New Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 Pistol Review :Tempo Rotating Barrel

New Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7 Pistol Review :Tempo Rotating Barrel

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00:00 the Smith and Wesson m p 5.7 let’s check it out [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] guys I love five seven super easy to

01:05 shoot I mean it’s just low recoil and yet it can be an effective self-defense round there have been a number of different handguns and rifles that have been produced in five seven it is a NATO caliber was introduced in 1990 by FN for the P90 and then the fn57 which is their pistol Ruger came out with one PSA now has come out with one and now Smith and Wesson I love it because that means that the 5.

01:36 7 caliber which is a neck down 35 grain in this case going 1750 feet per second and it’s bringing the price down it’s been the one Bane four five seven is the price has been pretty high but we’re getting it down to a fairly reasonable price and the more firearms that come out in five seven the more that’s going to happen but one thing about the Smith and Wesson it’s not just another five seven it has the tempo delayed rotary gas system in this gun and it tames The Recoil even more and it’s very innovative guys I’m telling you we’re living in the

02:12 Golden Age of firearms and here is another example of that golden age and we want to thank Smith Wesson for sending the m p 57 for this review now guys I think one of the things that I really love about five seven is the mag capacity I mean we have 22 plus one in the mag and that gives you a lot of capability we’re going to look at a little closer but the 5.

02:43 7 is a definitely a great self-defense round it comes in between the nine millimeter and 380 as far as ballistics and yet The Recoil is considerably less it is a neck down cartridge and that just allows for the pressures less for feeding to be really reliable and it just is more like a rifle round in fact this was designed for the P90 which is a rifle made for close quarter combat and so it doesn’t penetrate quite as far as a lot of your standard self-defense ammunition as well and there’s a number of different ammo

03:17 choices but before we get started let’s go ahead and drop our 22 round magazine I mean that is just crazy in itself they are stainless check and the Chamber is empty now for the past couple of years we’ve had some additions to the five seven family originally we had the fn57 this is a very unique design firearm I mean it is different than anything else on the market and it was the first pistol that was designed for five seven one of the things about that pistol in particular is it’s fairly expensive in

03:49 fact almost double what these three that I have on the table then Ruger came out with their five seven this is a 20 plus one in the magazine it’s a great shooting gun it is internal Hammer fired which is very similar to the Smith and Wesson which is also internal Hammer fired and then we have the PSA 57 Rock and this is a 23 round magazine so you’re getting an additional round but the price is considerably less and PSA is really putting out some pretty cool stuff so when Smith and Wesson came out with their five seven I wasn’t shocked

04:25 but honestly I was a little surprised but with the popularity of five seven this really began to generate this gives us some different unique features than even the other two and I’ve done four reviews on these two but this is something that’s a little bit different so guys now this is what’s so Innovative about the Smith and Wesson 5.

04:45 7 this is the tempo rotating barrel system and what happens right here is this is your barrel and it actually turns and rotates right here this outer part is a sleeve and so you’ll notice we’ll go ahead and pull the barrel on out you have gas checks all the way down we have a hole right here or a gas port and once the round extends past this gas Port it actually unlocks the Barrel in the sleeve and so that gives it some delay which makes it really soft shooting and it makes it more reliable and so you’ll notice that it just comes out like this

05:27 it doesn’t come all the way out it just rotates and then it locks back in here when it’s on the frame you’ll notice it just has that much movement it’s not a lot but it gives it that delay that brings it back and that’s really the the big plus for the m p 5.7 definitely very Innovative the rotating Barrel does signs have been you know reported already is being you know a very big Recoil Reducer Beretta has their storm PX4 Storm it’s a rotating Barrel Grand power does a number of rotating Barrel

06:01 systems and I think even Glock rumors are that they have been working on a rotating bolt system as well and so it just gives it a very safe system that it delays it to unlock we are going to show the complete disassembly but I wanted to show this very unique feature right up front now again we have a five inch barrel half by 28 threads the slide has that armor knight finish which to me is one of the best black nitride finishes on the market Smith and Wesson does a fantastic job I mean on their finishing we have front and rear

06:36 cocking serrations but you do have this kind of a beveled area up at the top so it makes it really simple to be able to pull back and we’re going away now from the kind of a fish scale pattern that Smith Wesson was using for their MMP series and going more toward really directional slide serrations but you can see all the different cuts we have Cuts here ports the Barrel’s not ported but the slides ported and this just relieves weight and then we have serrations along the top and that just cuts down on any

07:07 kind of glare when you’re shooting now this is Optics ready and this is for the Shield rmsc or the micro red dots and that’ll fit a lot of your whole assigns or different really small micro red dots because this pistol is so thin so you don’t want to stay standard Red Dot but it is flush to the slide we have three Dot sights and you I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of different options and of course the front sight is beveled in texturing on the grip is excellent and it does give you a really nice high ride

07:43 on here and it’s undercut right here at the trigger guard so fairly low boraxes but really with the recoil that this puts out it’s not a super big deal as it is with more heavier recoiling Firearms you do have a four slot picatinny rail at the front and it is fully ambidextrous your slide stops again are on both sides and you can switch the magazine release to the other side and one thing about Smith and Wesson with their owner’s manual everything is detailed even to lubrication points on the firearm the magazines I mean they’re

08:18 just great I mean stainless steel they have the orange follower nice base plate and it has that really nice 17 degree grip angle which is going to be similar for your 1911s in fact this kind of reminds me of a 1911 because it’s so thin but man The Recoil is so Neil now we do have our trigger shoe right here so that’s going to be your safety you can get a model with frame safety but I requested no frame safety this is a flat face trigger I’m going to tell you what guys a little bit of take up right here

08:55 me that break is tactile it’s Audible and it is crisp very crisp then reset really fast and you’ll notice that little trigger stop on the end so there is no over travel it is this trigger is really excellent check the trigger pull away with our alignment trigger gauge and brown ales we’re going to try to get it right at that spot where your finger goes this triggers a little bit slick on that here we go three pounds 8.

09:32 6 ounces three pounds 13.3 ounces all right Smith and Wesson m p five seven it’s 26 ounces or one pound 10 ounces now guys when it comes to ammo it’s really great to see pyoki coming out with a couple of different lines of ammunition for the five seven it’s a 40 grain bullet and then they have the 35 grains one thing I do want to show you is this really unusual loader you’ll notice that it doesn’t load from the top here even though this loads from the top and that’s one thing I want to just demonstrate just like your AR-15 it just

10:06 pops in like this so it’s really simple to load and the bullet just goes easily down into the magazine with this loader and you’ll see that it’s marked at the direction so as we put it in and we drop around right here into this hole it just snaps it it took me a few minutes to figure this out but not too long and it goes in really consistently so cool little loading system from Smith and Wesson and this is a first and honestly once you get the hang of it it’s not that bad well man I’ll tell you what there is no

10:56 recoil whatsoever there’s just no recoil we shot it next to the Ruger 5.7 and then the PSA five seven Rock and this definitely hands down has the lowest recoil obviously that Tempo gas system in here just really spins that gas but yet it gives it the velocity um I’ll tell you guys I mean definitely it feels a lot like the other two it’s a little bit thinner a little bit thinner I like it it feels more like a 1911.

11:30 the reciprocating slide coming back with all the cuts it just makes it really really soft to shoot I’d love to get a suppressor on here at some point just a very reliable handguns one of the things about five seven is because of the neck down case it just feeds automatically you know into that chamber and so it allows for really consistent reliable feeding but overall I mean we have had a really great time with this um you know I’m a big fan of the Ruger and the PSA but this definitely is a lesser recoiling firearm

12:16 I mean it’s just nothing it’s just like it stays tracked right on with the site makes it really easy and of course if you want to do any kind of one-handed shots even we can foreign easy to pull the slide back slides a little more difficult than the rock or the Ruger actually because of that Locking System that rotating Bolt just kind of gives it a little bit of resistance but then it just comes back really easy 22 rounds great option four five seven great to see Smith jump on this [Applause] foreign foreign

13:57 magazine again check the chamber now we have our takedown levers right here our slide stops it’s kind of one in the same and you’ll notice on the right side of the slide stop there is a small little pin now the left side we’re going to bring back our slide stop to this little crescent and then take a small punch and just push it right out and your slide stop will just fall free once the slide stops removed you can pull off your upper assembly just hold on to your recoil system now we have our recoil spring and guide

14:30 rod it is all stainless we have a half by 28 pitch threaded barrel so this is great for suppressors or compensators whatever you want to put on it we have to remove The Protector first then just pull up on your barrel and it comes out once we pull it out we can pull the barrel right out this is just a sleeve here you can see where it was test fired at the factory we have not shot this gun yet so this is where it’s going to need to be cleaned need to be maintained in these little ports this is definitely something that is extremely unique it’s

15:05 five inches in length and this is really going to Aid in your recoil now here we have our internal hammer and we’re going to check trigger pull but this is a really excellent trigger pull on this handgun but the hammer is flat it rests really deep and you know you can see the configuration but fairly simple then here with the slide got your firing pin block right here and very a lot of area is removed from the slide so it keeps it really lightweight but guys this is an extremely Innovative design and it’s

15:40 great to see gun companies coming out with things that are totally different than the original Browning design there’s no tilt on this Barrel it rides straight now for reassembly we’re going to insert our Barrel and then it just locks in you have to have it locked into place before it will reassemble we’re going to add it into our slide now you will notice that the barrel does can’t it does tilt inside the slide and so you want to make sure this is aligned when you put it over your frame go ahead

16:12 and reinsert our thread protector recoil spring and guide rod next we’re going to bring the slide over our frame and guys I’ll tell you it’s a little tricky at first but once you get it over it there we go working past the guide rod and making sure that Barrel is aligned and it kind of aligns itself and then we’re going to go ahead and take this little crescent and we’re going to line it up with our hole for our slide stop and it just snaps right back into place we’re back in business

16:52 now here we have nine millimeter Parabellum this is of course the most popular self-defense round in the world and you know for good reasons then we have your five seven but then we have the 380 ACP as far as muzzle energy goes the five seven is right in the middle of these two rounds now there is a lot of debate there’s been a lot of testing obviously NATO has chosen the five seven so it’s definitely a capable self-defense round I mean it has better ballistics in some aspects and yet they’re not millimeters better in other

17:25 applications and then 380 ACP which is an effective self-defense round especially with really good quality self-defense ammunition so less recoil very light recoil and that’s one of the big pluses for the five seven but it’s a small bullet going at a really high velocity now one of the advantages of a five seven especially compared to a nine millimeter first off you have a lot less recoil it’s about 30 percent less and so it’s going to be easier to get on target get shots secondly much higher round

17:57 capacity standard Glock 17 in this size would be about 17 rounds plus one here we’re going with 22 rounds plus one much thinner grip thicker grip but thinner grip so it’s a little more ergonomic as well it also has a greater range the 757 you know it can get out to 200 250 300 yards especially in a Carbine when you get to nine millimeter you know you’re talking about max range in a Carbine would be probably about 175 to 200 yards you’re going to get a little more range with your five seven but what are some

18:33 downsides well it’s a very small projectile yes it’s moving really fast and so the kinetic energy I mean again there’s a lot of debate over that but it still offers a really good self-defense option very easy to rack the slide a little more ergonomic one problem though is all the five seven handguns we’re seeing are full size we haven’t really seen any compact sizes and that remains to be seen if they’re having any kind of issues maybe with the barrel length needs to be that long to accommodate the

19:06 five seven to make these reliable I don’t know so we’re going to find out more about that as it’s coming up but it is a lightweight option again it’s really low on recoil easy to rack the slide I mean it’s definitely very suitable and with that it gives people more confidence to have that shot placement so I see a big Advantage there one big disadvantage though is ammo price and availability nine millimeters much more available I mean you’ve got all kind of different self-defense type

19:35 loads different companies making it at this point right now we have a number of companies so there’s a lot of specialty five seven ammo out there but mainly what we’re seeing is FN which is tip really the highest running about two thousand feet per second so it’s it’s good stuff but then we have Federal who’s been producing uh five seven through the American Eagle label and you know it’s a little bit lesser velocity but definitely a little less expensive about ten dollars Less in fact I’ve saw

20:05 it for around the 32 dollar range for a box and then now fyoki has come in and they’re offering a number of different lines of ammunition and we’re seeing it running around the 40 dollar range or so guys a few years ago I did a review on the fn57 and I believe the ammunition was coming in at about 18 a box so hopefully we’ll see it kind of get back down to at least close to that range it would be nice to see it around twenty dollars a box and with all the new offerings whether it’s Kel-Tec cmmg of

20:39 course FN and now PSA Ruger and Smith and Wesson and Smith and Wesson’s a big player in this Mark Market that’s a big Advantage for five seven just in itself now and the manufacturer suggested retail price on the Smith and Wesson is 6.99 so we’re going to see market price come down less I think that’s pretty close to where the Ruger is your FNS are running around a thousand thousand fifty but then the palm of the state of Armory they’re coming in at about 4.

21:11 99 and so we’re seeing a market of pistols that are kind of going down in price ammunition is coming down and the more popular this caliber becomes I think the lower the price is the more availability we’re going to see with ammo so guys we’re seeing a lot of five seven pistols and rifles carbines that are coming out it’s one of those rounds guys that can go handgun self-defense or even for your rifle or carbine it’s great to see the prices coming down not only on the handguns but also on the ammunition

21:40 originally again fifty dollars a box is what I had been paying about a year ago and now it’s getting down to about that 35 dollar and it will continue to drop as more ammunition companies jump on board and it’s a great thing to see fiokey coming out with two new offerings in five seven Spirit of competition it always brings the price down guys if you’re looking to get into the 5-7 game this Smith and Wesson m p five seven and this is an incredible firearm and with that Tempo recoiling system with

22:13 that delay I mean it just makes it even softer shooting than the original five seven which was really light this is a great gun for those who are recoil sensitive or have trouble just pulling the slide back this makes it even easier for our most vulnerable but yet it’s just a dead gum great firearm and with the ammo prices coming down just makes it a lot more appealing yeah I said dad gum so did my grandpa and we want to thank Smith Wesson for sending the m p five seven for this review be strong be of good courage God Bless

22:45 America long live the republic [Music] [Music] [Applause] foreign [Music] caliber and guys with the price coming down makes it that much sweeter as I dropped my glasses and then the barrel just slides right out now then just pull up on your especially the rotary delayed gas system

23:49 we have our locking block okay that’s it the bolt actually unlocks that’s not a bolt that’s a barrel you goof [Music] be strong be of good courage God Bless America oh

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