Springfield Armory 22 LR Rifle? Model 2020 Rimfire Classic

Springfield Armory 22 LR Rifle? Model 2020 Rimfire Classic

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00:00 the Springfield Armory model 2020 Rimfire let’s check it out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]
01:07 Springfield Armory has just introduced their model 2020 Rimfire it’s in 22 long rifle it’s a bolt action rifle this is the classic model with the Walnut Woodstock and the matte blue finish tapered Barrel free float I mean this is loaded with a lot of cool features but it also takes the 1022 pattern magazines this is a real departure for Springfield Armory the first 22 long rifle that I’m aware of that they’ve introduced they’ve also introduced their tactical model this comes with a beautiful composite

01:39 stock bull barrel threaded barrel this is loaded with a lot of features as well and there are some differences so we’re going to do a full review on the classic and then we’re going to do a full review on the Tactical which is patterned after the Waypoint bolt action rifle and again we want to thank getzone.

01:58 com for putting us together with Springfield Armory guys if you’re into the outdoors if you’re into Firearms if you’re into the Second Amendment check out getzone.com [Music] all right guys Springfield Armory model 2020 Rimfire uh this was a surprise and I really like that they introduced both of these versions this is just your classic version something you take out to the range go hunting with just a good solid 22 rifle and then we have the Tactical model which you know lends itself to more specific tasks definitely a great target rifle but also for

02:44 competitive shooting or for putting with your Waypoint which is Springfield armory’s new bolt action Centerfire rifle and it has the same kind of stock configuration so while both of these have a lot of similarities there are a number of differences and to be honest the guys that are going to go out and buy the classic they’re not necessarily going to be looking for a tactical model so this makes it a great companion to be able to sit behind the bench and shoot for a lot cheaper one of the things about 22 guys is it’s just fairly cheap

03:13 to shoot low recoil low report you can really enjoy just getting all the fundamentals and that’s one of the things I love about 22 and taking first-time Shooters out this is a great option so we have the beautiful Turkish Walnut stock on the classic we have a composite stock that is on the Waypoint pattern on the Tactical model we have a bull barrel on the Tactical we have a filled tapered Barrel the bolt knobs are different have a little more of a heavy duty bolt knob on the Tactical model and the Tactical model is threaded but again

03:45 we’re going to get into a lot of the details once we do the full review now the model 2020 Rimfire has a guaranteed one inch group at 50 yards and that’s with quality ammunition and skill with the shooter first thing let’s do is go ahead and drop our magazine there’s a little button behind the mag and you just pull it right out this is a 1022 pattern magazine it is cross compatible with your Ruger mag so you can use these in rugers and the Ruger mags in here 10 round rotary box magazine then we’re

04:15 going to check the chamber and the gun is empty the classic Model again it’s just that traditional look with the Walnut stock and just this stock is absolutely beautiful the Turkish Walnut the grain that comes through this is the double a grade they make a AAA grade I can’t imagine that it looks any better and then a grade A and then they have just the select satin so you have different grades and of course price is going to dictate what grade you get has a satin blue finish on all the metal Parts 20 inch barrel which is a field

04:49 taper style Barrel the barrel is free-floating and you know that just really helps with accuracy any contact you have with your stock it does affect accuracy the barrel harmonics and the stock and the barrel is crowned and this is going to preserve your rifling at the end of your Barrel which again also leads to good accuracy it has a Remington 700 pattern trigger four and a half pound trigger pull set at the factory but we’ll take a closer look when we break it down now the bolt has a 60 degree throw and

05:22 that is really optimal to be able to get it right here just pull it up and it just brings it easy to do the bolt handle itself has a thread where you have your knob and it just has the Round Knob that’s very comfortable to bring back but guys this is a really slick action now the bolt has dual locking cams the handle itself actually locks it into place but you’ll notice this circle at the top and this is also a locking mechanism and as you bring it up it just releases and so this is going to give you double contact points to lock in

05:57 your bolt now to remove your bolt there’s a little lever here just to press it and then the bolt just comes right out this is a hard Chrome bolt finish which makes it super slick I mean it’s like a mirror it’s just like glass and so and you can see how well machined this bolt is I mean it’s absolutely beautiful here is that second Cam that locks and you can see the little Notch and again this is going to give you more stability with your bolt it’s going to give it a little more longevity but

06:29 definitely for a very simple bolt it’s really nice and very well done and the bolt is made from 4140 steel and again it has that really nice hard chrome finish on it when you’re reinserting your bolt though you don’t have to mess with that lever it just goes straight in one thing you’ll notice too is there’s a two-point part action it’s here and then you push it on up to release it here’s your safety and it’s in that just that right place for you to be able to just take your thumb push it up and of

07:01 course red for fire rubberized butt pad with spacer and of course that Walnut is just beautiful has a pistol grip really nice checkering all the way through and you get a plastic butt cap at the end and the check ring around the hand guard very well done and we have a length of pull of 13.

07:22 45 inches now we have one of the Leupold VX Freedom Rimfire Scopes this is a three by nine by forty highly textured knob set for adjusting your variables for magnification it has a very nice matte finish to it and has very nice controls for windage and elevation now clearly marked and easy to see has a 60-yard fixed focus it has the advanced reticle system which actually has bullet drop compensation the glass in Leupold scopes are excellent and Leopold’s been making extremely quality glass for a long time this is set up for Rimfire it does come in a standard

08:01 ceiling fire caliber version but it’s fog proof waterproof this is just a great scope and this scope was actually mounted when I got the rifle so it was a nice bonus then it has the two-piece ring set up of course this is drilled and tapped and you do get the amount with the rifle when it comes and right on the right side of your chamber you have 20 20 Rimfire now here it says classic 22 long rifle and it says retay made in Turkey so these are being imported just like their XDM XD they’re a new Echelon from

08:34 Croatia and so they’re importing these one thing about retail is they make really high-end shotguns so this isn’t just your basic Turkish company even though a lot of the Turkish Firearms are really excellent but this is one of the cream of the crops coming out of Turkey and it has that curve like it does on the Remington and we’re going to check the trigger pull action man that is a nice trigger uh there’s no take up it’s just really just crisp clean break we’re gonna try that one more time

09:08 oh yeah that is a extremely nice trigger let’s check the trigger pull weight with our alignment trigger gauge and Brownells four pounds 5.9 ounces four pounds 6.6 ounces man that is close to four and a half pounds also you don’t want to dry fire these a lot with Rimfire that can cause the firing pin to deform and that is also recommended in the Springfield Armory handbook I want to give a big thank you to theoki for sponsoring the ammo all made in the USA some of the rimfires some of the best out there this is just your standard 40

09:48 grain lead round nose but they do make some really exceptional jacketed hollow points one thing I love about this rifle is that it utilizes your 1022 magazines which are abundant and so it does come with two really cool mags but if you want to up your game there’s some options that go beyond that and uh these things are actually pretty slick some of the Ruger mags are 1022 mags are not quite as easy to load [Music] guys I think this is probably the biggest surprise that I’ve had this year with the Springfield Armory uh 2020

10:34 rimfire you know it’s a bolt action 22 rifle but man it is absolutely beautiful of course the Turkish Woodstock and this is the deluxe it’s not the highest tier but uh it’s absolutely beautiful and of course just the smooth action it’s just really easy to bring in open up uh you know it’s got that thinner Barrel the Target Model has that thicker Barrel a little bit heavier this one’s very handy like easy to use like for hunting it’s very smooth you know and it’s that short stroke has a nice knob on it the

11:25 bolt handle is nice checkering is very functional whether it’s on the pistol grip or right here at the front lightweight handy very accurate this Leupold Scope we have on here man just really has great glass to it the butt pad gives you just some stability on your shoulder this is a great hunting companion but also just taking out to the range I mean this is kind of heirloom quality stuff very nice trigger you know overall I’ve been very impressed with this rifle but the main thing is it’s just absolutely beautiful

12:32 now for cleaning we’re going to disassemble the action from the stock first thing I’m going to do is remove our magazine we’re going to check make sure the gun is unloaded you have two screws here and here so we’re just gonna take these out once you get the screws out you just pull out your trigger group and the stock will come right off trigger group is alloy aluminum it’s nice to see that it’s not plastic and then of course here we have our ejector but it’s pretty simple pull up your bolt hit that lever in the

13:06 back when you pull that right out and here we have our trigger group and you can see I mean it is just the Remington 700 pattern trigger group and we have two adjustment screws at the front again this was factory set to four and a half pounds of course you can see how the safety works very simple here we have where the chamber comes it’s kind of protruded out that’s a little bit different than what I’ve seen in the past here’s a look at it from underneath kind of comes out so the round will be more positive from the

13:35 magazine and that’s pretty simple to reassemble we’re going to put our action back into the stock It just fits down in it Nestles in and then we’re going to take our trigger group or our trigger housing place that in there well guys the longer screw goes in the back and the shorter screw goes in the front and this is a 5 32nd wrench once you’re getting these tightened down and you do it actually in sections you don’t want to tighten one all the way down it makes it difficult to get this one in if this is tight at first and

14:10 place your Bolt back in goes right in lock it down and you’re good to go now I couldn’t weigh the rifle because of the optic but according to Springfield Armory it’s six pounds three ounces now the retail price on the classic is 529 and that is according to the type of wood you get it goes up in price the higher the grade and then with the Tactical model it starts out at 434 dollars and that’s with the black composite stock version and of course market price is going to be less the guys just loving to see

14:41 Springfield Armory coming out with these bolt action rifles I mean the quality is really exceptional a lot of really cool features 422 and you know whether you’re going out into the field or you’re sitting behind a bench or you’re taking a tactical class or you’re shooting competitively these are two really separate rifles and yet with a lot of similarities that make them very accurate very reliable very smooth feeding of course using the Ruger 1022 mags that’s just a big bonus guys a beautiful 22 Rimfire bolt action

15:13 rifle a lot of features this Turkish Walnut stock is absolutely beautiful and of course with the Leopold scope on here we couldn’t help but get it in a real tight dot on paper just so many different features with this gun and of course it does take again the Ruger 1022 magazines which makes it really simple and we will be doing a full review on the Tactical model that will be released at the same time so a couple of great options for 22 long rifle whether you want to go with that tactical Target model or the classic version which is

15:46 just great for the field and again we want to thank getzone.com for putting us together with Springfield Armory guys if you’re into the outdoors if you’re into Firearms if you’re into the Second Amendment check out getzone.com be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Springfield Armory has just introduced

16:50 their 2020 Springfield Armory has 22 rifles especially for competitive video friendly platforms and it has a rubberized coating around the knob setup no it isn’t rubberized and when I first got this in I was thinking what the crap I mean [Music]

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