NEW Strike Industries SMC BRAVO Chassis For SIG P320 Pistols -The Firearm Blog

NEW Strike Industries SMC BRAVO Chassis For SIG P320 Pistols -The Firearm Blog

Image credit: Strike Industries

Strike Industries has just unveiled their new SMC BRAVO Chassis for SIG P320 pistols, which allows much more modularity than a stock pistol. For those not familiar with the SIG P320 pistol series, a major design feature is that the serialized Fire Control Unit (FCU) allows the trigger group to be swapped into various grip moduals and used with various sized slides as well. The SMC BRAVO Chassis is the second such offering from Strike Industries, with the ALPHA being the first. However, the BRAVO is described as being the “lite” version, which will normally be listed at $129.95 compared the ALPHA which was released last year for $549.95. You can read Strike Industries’ description and features below.

 Srike Industries @ TFB:

The Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) – BRAVO for SIG Sauer P320 by Strike Industries is a new lite version of the MOST MODULAR P320 (SMC Alpha) Chassis in the WORLD at a fraction of the Alpha’s price. Customer feedback was heavily weighed and taken into consideration when we developed this chassis so when we say the Bravo was made with the user in mind, we mean it.

The new SMC Bravo is made of Polymer Extreme™ which is durable and lightweight — intended to receive P320 FCU’s and slides to complete the entire ensemble. This time around users can fully utilize their P320 optics-ready slides to effortlessly install their red dot sights! In terms of upgraded features in the Bravo, the ergonomics have improved with a textured grip which now includes a built-in flared magwell to assist with quick and smooth reloads.

Our optional Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle with a Slide Cover Mount for the P320 is also compatible so each Bravo user can decide which side they want to rack the slide with. This chassis also more universally accepting of many different types of P320 magazines. Users will enjoy the integrated gas pedal above the Picatinny rail to help fight muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

Derived from the SMC Alpha, the Bravo remains consistent as it comes with the SMC Rear Module Backstrap molded onto the new chassis as one solid piece. It offers users rear ambidextrous QD sockets and a Picatinny rail mount, perfect for attaching various accessories like our Strike Dual Folding Stock/Brace. The ambi QD sockets in the rear can be used with slings and can even have a lanyard or paracord strung through it (in case you want to hang this up somewhere quickly accessible).

Whether you’re looking to scratch that sci-fi itch, if you’re a Sig fan, or just want a PDW option, the Bravo is a ton of fun and lives up to its hype. Get your SMC BRAVO today before they sell out!

NOTE: You can only purchase one color at a time at checkout.

Strike Industries SMC BRAVO Chassis for SIG P320

Image credit: Strike Industries


  • Ambi QD sockets at the rear w/ loop-thru design so its possible to loop a lanyard or paracord
  • Built-in magwell for better magazine feeding
  • Flat magazine hole opening; this make the grip module able to use more different types of P320 magazines
  • Works with Ambidextrous Side Charging Handle with Slide Cover Mount
  • Extended picatinny rail located at front bottom of chassis and on Rear Module Backstrap for accessories
  • Compatible with optional Spare Magazine Holder for SIG SAUER P320 with SI Modular Magazine Release
  • SMC Bravo for SIG SAUER P320 uses SIG SAUER P320 OEM fitment takedown lever and P320 magazine release, SI Modular Magazine Release is pre-assembled and included
Strike Industries SMC BRAVO Chassis for SIG P320

Image credit: Strike Industries

The Strike Industries SMC BRAVO Chassis is (at the time of this writing) under pre-order status, and listed on their website for $85. There are several compatibility notes and a reminder to check your state’s laws regarding the use of several add-on accessories on the BRAVO’s designated webpage HERE. You can also peruse to see their whole product lineup.

What do think about the new P320 SMC BRAVO Chassis from Strike Industries? If you held off on the ALPHA version, is the BRAVO version calling your name?

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