Mayorkas in Hot Seat For Allegedly Encouraging Illegals to Vote for Biden

Mayorkas in Hot Seat For Allegedly Encouraging Illegals to Vote for Biden

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas | Credits: Reuters

United States: Amidst a recent fiscal deliberation within Congress, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas faced rigorous examination from Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) regarding a profoundly unsettling accusation. The Oversight Project by The Heritage Foundation brought to light a flyer purportedly originating from the Resource Center Matamoros. This flyer brazenly urges migrants to cast their votes in favor of President Joe Biden, pledging, “We necessitate another four-year extension of his tenure to sustain our accessibility.”

This provocative material, reportedly stumbled upon by freelance journalists in Mexico and relayed by Muckraker, raises significant apprehensions regarding the integrity of our electoral mechanisms.

The flyer, yet to be authenticated by mainstream media outlets and conspicuously absent from the official publications of Resource Center Matamoros, hints at a potential imbroglio of substantial proportions. The ramifications are grave, hinting at a concerted endeavor to sway US elections by exerting influence over the migrant populace, a cohort expressly disqualified from participating in our electoral framework.

Rep. Bishop directly confronted Mayorkas, asserting, “The Heritage Foundation Oversight Project has disseminated this documentation purportedly originating from a non-governmental entity in Mexico known as the Resource Center Matamoros… which allegedly contains the following excerpt when translated: ‘Reminder to endorse President Biden’s candidacy upon your arrival in the United States. We necessitate another four-year extension of his tenure to maintain our accessibility,’” thereby illustrating a glaring deficiency in border surveillance and immigration enforcement under the current administration.

Mayorkas’s retort was simultaneously dismissive and inadequate, contending that “individuals devoid of US citizenship cannot partake in federal electoral processes” and asserting that DHS holds no jurisdiction over electoral registrations but merely executes border protocols. Nevertheless, this rejoinder vividly underscores the crux of the matter—the lax enforcement and oversight policies of the Biden administration, which have potentially allowed millions, including two million undocumented ‘got-aways,’ to exploit lacunae in the electoral registration system.

Secretary Mayorkas and the Biden administration must be held answerable for their complicity in what appears to be a blatant disregard for statutes safeguarding both our borders and our ballots. This episode is not an aberrant anomaly but symptomatic of a broader, more disconcerting pattern under Secretary Mayorkas’s DHS: a calculated relaxation of immigration measures seemingly tailored to advance political rather than pragmatic objectives.

It is imperative for the sanctity of our democratic processes that exhaustive inquiries ensue. If, indeed, migrants are being tacitly or explicitly instructed to advocate for a specific political outcome, such conduct warrants robust legal retribution. We must demand more than tepid assurances from our leaders; we require tangible measures and transparent accountability to rekindle trust in our immigration apparatus and electoral probity.