Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 with InfiRay Outdoor Mate MAH50 -The Firearm Blog

Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 with InfiRay Outdoor Mate MAH50 -The Firearm Blog

Welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Every day, we feature a photograph or two. I took these images for an upcoming review of the brand new Schmidt & Bender 6-36×56 PM II (yes, it’s finally here!), so consider them a teaser of some sort. I also took the opportunity to fit the InfiRay Outdoor Mate MAH50 front attachment, which adds thermal capability to (almost) any riflescope with an adapter. The mount is from Spuhr.

Just how great the new S&B 6-36×56 is I’m still trying to find out, but it certainly hasn’t shown much downside so far. The Infiray Mate MAH50 performs great, with a powerful 640×512 12μm thermal sensor.

infiray mate mah50 review

With a minimum of 6x power magnification, this marriage works but it would be far better to use a riflescope with a minimum magnification of 2-3 power. Here’s a sample from the onboard camera of the Infiray Mate MAH50, looking at red deer and fallow deer in a wildlife park. Don’t worry, it was not fitted to a firearm at the time.

Above: Everything is fitted to a Ruger Precision Rifle chambered in .308 Win, with an Anarchy Outdoors handguard with ARCA rail. The suppressor is from ASE Utra with a Cole-Tac cover. The camouflage is from Concamo, which kind of makes you disappear: TFB Review: Concamo Ghosthood – Confusion Camouflage System.

All images by the author.

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