this was too aggressive. I still wouldn’t consider this pistol to be a great carry option especially if you like to carry IWB, but the grip has grown on me over time. After a couple of sweaty range sessions, I can definitely attest to the functionality of the grip when your hands are not dry.

The pistol comes with two back straps from the factory. One is in line with the 19° angle. Personally, I like a little bit of a fatter grip on my pistols so I opted for the larger grip panel of the two. It’s nice to see them add options out of the box. There’s a generous undercut in the frame, giving you the ability to really choke up on this pistol, and get the most amount of leverage while shooting. In my original first impressions piece on this pistol, I thought that the slide release was a bit too pointy but on my second copy of this pistol, I found it to be not as bad. This could be just me learning how to utilize the pistol better. Finally, the magazine release is large and a good size in comparison to standard GEN 3 Glock pistols, which is what this pistol is based on.

Accuracy – DUSK 19 

While I am certainly not the best pistol shooter in the world, even with the iron sights on this pistol I was able to put up some pretty decent groups at 10 to 15 yards. While this pistol does come with a removable top plate for mounting optics, I don’t currently own an optic that would fit this pistol so I did not get to shoot this handgun with an optic on it for this review. I found the flat-faced aluminum trigger on the DUSK 19 to be a welcomed feature the more rounds I put down range. While it’s certainly not the lightest trigger in the world being on par with most of your stock Glock triggers, the face seems to help me out in my range time.

As mentioned before, the aggressive texturing in conjunction with the high undercut on the trigger guard makes this pistol easier to shoot than a standard Glock. There are some very small thumb wedges on both sides of the pistol. While these didn’t do much for me, they might help you out in your control of the recoil on this pistol. Overall after I had a chance to warm up to this pistol and put a few hundred rounds through it, I found the suitability and accuracy to be pretty much on par with a modded Glock. The limiting factor of this handgun will most likely be the shooter and not the handgun.

Maintenance – DUSK 19 

Being that this is a GEN 3 Glock clone, the takedown and maintenance are very simple and easy. If you can make coffee in the morning with a Keurig, you can probably take this pistol apart and put it back together blindfolded.

Reliability –  DUSK 19 

The original DUSK 19 that I received did have some reliability issues. Often I found that pistol to be very easy to induce a stovepipe by “limp wristing” the pistol. At first, I figured this was just me being too gingerly with the pistol but after it happened a couple of dozen times, I realized that this was a problem with the pistol and not me. I reached out to Lone Wolf and let them know about the issue and they immediately sent me another copy to continue my review. The second copy of that pistol has run flawlessly with zero malfunctions after 500 rounds and no cleaning. I do want to note that everybody else that I know, that has shot this pistol for review has reported zero malfunction issues so I do believe that one copy I had was a lemon.

Accessories / Mods –  DUSK 19 

One of the reasons people love to buy stock Glocks is because of the aftermarket support there is. You name it someone has probably made it for a Glock 17 or 19. As mentioned before, the aim of the DUSK 19 is to give the end-user a true out-of-the-box pistol they’re going to want to shoot and really don’t need to modify unless they really want to. With that being said, even after this review, I don’t think I’ll be installing any additional modifications to this particular handgun aside from maybe an optic.

Cost –  DUSK 19 

The DUSK 19 comes in at $650 MSRP, and at that price, I think you’re getting a lot of gun for your money. If you were to buy a standard Glock 19 and add suppressor height sights, a threaded barrel, a flat-faced trigger, a stippling job, and a larger magazine release, it would certainly cost you more than $650 and that’s even with some of the MOS variations of Glocks. For those reasons, I think this pistol is a pretty outstanding value for the money

Conclusion –  DUSK 19 

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